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Plots for children: protective rituals

Our children are our greatest joy, happiness and meaning in life. That is why we love and value our well-being so much.

Alas, the world around us is full of dangers for a child — diseases, evil people, bad friends, and much more can threaten his health, peace of mind, and even life. To protect your child from at least some of these dangers will help you magic plots for children.

Plots for children: protective rituals

Plots for children are represented in magic in a huge variety. They belong to white magic and can be used without fear. The most effective are the conspiracies that are read by the mother of the child.

There is a huge number of conspiracies of various orientations. They can be used in a variety of situations.

The most universal way of magical protection of the child is a conspiracy for children to protect the charm. As such a talisman can act various objects, for example, a button.

First, this button must be cleansed and consecrated. For this bring a consecrated candle from the church.

A few seconds, hold the button over the flame of this candle.

Then bring the button to you and say:

Then sew the plotted button to the clothes of your child in an inconspicuous place. Best on the inside of clothing.

In addition, wherever you are escorting your child, for example, to school or to training, do not be lazy and read the next conspiracy to protect you.

Plots for children: protective rituals

For an older child, if you are sending him to study or travel, you need to read another conspiracy guardian.

His words are as follows:

If your child is sleeping restlessly, has nightmares and often wakes up, you can help him by using a conspiracy for children to have a healthy sleep.

This plot is pronounced in the evening over the child’s bed:

Speak a conspiracy against the insomnia of a child is possible in the morning hour. For this you need to take the baby in your arms and, facing the east, to utter a conspiracy.

Many children are very impressionable and strong fright can have dire consequences for their psyche. Especially often the result of fright is stuttering.

Therefore, if your child was frightened by something, you can try to revive him, applying a conspiracy for the children to frighten him.

To do this, say, looking into the eyes of a child:

Plots for children: protective rituals

Water, as is known, is a natural attribute, which has a huge positive energy. Speaking it with special words, you can speed up the child’s recovery or improve his overall health.

The magic words of the conspiracy are:

With these words, a ladle of water starts to speak at any suitable temperature. Conspired water should subsequently be used to rinse the child after bathing.

And the magic water needs to be poured onto the baby’s head.

If you have the opportunity, then the child at an older age should be taken with you to the bathhouse and there to pronounce a conspiracy on health. If you perform such a ritual periodically, the child will grow strong.

The baby should be brought into the bathhouse and put him on his knees in the steam room, you need to put a birch broom on the back of the baby.

In this case, pronounce the following words:

Any conspiracy aimed at a child must be carried out with a sincere belief in the power of magic. If you have any doubts in the soul about this, then it is better not to conduct the rite.

Of course, an important role is played in the effectiveness of the rite and its own natural abilities. All such rituals are related to white magic, so they can be performed without fear of negative consequences neither for themselves nor for the child.

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