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Plot from noisy neighbors

If you are out of luck with your neighbors, then this can pretty much ruin your life. After all, the constant festivities of the neighbors and the noise do not allow to fully relax in their own home.

But it is absolutely not necessary to rein in the neighbors, to seek the help of law enforcement agencies, and certainly absolutely nothing to arrange scandals and quarrels. To solve the problem you need to use magic.

Plot from noisy neighbors

Ensure a quiet stay, using a plot from noisy neighbors. This is a very effective tool that at the energy level will affect the neighbors completely painlessly. Moreover, the directional effects may be different.

A conspiracy from noisy neighbors can lead to the fact that the neighbors just move out, or the circumstances are such that you make friends with them and can easily agree.

If you can not agree with your neighbors about the observance of the rules of the hostel, then you can hold a ceremony aimed at them moving out. In some cases, this rite works, so that the neighbors remain, but due to their only reasons, they become accommodating and compliant.

In the ritual will need to use these attributes:

  • Tablespoon of table salt;
  • Glass bottle;
  • Bay leaves — 3 pcs .;
  • Garlic — 3 heads;
  • Dill seeds — 3 seeds;
  • Peppermint — 3 pcs.

One evening after sunset you need to throw all the ingredients in turn into the bottle.

All actions are accompanied by such words:

After all the ingredients are placed in the bottle, you need to seal the cork tightly.

Then you need to shake the vessel three times and say the other words:

After these words, a bottle with mixed ingredients turns into a charm. Therefore, it must be stored in a secluded place.

As long as other people’s hands do not touch the conspiracy bottle, or it doesn’t get caught by other people, there will be no more problems with the neighbors.

Plot from noisy neighbors

It happens that the neighbors, besides being tactless, are still trying to harm you. With such manifestations of an unkind attitude towards you, you can also cope with the help of magic.

This ceremony should be carried out at any time when you hear noise behind the wall. If such a manifestation can be predicted in time, then a ceremony can be held half an hour before.

It is necessary to turn in the direction of the neighbor’s apartment and say the following plot 40 times:

After such a ritual, soon the neighbors will behave appropriately.

I don’t always want to get rid of my neighbors, more often there is a desire to find a way of reconciliation in order to continue to coexist peacefully.

In order to be able to peacefully resolve the problems that have arisen, it is necessary to conduct a special ceremony on one of the days in the phase of the waning moon. The plot, aimed at reconciliation with the neighbors, is read three times: at dawn, at noon and at sunset.

Before pronouncing the magic words, one should cross and then say:

Soon, you will notice that the neighbors began to behave more calmly and soon they will be able to improve relations, and maybe even make friends.

Plot from noisy neighbors

If you notice that the neighbors are spreading gossip about you, then you can hold the most innocent rite, but it is very effective. To do this, bake pies or buns, speak them, and then treat them to their neighbors.

Pastry dough should be kneaded on Sunday early in the morning, and pies should be prepared with lit church candles.

On the stuffing, which is planned to be used in pies or powder for buns, you should utter the following conspiracy:

After you bake pies, they need to treat the neighbors gossip, inventing any reason.

After the patties are picked up by one of the neighbors, you need to mentally say:

The main thing is that such a treat does not cause any suspicions among neighbors. After such a ceremony it is necessary to maintain relations with neighbors in order to exclude envy on their part.

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