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Plot on beauty — white magic

Cosmetic plot on beauty — always be attractive

Conspiracy on beauty and attractiveness is one of the most desired and popular means of love magic. Are there many girls and women of any age, as, indeed, men who are completely satisfied with their appearance and would not like to make her more attractive?

And magic can help in this no worse than cosmetics or diets. With the help of a conspiracy, you can not change the growth or shape of the nose, but you can get the real charm, ease of movement and the glitter of the eyes, which make the opposite sex crazy more than any body proportions.

Legendary Cleopatra, not being beautiful, skillfully combining cunning and magic, seduced men in dozens!

There is a huge amount of conspiracy for beauty. They differ depending on what goals you need to achieve with them.

For example, it is conditionally possible to distinguish the following types of ceremonies:

  • For young girls, such rituals allow you to quickly get rid of teenage skin defects, for example, acne;
  • For married women who need to increase their own attractiveness in the eyes of a spouse;
  • For all categories of women, such ceremonies are mainly aimed at eliminating wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

Plot on beauty - white magic

Water has a special energy force, therefore it is very often used during rituals aimed at enhancing beauty. For this type of magical effects you need to use well or spring water, tap water in such rites will not be effective.

It is important to read a conspiracy on beauty in complete solitude and by heart.

There are many varieties of «cosmetic» plots. One of the strongest — a plot on the beauty of the face with the help of well water.

In the Old New Year, place a cup of well water at the head of your bed.

Then whisper to her:

Then go to bed immediately. When you wake up, do not open your eyes.

At the touch, find a cup, hand scoop up some water and splash it onto your face.

Gently rub water over your face, say this:

This conspiracy is valid for a whole year, so it can only be used once a year.

No less popular is the bathing conspiracy for beauty and youth. To do this, spring in the creek to collect a jar of water.

Then say the words above it:

Hide the jar with this water away from prying eyes and then add to the hot water in the bath in which you will be steamed.

There is a strong conspiracy on beauty, which involves washing with conspired water for a month. The plot is read early in the morning on a basin in which water is drawn from a natural source.

It is important to conduct the rite immediately after waking up, not having breakfast and not washing.

The magic words are as follows:

After reading the conspiracy need to wash the conspiracy water. And in the future it should be done daily, without missing a single day.

The first results will be seen in the first month. An important condition for the effectiveness of the rite is the belief in magic.

Plot on beauty - white magic

Milk is a natural ingredient that, like water, is often used in beauty ceremonies. Its healing cosmetic capabilities have long been known.

With the use of milk, you can conduct a ceremony that can enhance the attractiveness. It is recommended to conduct this rite in the full moon or in the period of the growing moon.

The rite is held in the bathroom.

To perform it, you must first prepare:

  • Two liters of milk with high fat content, it is better to use homemade milk whenever possible;
  • Teaspoon cinnamon;
  • Petals collected from three red roses.

The ritual is held in the evening. To do this, dial a full bath of water and add the prepared ingredients there.

After this you need to read the following plot three times:

After that, you need to take a bath. Lying in the conspiracy of water, you need to imagine yourself beautiful and irresistible.

It is possible to enhance the effectiveness of the ceremony by visualizing the views of the envious who cast you following.

After ten minutes, you must utter the following phrase:

After that, you need to wash in the usual way and at the end of the water procedures, wiping yourself with a towel, repeat the same words again. Such a ritual to maintain attractiveness is recommended to be repeated monthly.

Plot on beauty - white magic

The difficulty of this ritual is that it only needs to use fresh, fresh milk. And, as you know, in urban conditions it is not very easy to get it.

For youth and freshness of the face of such a rite should be carried out weekly.

A glass of milk starts talking in the following words:

These words are spoken three times. After that, you need to take three sips of conspired milk, and the rest to rinse your face.

It is important that all plots on beauty belong to white magic, therefore they do not have any negative consequences. You can use them regularly, it will allow you to maintain the natural attractiveness, which by nature is given to all women.

It is very important to follow all the recommendations of the magical rites and sincerely believe that a particular ritual will allow you to become irresistible. With this approach, it will be easy to maintain its natural attractiveness and accentuate it.

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