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Plot on the salt — the most popular rites

The salt plot is one of the simplest and, at the same time, effective ways to secure magical protection from the evil eye, to attract good luck and well-being. By itself, the salt does not have any magical power, but that is why it absorbs well the energy that you can put into it with your conspiracy.

The magical energy invested in salt will further protect you or help you achieve your goals.

Plot on the salt - the most popular rites

The demand for magical rituals using salt is explained by the simplicity of most rites and their high effectiveness. For example, to attract a loved one, you need to talk salt and add it to food or drink to a chosen one.

Also with the help of salt you can clean the room from the negative.

This is the most famous and sought-after plot on the salt of damage and the evil eye. This plot should protect you or a person close to you from the malice of envious people.

For it, you will need perfectly clean and white salt.

Scoop this salt with a perfectly clean teaspoon, bring the spoon with salt to your face and say:

After that, wrap the spelled salt in a bag or shawl and always carry in your pocket or quietly sew to clothes. With the help of this salt, you can protect your loved one by transferring salt to him, or quietly stitching a bag of salt on his clothes.

If you suspect that you have been subjected to an energetic attack, then with the help of salt you can be cleansed of evil spells. This rite is held at sunset.

It is necessary to take a small vessel and pour one teaspoon of salt into it. In a separate room should be placed on the table a church candle, and next to it put a pot of salt. After that, you need to sit down, so that the candle was on your right.

Then you need to light a candle, cover your hands with a pot of salt and, looking at the flame of a burning candle, speak the magic words.

Plot on the salt - the most popular rites

They sound like this:

Plotted salt should be poured into a paper bag and put on the windowsill in the room where you sleep for three nights. All this time, it will absorb the existing negative.

After this time, the salt must be taken out and buried away from your own home.

Plot on the salt can be used for love spell. To this end, you can pick up a pinch of salt during cooking and pronounce the plot.

Another conspiracy can be used to speak more salt, which can later be used to cook your loved one. The ceremony should be carried out in the period of the growing moon, and it is desirable that the night light should not be covered by clouds, and the moonlight should fall on the salt used.

The magic words in this case are as follows:

Plot on the salt - the most popular rites

Useful conspiracy on salt and in the fight against the disease. For example, in Russia, salt has long been used to protect against colds and flu.

To protect yourself from these diseases, you need to take a little salt with your fingers.

Next, utter such a conspiracy:

Put salt in your mouth and swallow. Regularly repeat this procedure during the winter and the likelihood of influenza and other catarrhal diseases for you will greatly decrease.

There is also a very strong conspiracy that allows you to quickly get rid of feeling unwell. It is possible to conduct such a rite at any time, but an important condition for its effectiveness is that the person who felt bad himself must read the plot.

For the ceremony used a tablespoon of salt, recruited from a new pack. It needs to be moistened beforehand and first squeezed in the palm of your hand.

Then you need to read the following plot, rubbing salt in the palms:

After pronouncing the plot, rinse your hands in cold running water, while keeping your palms away from you. You should almost immediately notice an improvement in your health.

But if this did not happen, then the ceremony can be repeated no earlier than a month later. Rites with salt to improve health is recommended on Thursdays.

Salt is an amazing natural energy product. Depending on the purpose of the ceremony, it is able to either absorb the negative, or give its own positive energy.

That is why salt is so widely used in magical rites of the most diverse directions.

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