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Plots from damage and the evil eye

Very often, we hear from various people complaints of bad luck, constant failures in various cases, misfortunes that fall on their heads one after another. Many of these troubles and failures are not caused by an accidental coincidence of circumstances, but by purposeful actions of ill-wishers.

It happens that someone competes with you in love or financial affairs and tries to clear their way with the help of dark magic, and sometimes someone just hates so much that he is glad to cause any trouble to the object of his hatred.

Be that as it may, it should be noted that in the modern world, the popularity of black magic has led to the fact that a huge number of people, being under alien influence, cannot become successful. Damage, even induced by a non-professional, can greatly harm a person. A negative impact leads to a deterioration of physical condition and damages the spiritual component.

Therefore, you need to know how to protect yourself and if you find the first signs of damage, you need to remove it as soon as possible.

Plots from damage and the evil eye

It is not at all difficult for an attentive person to determine the fact that he was subjected to an energetic attack. Against the background of general bad luck, auditory hallucinations are often manifested.

It may simply be extraneous sounds or the voices of deceased relatives.

After an energetic attack, the state of health is noticeably worse. Very often there is a sharp weight loss or an increase in extra pounds on the background of the usual diet and normal physical exertion.

Without explainable reasons, in the soul of a person, under the influence of a negative, there is always a feeling of fear. Very often there is an inexplicable wild horror of something inexplicable.

This leads to the fact that the person is constantly in a depressed state and he often develops insomnia.

Conspiracies from damage and the evil eye help to protect themselves and their loved ones from someone else’s malice, and sometimes make the evil return to its source. Such ceremonies are absolutely harmless, and they can be performed independently at home. Notable is the high efficiency of such rites.

Even beginners in magic can reliably protect themselves from damage, provided they sincerely believe in success.

Conspiracies from damage and the evil eye can be specifically directed against a specific type of damage (if you managed to identify it) or universal.

Very often the damage is caused by the ill-wisher using the land. This is the so-called earthen time.

If you notice that a handful of earth has been thrown from your graveyard to your door, collect this earth, wrap it in a red handkerchief.

Then sew crosswise with the words:

After that, the ground sewn into the kerchief should be taken away from the house and hidden between the roots of the dried tree.

If you do not know what type of damage you have been directed to, use universal plots from damage and the evil eye as soon as you suspect something is wrong. Here is one of such conspiracies.

Get exposed, take a church wax candle, and drive it along your body with the words:

To protect yourself from damage and the evil eye, you can also use milk, which since ancient times is considered a symbol of purity and light power.

In the morning, pour yourself a glass of milk and, looking at it, say three times:

When finished speaking, drink this milk immediately.

In order to avoid damage, it is recommended to use security plots. They allow you to put reliable protection from the negative.

One of the powerful guarding rituals should be held every month on the second lunar day. The magic plot is pronounced at midnight in an open window.

In the hands of the need to keep a coin and pronounce these words:

After the words are pronounced, the coin should be thrown out the window.

Plots from damage and the evil eye

If you have undergone an energetic attack and found it on certain grounds, you can conduct a magical rite that will help get rid of the negative. To do this, you will need to take a healing herbal bath.

To prepare a magical infusion, it is necessary to boil chamomile flowers in the sunlight. When the broth boils, then you need to add one seven red rose petals one by one.

At the same time pronouncing such magic words:

On each rose petal the words are repeated. In the evening of the same day, you need to take a bath by adding there a conspired decoction.

And it is very important to dive into the water with your head and at least three times.

Diving mentally need to pronounce such a conspiracy:

Just before leaving the bath, you need to pour yourself with holy water. Before you drain the bath, you need to get some water in the bottle.

It will need to be carried to the cemetery the next day and thrown out on one of the graves.

To protect yourself from damage with yourself you should always wear a charm. They can be any object, it is only important to remember that any washing or washing removes the protective properties that an object acquires after it speaks with special magic words.

On the subject, which later becomes a talisman, such words are conspired:

Conspired mascot should always carry with them. After a certain time over it, it is recommended to re-read the plot in order to renew its defensive power.

Of course, the plot of corruption is a very effective magic tool, but it must be remembered that the negative soul, which has no place for malice and envy, does not adhere to the negative. Therefore, living in harmony with oneself, good-naturedly relating to the world around us, one can protect oneself from damage in the natural way.

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