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Plots for success in work

Plots for success in work play a huge role in our lives. Many people do not even suspect how often such magic is used in solving everyday business issues and even in concluding multi-million dollar transactions. One professionalism and hard work to achieve success in work is not enough — we also need luck.

Properly chosen and uttered conspiracy, allows you to attract luck and use it for the success of their business.

Plots for success in work

Plots for success in work can be used in many different options, depending on what kind of problem you need to solve. The most popular are universal conspiracies aimed at common success in business.

One of the strongest is a conspiracy with cream. Cream — absorb all the best that is in milk, it is a powerful symbol of success, recognition and big production.

For the success of the case, it is necessary to remove the cream from the tired and cooled milk with a wooden spoon. At the same time say:

Collected cream should be drunk on the same day, all other pour.

Plots for success in work can be used in relation to a specific person — a business partner, an important client, a manager, etc. For this, among other things, a “victim” picture can be used.

Place a photo of him in front of you and pick up a coin, best of all, silver or gold. Looking at the photo, say:

Put a coin at night in front of a photo, and in the morning put it in your pocket and always carry it with you, or at least when you meet with the “victim”. In the subconscious of the victim, you will be associated with profit and success, he will trust you and want to constantly do business with you.

A small conspiracy can be uttered at the entrance to the building or office, where you have to conduct important negotiations. Grasp the doorknob, say softly:

It is important that it remains invisible to others, as among them there may be people who can destroy your magic and even use it against you.

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