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Plot for sale of property — make a deal quickly and easily

A conspiracy to sell your property will attract benefits.

From time immemorial, magic served man, was his faithful assistant — and not only in matters of the heart, but also in matters of material things. For centuries, magic has helped people increase revenue, attract buyers and profitable partners, enter into transactions on the right terms and other financial matters.

If it was necessary to sell a house or some other large property, then a special conspiracy to sell the property was used (and is successfully used now!).

Plot for sale of property - make a deal quickly and easily

Far from too many people know about the existence of such conspiracies, but not because they do not work. On the contrary, conspiracy to sell property to many people helped to make a good profit on the sale of houses, cars, land, and any other property.

Only practical and cunning people who do not like to shout loudly about their profits and share their success with others use these plots. So if you need to sell something, feel free to use the plots described below and your chances of a successful deal will increase greatly!

For the most part, conspiracies to sell property are universal. This means that they can be used in a variety of life situations.

It is very important when reading the plot to sell any product, to mention its good qualities.

Perhaps the most famous plot to sell a property is a salt plot. She is known to be a very strong natural attribute that can greatly increase the power of any magical effect.

For the ritual you will need to use fine salt from the new pack. In addition, you will need holy water, which will need to be collected in the church on one of the Sundays.

A rite with salt for the sale of property can be held in any phase of the moon, the main thing is to conduct it before an emerging transaction. It also does not matter what time of the day will be chosen for the ritual.

You need to retire in a separate room, take a pinch of salt in your left hand.

Then read the words to her in a whisper:

At the end of the plot you need to drop a drop of holy water on the salt. After that, salt should be put on a clean sheet, on the windowsill and let it dry.

After this, the conspired salt needs to be sprinkled with the product you are planning to sell.

At the same time say the magic words:

This is a very strong conspiracy and the bargain after it will always be successful and come true as soon as possible.

Plot for sale of property - make a deal quickly and easily

One of the most popular conspiracies of this type is a plot to sell property with pigeons. To carry out this plot, type wheat or other grains.

Sprinkle this grain in front of the pigeons, saying:

After that, a good bargain is not made by itself, you still have to make some efforts to sell your product, but the number of potential buyers who are interested in your offer, will increase significantly.

Another popular conspiracy to sell the property is used immediately before the arrival of the buyer. His goal is to make the buyer more compliant and force him to agree to the price you need.

It is done this way: take two threads of different colors and tie them in one knot.

Tighten this knot tightly and say:

Such a plot contributes to the fact that the buyer will not bargain, and very quickly agree on your price.

It is very important to successfully sell the property properly configured. You can speed up the process of selling any product if you first visit the temple and put a candle near one of the icons and ask God for help in your business.

In addition, you need to constantly think about how good your product is and how it can be useful to another person.

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