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Plot from temperature and heat

Many diseases are manifested in the initial stage of fever. Of course, in some cases, this symptom is a protective reaction of the body and allows you to more successfully cope with various viral infections.

But when the temperature rises to a critical level, it can face serious consequences and it must be beaten down. This can be done using a plot of temperature.

This method is optimal when the necessary medication drugs are not available under your hands, or you are not sure that a person with a high fever has no allergies.

Plot from temperature and heat

White magic offers a huge variety of various rituals. They can be used both independently and in combination with various medications.

This is due to the fact that magical acts not only bring down the high temperature, but also greatly alleviate the condition of the patient.

Very effective is the plot of the temperature on the pillow. This rite should be performed by a healthy person.

In the ritual you will need to use a new white pillowcase and a church candle. It is necessary to take a pillowcase in the left hand, and a candle in the right hand.

Next, a candle you need to cross the pillowcase, then say these words:

The pillowcase should be put on a pillow used by a sick person. After such a ceremony, a person, as a rule, becomes much better already in the morning. The temperature, the fever will disappear and the desire to sleep will appear.

During sleep, dreams will be associated with flight, lightness and coolness. After three days, there will be steady signs of recovery.

Good help from the temperature of conspiracy water. Previously, you can add some honey (if a sick person does not have allergies) or jam.

The plot sounds like this:

The ill person should drink the conspiracy water in small sips. After that he needs to cross himself three times. This rite is suitable only for baptized people.

If the temperature is still high the next day, the ceremony can be repeated.

In the rite will need to use hard rock. For example, it may be a piece of granite.

It is important that the natural object is not destroyed by heat.

First, the stone must be thoroughly washed with well or spring water, for this purpose you can also use water from an artesian well, but water from a centralized water supply is not suitable, as it is considered dead.

Clean stone must be heated in the flame of a church candle. In this case, in order to observe precautionary measures, it is recommended to use forceps.

In the process of this action such a conspiracy is uttered:

The hot stone should be dipped in a glass, pre-filled with spring or well water. A sick person needs to be wiped off with conspiracy and give him three sips of drink.

Relief after such a magical act comes very quickly.

Plot from temperature and heat

Well helps from the heat of a plotted infusion of conifer needles. He prepares very simple.

All that is needed is to pour fresh conifer needles with boiling water, and after it cools, strain.

Infusion begins to speak in these words:

Conspired drink to take small doses for three days. Relief will come quickly, and the infusion will strengthen the immune system.

When you are trying to bring down the temperature in a child, then all this should be done in a very calm state. It should be remembered that your nervousness is transmitted to the baby, so the results of the magical effect will be reduced to zero.

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