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Plot on the cards: clearing the deck, enhancing the truthfulness of divination

Magic rites with maps are very popular. They are strong enough, so they can solve a variety of problems.

It can be used for ceremonies, as special Tarot cards, as well as regular playing cards. But it is important to know how to properly handle the cards.

Plot on the cards: clearing the deck, enhancing the truthfulness of divination

With a deck of cards that is used in magical rites, you need to very carefully handle. Cards should not fall into the hands of other people.

It is better to store cards intended for magical rites in a fabric bag, which should be sewn independently.

Even if you do not plan for some time to conduct magical rites, fortune-telling cards must, as often as possible, be taken in hand, thus filling them with their own energy.

To initiate a card, be sure to read the special plot on the card. It is important to memorize it and pronounce it without stumbling.

In order to turn a purchased tarot deck into a fortunetelling attribute, it is necessary to conduct a special rite, it must use a conspiracy on cards. After you purchase a new deck of cards, you should take them in your hands every day for a month and ask any question about tomorrow and answer right away. That is, thus, the cards are accustomed to the predictions.

If you carry out such actions every day, then by the end of the month the questions-forecasts will be very accurate.

After a month you can hold the final ritual, which will turn a deck of cards into a fortunetelling tool. This rite is performed on the night from Thursday to Friday.

At first, the cards should be decomposed in order. This is necessary in order to be able to touch each card during the rite.

After that, quietly but very clearly pronounced the following words:

After pronouncing the magic words, the cards should be collected one by one and put under the pillow. On this night, you will always have a prophetic dream.

From this point on, the deck will be initiated, and you will be able to conduct various magical rites with it. If you are a person with a naturally strong energy, then you will feel the energy emanating from the deck of cards.

If you often use a deck of cards for divination, then the card must be periodically cleaned. This is due to the fact that the cards, constantly absorbing foreign energy, begin to give false information.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to periodically perform a special ritual. The ceremony is held in a separate room in which the table is covered with a red tablecloth.

Three candles are installed on it:

  • Two black candles on the sides;
  • Red candle between them.

A deck of cards is placed before the candles, after which they are lit. Next, from the deck you need to take one card, wipe it with a soft cloth and sprinkle with salt.

In the course of such actions, the following words are spoken:

After this procedure has been completed, the napkin should be put on the fireproof tray and lit by the flame of black candles simultaneously from both sides. As long as the fire burns, you should face east.

After which speak such a conspiracy:

Such a cleansing ritual should be performed at least once every three months.

Plot on the cards: clearing the deck, enhancing the truthfulness of divination

There is a rite that can directly increase the credibility of the cards just before fortune-telling. To do this, put a deck of cards on the palm of your left hand, face down.

Then the deck is thrown so that the cards scatter throughout the room.

After that, you need to slowly collect them one by one and constantly whisper the following words:

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