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Plot on hair growth — ancient beauty recipes

Beautiful hair is a real decoration for any girl. That is why many are interested in whether it is possible to maintain hair in good condition with the help of magic.

Most of the conspiracy to hair growth is rooted in antiquity, so their effectiveness is proven over time.

Plot on hair growth - ancient beauty recipes

To conspire on the growth of hair was a success you need to hold a ceremony during the growth of the moon. These rituals are recommended to be carried out periodically in order to constantly maintain the hair in good condition.

In addition, it is important to understand that for the success of the rites, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements and recommendations that are given in the description of the specific ceremony.

Plots aimed at hair growth, there are so many. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult to determine the correct choice of ritual. If you doubt which rite to give preference, you should use the universal rite.

Such exposure will help maintain overall hair health. Thanks to him, it will be possible to increase the length of the hair in a short time, but at the same time strengthen the curls, as well as restore them to natural strength and beauty.

For the ceremony should purchase a new comb. It must be made of natural material.

The rite is held every day during the growing moon, from new moon to full moon.

In the rays of moonlight, you need to comb your hair with a new comb and pronounce the following words:

This rite can be repeated every month.

Plot on hair growth - ancient beauty recipes

There is an ancient ritual that has been passed on through many generations. This ceremony was used by many ancient Russian beauties who had long braids.

In such a ritual, a special herbal infusion is used, the natural strength of which is enhanced by special magic words.

There is no special recipe for making herbal infusion. For its preparation should use medicinal herbs at its discretion. Improve hair growth nettle, burdock root and chamomile.

Medicinal decoction of such herbs helps to improve the hair, enhance their growth and remove split ends.

While the decoction is being prepared, continuously need to pronounce such a conspiracy for hair growth:

Such an infusion should be cooked and started talking every time you plan to wash your hair. Herbal extract hair rinsed after washing.

In general, you can enhance the properties of any healing broth with a special plot.

Such magic words are pronounced during the rinsing of the hair and sound as follows:

Plot on hair growth - ancient beauty recipes

Helps to accelerate the growth of hair rite, which uses a conspiratorial comb. All the magic power gained during the rite will be transferred to the hair when combing.

An important condition for the impact of impact is the regular use of a conspiratorial comb.

The rite should be held in the growing moon phase at the beginning of the work week. The ritual is held late at night.

At the time of the ceremony in the sky should shine the moon. For the ceremony should use a new comb made from natural materials.

It must be taken in hand, put under the moonlight and say the following magic words:

On this night, the plotted comb should be left in the moonlight, and from the next day you can begin to use it in the usual way. The more often you use this comb, the stronger your hair will grow.

The rite must be repeated every month.

Conducting a magical rite aimed at hair growth, you need to believe in its effectiveness. In addition, it is necessary, after the action, to clearly understand that your hair begins to grow rapidly, being filled with natural energy and strength.

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