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Plot to sleep for adults and children

The conspiracy to sleep is one of the most useful in the daily life of magical rites. He is not associated with dramatic events and strong passions, such as pointing or removing damage or love magic. However, no one person can do without sleep, and if he does not sleep at night, it badly affects his mood, health, and, ultimately, his career and personal life.

After all, it is difficult for a person, tortured by sleepless nights, to work well or communicate with close people.

Plot to sleep for adults and children

Special plots for a healthy sleep can help to avoid insomnia, nightmares and other problems associated with night rest, to restore the joy of life and self-reliance.

The conspiracy to sleep described below is described in those cases where you woke up late at night and could not fall asleep again. Lying on your back, place your right hand on the solar plexus and close your eyes.

Then repeat seven times:

The Kuban Cossacks for a long time there is a special conspiracy against insomnia. To enhance it, they used milk and honey.

Milk boiled and placed next to the bed.

While it was cooling down, it was necessary to repeat several times:

When the milk is cold enough to be drunk, you need to put a spoonful of honey in it, stir and drink it in slow sips.

Before each sip, repeating:

This rite is held if a person suffers from prolonged insomnia. As a rule, this happens in cases where a person has been defaced or has come under the evil eye.

To conduct the ceremony, you must first prepare the seven church candles. The ritual is held in a separate room at midnight. Candles should be installed on the table, so that they form a circle.

Then you should sit comfortably at the table and light the installed candles. It is necessary to look intently, without looking away, at the flame of candles. In the process, you need to fully focus on wanting to get rid of insomnia that has tormented you.

When to get rid of the whole world you need to start repeating the conspiracy in a whisper until they burn out the candles.

The magic words are as follows:

After the candles go out, you should leave and go to bed. If everything went well, then you should fall asleep very quickly. The next morning you need to collect in the package of candle ends and take out away from the house, where to bury.

This ceremony can be held as many times as you like, until you completely get rid of insomnia.

Plot to sleep for adults and children

A special kind of conspiracy for insomnia is conspiracy to a healthy sleep a child. Both babies and older children often cannot fall asleep for long periods, tormenting themselves and torturing their parents.

To help your baby sleep soundly, pronounce a special plot above his crib.

When pronouncing this plot, gently rub your palm over the child’s closed eyes.

You can also use the other plot, which will allow the child to fall asleep faster. It is noteworthy that such a magical act will lead to the fact that the baby will see bright fairy dreams and wake up the next morning easily, without whims and in a good mood.

To do this, after the child lies in the crib, sit next to him, gently stroke his face with his fingers and be sure to keep his eyes closed.

At the same time say these words:

Plot to sleep for adults and children

As is known, very often for various reasons, it is babies who are restless in a dream. The reason for this often serves precisely fear.

Therefore, there is a huge number of conspiracies through which you can calm the child and lull the crumbs.

One of the effective conspiracies is read for three days at sunset. Optimally to enhance the magical effect of looking at the sun, descending beyond the horizon.

The child during the reading of the plot should be kept on hand.

The magic words are as follows:

You can also talk baby from insomnia while breastfeeding. The magic words in this case must be pronounced in a whisper.

Each time, putting a small child to sleep, you can pronounce the following words:

Plot to sleep for adults and children

In infancy age it often happens that the child confuses day and night. That is, during the day the baby sleeps, and at night he is awake.

Such a condition is called the midnight bird, and it can be removed using special plots. Remember that it is necessary to do this, as the night owl can provoke nervous disorders and in general will adversely affect the health of the baby in the future.

For the ceremony you will need:

  • Deep bowl;
  • Holy pod;
  • Sharp objects, for example, forks or knives.

Cooked sharp objects should be placed under the pillow to the child, and the bowl filled with holy water and placed under the bed.

After that, these magic words should be spoken very firmly and confidently:

Water and sharp attributes should be left until morning. Early in the morning the next day, sharp attributes need to be removed from under the pillow, and water should be taken out of the house and thrown out at the nearest intersection.

In no case should water be poured into the toilet or sink.

On the same day, you will need to change the child’s mattress and blanket, as well as the entire bed. The room must be thoroughly aired and cleaned of the negative, passing with a lit church candle around the perimeter of the room.

Speaking any conspiracy for a good full sleep, you need to believe that this particular rite will help you. In addition, it is very important to understand that a positive and benevolent attitude towards the world around you will help to cope with insomnia.

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