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Plot for wealth: for financial prosperity

Anyone who dreams of wealth. After all, the presence of money simplifies a lot in life and allows you to saturate it with bright colors and make it diverse.

Therefore, magical rituals are very popular, which are aimed at bringing wealth into life.

Plot for wealth: for financial prosperity

Rites aimed at attracting wealth to life, there are so many. But they always use additional attributes, most often they are paper bills or coins.

But in some rituals, gems are used to increase exposure.

A large number of rites has a long period of validity, but some should be repeated regularly.

It is believed that the night light is a real helper in attracting wealth. The strongest rituals of this type are performed in the full moon.

At the same time during the performance of the rite of the lunar disk must be in the sky.

Having retired in a separate room, you should put banknotes of various denominations on the window sill. At this moment the moon will fill them with energy.

Then, standing above them, you need to read the following plot on wealth:

Then you need to leave the premises for a while, and then go in and collect the bills in your wallet. Within a month, all the conspiracy money should be spent on useful purchases in the house. You can’t walk this money.

This ritual for the maintenance of welfare must be performed monthly.

Plot for wealth: for financial prosperity

On Mondays early in the morning, in the growth phase of the moon, you can perform a strong ritual to attract wealth. It is necessary to stand in front of the keyhole into which the key is inserted.

After this, there is such a magical conspiracy:

The conspiracy key must be taken out of the lock and worn on the neck for several days, after which you should always keep to yourself.

A simple monetary ritual can be performed independently. To do this, you need to take a long thread of natural silk, pass it through the melted wax, and then thread it into a new needle. Then you should immediately go to bed, but before that you should put on a nightgown inside out.

In this case, the thread and needle must be put at the head.

The next day, you must wake up before sunrise. Next, you need to take a needle with a thread in your left hand, and right yourself to cross yourself three times with the sign of the cross.

After this, there is such a magical conspiracy:

Plot for wealth: for financial prosperity

Then you need to start making stitches on the hem of the shirt, without removing it, and pronounce the other magic words:

The thread should remain after flashing so much that its length is enough and it is possible to tie twelve knots.

After the conspiracy is pronounced, the knots are tied and the thread is cut with scissors. On the same day, the needle with the rest of the thread should be taken out to a deserted place and buried.

Whatever ritual to attract wealth is not used, it can not be carried out out of idle curiosity. These rituals are always carried out alone, and plans to conduct them also cannot be told to anyone.

In order for the impact to be successful, maximum concentration is necessary.

One should not expect that as soon as the plot of wealth is read, there will immediately be an instant result. Magic only opens corridors for receiving money and removes all obstacles. But to really get rich, you need a lot of work.

In addition, it should be remembered that any rite of wealth should be conducted in a positive mood, any negative emotions scare away luck.

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