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Plot on the mirror for good luck and profit

Immediately after the invention, mirrors occupied a special place in the existing world. Throughout the century, magical properties have been attributed to this accessory, and until now such a statement has rarely been attempted to be challenged.

Plot on the mirror for good luck and profit

The magical properties of mirrors are used in magical rites of different directions. Most often, a conspiracy on a mirror is used to attract good luck in life and to remove damage.

But there are many other very effective rites.

Such widespread use of mirrors in magic is due to the fact that it is believed that these attributes have a mirror memory and are capable of displaying events that occurred in the past. In addition, magicians endow their mirrors with the ability to reproduce future events under the influence of certain magical rites.

Such properties lead to the fact that the mirror can both give out positive energy and accumulate negative energy in itself. Namely, it is believed that if you move into a house where there are alien mirrors, they must be neutralized in a special way with the help of water charged in the full moon.

In your own bedroom you should hang a new mirror and speak it for good luck. Such a conspiracy on the mirror must be read at full moon on the night from Saturday to Sunday.

The time of the ceremony is three hours after midnight.

We need to go to the mirror with a lit church candle in our hands and speak such a conspiracy on the mirror three times:

After this, the candle end should be wrapped in a white cloth and put under the mattress. You must make sure that he does not disappear anywhere, since this means that the person who took him away, has conceived something and has evil intentions against you.

There is a ceremony, after which all the mirrors and glasses that are relevant to you, acquire a special protective force.

The following words should be spoken for ordinary water collected in a container:

After that, all the mirrors and glass should be wiped with a cloth moistened with water. Be sure to remember about the pocket mirror, which every woman has in her purse.

Plot on the mirror for good luck and profit

With the help of the ceremony with the use of a mirror, you can strengthen your financial situation. In the rite you need to use a small mirror and a five-ruble coin. During the full moon, when the moon shines in the sky, a mirror should be installed on the window sill and a coin should be placed in front of it.

Attributes must be placed in such a way that the moonlight falls on them.

It is impossible for your image to be viewed in the mirror during the ceremony, it may take on some of the lunar energy and the impact will be less effective.

It is necessary to stand behind the installed mirror and say the following magic words:

The ceremony should be held at midnight and after that you should immediately go to bed without talking to anyone. After the ceremony, the mirror can be used in the usual way, and the coin should be put in the wallet and carried there for a month. To spend a conspired coin is impossible.

A month later, in the next full moon, the rite must be repeated again. After this, the coin will finally turn into a money talisman and will begin to attract money to you.

It should be remembered that if the mirror is covered with dark spots and cracks for unexplained reasons, it should be immediately thrown away. This means that it has overflowed with negative and will soon begin to give it away.

You can remove the negative energy by periodically washing the mirror with water, and only after that you should use special tools that improve the appearance of the household accessory.

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