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Plots for a husband to want a wife

Unfortunately, family life is not always smooth, even with a loved one. The addiction to each other, very often, is delayed for a long time.

In addition, various domestic problems can exacerbate the situation. If you do not learn to timely give in to each other and find compromises, then, very often, parting is not inevitable.

That is why conspiracies that a husband wants a wife are very much in demand. Thanks to them, you can ensure that your spouse idolized you and listened to you.

This will help to quickly get used to each other and further heal a happy family life.

Plots for a husband to want a wife

Rituals aimed at increasing the husband’s sexual desire are always simple. They can easily be carried out independently, but the main condition for the effectiveness of such actions is sincere love for the spouse.

As a rule, in all rites of this type additional attributes are used.

When you first felt that your husband had become cold to you, but feelings towards your spouse are still burning in your soul, then you can awaken his former passion with the help of magic. For the ritual should prepare a red silk ribbon.

The tape must be laid under the sheet on the marital bed before bedtime. The next morning you need to wake up very early and gently pull out the tape.

It is necessary to hold the corner of the ribbon over the lips of the husband, so as not to wake him up, and he did not suspect anything.

Then you need to go to another room and weave the ribbon in your hair and say these words:

After that, the tape must be removed and hidden in a secluded place so that no one ever found it. After such a ceremony, my husband will very quickly wake up in his heart the former passion for you and the relationship will improve.

Plots for a husband to want a wife

Allows you to increase the sexual attraction of her husband and the rite of wine. The rite is a romantic dinner with a conspired wine.

Alcoholic beverage starts to talk in a glass before the start of dinner in complete solitude.

It sounds like a conspiracy:

Words need to be pronounced once, putting all their feelings into them. After this, the conspired drink can be drunk with your beloved husband.

In order to have a stable relationship with your husband, and you were sure that he will never change you, it is necessary to conduct a ceremony using sheets.

One day, the phases of the growing moon should buy red thread, and the next day you should get a needle. Also in advance, you must purchase three church candles and an icon of the Holy Virgin.

To conduct the ceremony should retire in a separate room, light candles in front of the icon of the Holy Mother of God. When melted wax appears, you need to take a small amount of it on your fingers and rub it with threads, which should then be threaded into a needle.

Plots for a husband to want a wife

After that, you need to make stitches in the corners of the sheets, pronouncing these words:

This sheet should be laid on the marriage bed. After such a ceremony, she turns into a guardian of family happiness.

It can be washed any number of times, from this its protective properties are not reduced. But it is important to remember that you should only sleep with her husband on her, transfer her to someone or not be thrown away.

Conspiracies so that a husband wants his wife to do no harm only if you sincerely love your husband and are confident that there is no other woman between you and your spouse. If the husband has cooled to you due to the fact that he has fallen in love with another, then it is better to let him go, and not to arouse sexual desire in him, since it will not lead to anything good.

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