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Plot to dream a guy and remind myself

A conspiracy to dream a guy and interest him

A conspiracy to dream about a guy is used to remind oneself to a loved one. Often such a magical effect is used in cases if you are in love with a person and he does not pay attention to you.

And having seen you in a dream, your chosen one will certainly be interested in you, and, therefore, the probability of the birth of a closer relationship increases.

Plot to dream a guy and remind myself

There is a huge variety of ceremonies. Most of them can be carried out in any phase of the moon.

But magicians believe that this type of effects is most successful during the full moon.

Any conspiracy to dream of a loved one belongs to white magic, therefore it is harmless. But at the same time it will be successful only if you believe in magic with all your heart.

A rite in which a conspiracy is used that contains an appeal to the moon is best performed outside. During the ritual, the moon should shine in the sky.

If it is not possible to go outside, then you can hold a ceremony near the window, which must be opened in advance.

Pre-conspiracy, which refers to the night luminary, should be written on a sheet of paper.

Magic words can be:

This plot, looking at the moon, needs to be repeated three times. Then it is necessary to set fire to the sheet from the match and throw ashes in the wind.

This rite should be performed late at night. After him you can not talk to anyone, but you need to go to bed as soon as possible.

Try to sleep need to think about your beloved.

Plot to dream a guy and remind myself

In order to dream a loved one, you can hold a strong ritual with smoke. For such an impact you will need to use a small bundle of straw or hay.

Before the start of the ritual, you need to put one straw or a dry blade of grass under your pillow. Then the natural attribute is placed on a metal dish or tray and set on fire next to a window or window that is open in advance.

After the smoke appears, such magical phrases are pronounced:

Words need to be pronounced repeatedly, as long as smoke is visible. Ash from burnt straw or hay should be dispelled to the wind.

A very simple but effective rite can be performed using a photo. In addition to the fresh picture, it is necessary to prepare one church candle and a small container filled with water.

In the photo your favorite should be depicted alone. Such a picture is placed on the table, and a candle is lit in front of it, and a container with water is placed next to it.

In the ritual, you can use water from the tap.

First you need to sit in front of a snapshot of a loved one, so as to see the image of a loved one through the flame. Carefully peering into the picture, you need to submit a scene in which you would like to dream of your beloved.

How much better it will be possible to visualize it, the rite will be more successful.

Then you should translate the view on the surface of the water, and present on it the image of a loved one. As soon as this can be done, water from the tank should be thrown out the window.

At the same time pronouncing the following words:

After reading the plot you need to sit in silence in the dreams of a loved one and wait until the candle burns out.

This ritual is rather difficult to perform, as it requires maximum concentration. In this regard, it can only be carried out by people with good natural abilities.

Plot to dream a guy and remind myself

In order to dream a loved one, you can spend a magical act with a mirror. But in order for such an impact to be successful, you must have strong feelings for the person.

First you need to write on the mirror surface the name of a loved one, and then read the plot, so as to touch the mirror surface with your breath.

The conspiracy words are:

After that, you should quickly go to bed, while the mirror should be placed under the pillow with the mirror surface up. In the morning, the mirror should be taken out and rinsed under running cold water and hidden.

This mirror is no longer recommended for domestic use, but it cannot be thrown away. If necessary, the rite can be repeated after a while.

If your chosen one came to visit you and left a wet trace of shoes on the floor, then you can use this and perform a ceremony, so that he sees you in a dream that night.

To do this, go to the fresh wake and speak it with these words:

The trail should not be wiped until morning, and on this night you are sure to cuddle your chosen one.

You should be aware that any conspiracy aimed at dreaming the chosen one can provoke the appearance of a loved one in your dreams. But this is not a confirmation that the plot was successful.

Most likely, this indicates your impressionability. Success depends entirely on your confidence and faith in magic.

It is very important to conduct the ceremony in a positive mood, depressed mood makes the impact is not effective.

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