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Plot for the sale of houses and land

Housing rituals are among the most popular magic tools. They have been used at all times, they remain in demand in the modern world.

A plot to sell a house and land allows you to quickly make a bargain and get money.

Plot for the sale of houses and land

There is a very large number of conspiracies related to housing. But any plot to sell a house and land should be used in a certain situation.

So, you may need to use magic:

  • To speed up the sale of the house or estate;
  • If you want to get the maximum amount of money from the transaction related to the sale of real estate;
  • To speed up the processing of documents.

Of course, there are universal rites, but preference should be given to directional influences, which indicate a specific goal. They are more powerful and will sell the house or the land most profitable and quickly.

A universal rite allows you to attract many buyers, which already guarantees the implementation of a quick deal. In the ritual will need to use the seven church candles, which are previously purchased in the shop.

This ceremony will be effective only when carried out in the phase of decreasing moon. At midnight, you should retire in a separate room of the house, which is planned to be sold, and exclude all external irritants.

You must be sure that you are nothing, and no one will distract from the ritual.

Candles must be installed on the floor, creating an improvised circle of them. In the center of such a circle you need to sit down and for some time try to fully concentrate on the purpose of witchcraft.

After this, you need to read the following magic conspiracy seven times:

After the pronunciation of words, you need to sit until the candles naturally burn out. The stubs need then be assembled and wrapped in a white paper sheet.

Bundles must be taken out and buried deep under the female tree. For example, under a birch or alder.

Plot for the sale of houses and land

For the ceremony should be prepared for half a cup:

  • Sand sugar;
  • Cooking salt;
  • Rice

In addition, the ritual will need to use a new safety pin. First, mix all the ingredients and pour into a deep container.

They should stick a pin, so that its edge was in the middle of the glass.

During all preparations, the following words are spoken:

Such a container with contents should be put into one of the enclosed cabinets sold at home. Soon the buyer will come to you and offer you the desired amount of money. A very important condition of this transaction is that after receiving the money you need a certain amount should be spent on charity.

If this is not done, then the deal for the future will not work. After selling the house, the plotted container with all its contents must be buried in a deserted place.

The rite with salt will help attract buyers. To perform the ritual, it is enough to use pure white salt zhmenyu.

The ceremony is held in the evening in a secluded room. It is very important to choose a night so that the moon shines in the sky.

Putting salt on the windowsill, so that it was illuminated by moonlight, you should say the following words:

This conspiracy is spoken seven times. After which the salt crumbles into inconspicuous places.

Plot for the sale of houses and land

There is a plot that will allow to sell the house profitably. It is carried out necessarily at three o’clock in the morning.

Next, you need to take a broom and sweep away all the rooms of the house, pronouncing the words:

This ritual should be performed seven times in a row. This ceremony is very strong and soon you will be able to sell the house.

To help successfully sell a house can be a brownie, but it must be properly addressed. You should walk three times in a counterclockwise direction.

At the same time in each corner should stop and make bows with the words:

After that, in the secret place you need to put the coin of the greatest dignity. Sometimes there is a feeling that the brownie makes it difficult to sell the house, because he does not want to let you go. In this case, take him with you, very often it helps.

Just do not forget, in this case, to take from the old house with you an old shoe, in which the goblin will live, until he masters the new housing.

It should be remembered that any ritual in which a special conspiracy is used, aimed at selling a house should be carried out only by the owners. Another person, even a close relative, cannot conduct it, since the action will be simply useless.

Conducting the rite to sell the house is important to believe in its success.

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