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Plot on the water — ancient secrets

A plot on the water will attract the desired, clean and protect

Natural clear water is widely used in magic. It greatly enhances the directional magical effects and removes the negative.

Such properties of the natural attribute have long been known, so we can safely say that all the effectiveness of any rituals with water has been proven and verified by time.

Plot on the water - ancient secrets

A plot on water can be directed to different goals. With the help of special rites you can cure diseases caused by the evil eye or damage.

In addition, water is often used as an additional magical attribute in influences to attract luck and money.

In order to have the maximum conspiracy for water, full concentration is always needed when conducting the ceremony. Be sure to eliminate any interference during the ritual.

Very popular are the rituals with water, which are aimed at ensuring that the most cherished wish comes true. In such a ritual, only spring water should be used.

It is considered energetically clean. If it is not possible to extract such water, then you can use mineral water from the bottle, but you must first clean it by performing a special ritual.

You need to lean over a glass of water and gently speak over the surface of the water such words:

After reading the magical conspiracy, the water from the glass should be drunk slowly and in small sips, imagining that in a short time your wish will come true. Such a ritual should be carried out late at night, and upon its completion it is necessary to immediately go to bed.

Plot on the water - ancient secrets

If in your life you often have to communicate with people who are unpleasant to you, then, of course, your energy field from them absorbs a lot of negativity. And from it you need to periodically get rid of, conducting a special ceremony with water.

This rite is not only cleansing, but also protective.

Gather water for the ritual and read the plot in the phase of the waning moon. Water is poured into a wide bowl so that you can bend over it.

Magic words sound like this:

Such words are read seven times, after which the water is poured on top of your head. It is important to leave water spilled on the floor to dry naturally.

Perhaps every woman dreams in the eyes of others to look attractive and beautiful. And the magic rite, which involves the use of water, can also help.

The rite of beauty does not require a mandatory set of spring water, you can speak ordinary water from the tap with magic words.

Every morning, before washing, you should take water in a bowl and say the following over it:

Conspiracy water must be washed immediately. This action should be repeated every morning.

Plot on the water - ancient secrets

Very popular is the rite with water, which allows you to attract money to yourself. The ritual is held during the rising moon in a separate room.

Spring water is poured into the basin or water collected in the well.

Then words are pronounced above it:

Conspiracy water should wash and wait until the face dries itself. Remaining water should be drained and periodically washed with it until it is over.

Any ritual with water should be carried out in a calm atmosphere and in a positive mood. Only under such conditions can the success of the ceremony be guaranteed.

The plot itself must be read quietly, but surely, thus completely transferring its energy to the water.

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