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Plot of fright, confusion, numbness

If your baby was suddenly startled by something, then his entire life cycle is disrupted. The child becomes nervous, he does not sleep well and even loses his appetite.

Such a state is a threat to its full development. In such a situation, as a rule, a conspiracy of fear can help.

Plot of fright, confusion, numbness

In young children, the psyche is in a state of development. It is unstable, so it can easily be broken by any external influence, for example, by fright.

Fear is pretty easy to recognize. The baby constantly cries and does not sleep well.

Older children become irritable, but they cannot explain anything.

Conspicuous decoction of herbs is very effective. It allows you to very quickly reassure a child who has been subjected to an accidental or directed energetic attack.

For healing broth you need to use grass:

  • Chamomile;
  • Hypericum;
  • Violets.

Initially preparing a decoction of herbs, which later begins to speak in these words:

The broth should be given to the child three times a day, in a teaspoon. Soon you will notice that the baby is getting calmer.

Plot of fright, confusion, numbness

In order to remove fright from a child, you should use the holy water brought from the church, as well as a church candle. Also for the ceremony should prepare the icon of Christ the Savior.

First, sprinkle the baby’s room with holy water, especially carefully sprinkle the corners, where, as a rule, all the negative is collected. A little water should be left and washed by her child.

After that, you need to light a candle and place it in front of the icon of Christ the Savior.

Then you should read this prayer three times:

Then you need to sit wait until the candle burns out. Wax from a burnt candle should be collected, wrapped in a white cloth and hidden away from prying eyes. It will take several days after such a ceremony and the child will calm down.

He will sleep well and will communicate with others, as before.

Very often there is a need to remove fright in an older child. Such a rite should be turned into a game.

The child should be seated in the center of the room on the stool and stand behind him.

After that, you need to hold your hands over the back of the head of the baby to pronounce the following magic conspiracy:

For this rite is very important the power of persuasion of the mother, which will release the directional flow of energy that will help relieve the child from fear.

Plot of fright, confusion, numbness

When a child is frightened by something, he may become numb. And in order to get him out of this state, emergency magical assistance should be provided.

First you need to roll out a scare egg. But if the child’s condition could not be finally restored, one should wait for the full moon and hold a strong ceremony.

You need to go out with the child and find a place where nothing and no one will disturb you. You should put your own T-shirt or robe on the ground and put the child on it.

After that, you need to hug the baby and read the prayers that you know.

And then you should gently address the child with these words:

After that, you need to catch the moon in the mirror and let the child see the night light through the mirror surface and say:

After that, you need to go home with your child and quickly put him to bed. As a rule, the next day, the baby calms down and starts talking.

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