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Plot on the rain

Magic offers various conspiracies to attract human attention. And very often natural forces are used for this.

But like any other conspiracies, they should be used very carefully, preferably only after various everyday methods have been tried.

The easiest answer to the question of how to attract a loved one is basically simple. You have to become the person that your chosen subject of love has dreamed of all his life.

You can certainly strive for this, but whether you should break yourself just to please another person. Hardly.

Plot on the rain

It would be much better not to create a new image, but to interest the partner in his individuality. It is very good if you are not only interested in the hobby of the person you like, but also if you manage to attract him to your hobbies.

After all, as you know, general classes bring together.

Remember that the external attractiveness of women is very important for any man, as well, and vice versa. Therefore, you should always not only look elegant and stylish, but also be able to present yourself.

But if all attempts are not successful, then you can use magic tools. There are many conspiracies using various natural forces. But one of the most popular is the plot to rain.

To enhance the impact is better to choose a strong element of nature, such as rain with thunder. Remember that the ritual should be performed only if you are confident in the power of your own feelings.

The sequence of actions when conducting a conspiracy to rain

It is very important at first to tune in to the magic rite, this ensures its success. To do this, open the window and look at the drops falling from the sky and the glittering lightning to tell about your own strong feelings for the chosen person and ask the natural forces to help you.

Watch the water streams carefully, if there are any changes in them, it means that nature is ready to help you. But if after your request the frequency of lightning will increase, and the rumble of thunder will increase, then you should not read the plot.

The plot is recited on a piece of paper on which the names are written. It must be kept in such a way that rain drops fall on it and say the following:

The plot is repeated until the sheet is completely wet. After that, the sheet is dried and hides in a secluded place forever.

Such a conspiracy is very strong and effective. It guarantees long-term prosperous relationships, protected by nature itself from negative external influences.

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