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Plots from the curse will save from negative influences

A curse is a strong negative impact on a person at an energy level. As a rule, it leads to an imbalance of all the vital systems of the human body, which is very dangerous.

It takes a lot of effort and energy to restore the natural protective field, after the curse, so the question of how to protect against an energy attack is very relevant.

Plots from the curse will save from negative influences

There are many rituals that allow you to put a reliable protection at the energy level, and, therefore, to protect yourself from the curse. Do not confuse household evil eye, or even deliberately induced damage with a curse.

Such effects, although they can harm a person, do not have such strong consequences.

A person can send a curse only in a state of great spiritual shock, knowing that his life has collapsed and it is you who are related to this. At such a moment, a person releases a huge amount of negative energy, which, like a tsunami, destroys the natural aura of the victim.

Custom curses are very dangerous when a person turns to a professional magician. In this case, as a rule, the destructive action is aimed at discord in all spheres of life of the victim, whose life after such an energy strike turns into hell.

Since none of us in this life is immune from enemies, then you should take care of protection from curses. Plots from curses allow you to reliably protect themselves from an energy attack.

There is a universal conspiracy against curses, which must be periodically read in complete privacy. If you feel calm around you, then weekly reading is enough.

But, if you often find yourself in conflict situations or the subconscious tells you that there are detractors in your environment, then such magic words should be repeated in the morning after awakening and in the evening before going to bed.

Household curses are not as harmless as it may seem. Therefore, if you notice that your act or words have angered someone, you need to be able to protect yourself.

Such conspiracies from the curse are very effective, and they definitely need to be able to use in everyday life. If you are dragged into a conflict and you cannot avoid it, while feeling that you are causing a stream of strong negative energy in your address, then you need to mentally speak the conspiracy.

His words are:

If during a quarrel you heard a curse in your address, then you need to be silent and in no case respond to the person. Instead, you should look directly into the eyes of a person and mentally draw a circle around him.

After that, whisper these words very quietly:

You can also protect your own home from household curses.

To do this, you need to drive a nail high into the cant and at the same time say these words:

Plots from the curse will save from negative influences

If you feel that you could not defend yourself from the curse of the household, you should immediately remove it. It is important to understand that such an impact causes great harm to your energy field, so it is important to immediately restore it in order to eliminate negative consequences.

A strong, effective rite is held at the cemetery. But in this case, you need to know exactly the name of the person who sent you a curse.

Arriving at the cemetery, there it is necessary to find the grave with the name coinciding with the name of your abuser or offender.

It is necessary to face the tombstone at the feet of the grave and utter the following conspiracy:

After saying the words, you should cross over and go straight from the cemetery to the temple. There you need to put a candle for the repose of the deceased person to whom you turned for help.

When leaving the church, leave a donation to the temple and give alms to beggars on the porch.

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