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Plot for happiness — a symphony of the soul

Happiness is simply necessary for a comfortable life. This state of mind allows you to enjoy life in all its manifestations.

This feeling is not affected by the weather, wealth or human character. Thanks to him, life becomes harmonious and full.

A happiness plot is a very popular rite. It is used by people regardless of gender.

This rite allows you to open a special energy channels through which the desired events are attracted to life and from this it is filled with positive emotions.

Plot for happiness - a symphony of the soul

Rites, with which you can bring to life happiness, there are so many. But all of them are simple in execution, and they can be done independently at home.

Conventionally, these rituals can be divided depending on their orientation:

  • Impacts on yourself;
  • Rites, aimed at the whole family.

Plot for luck, before using it in a particular rite, it is necessary to memorize. When pronouncing magic words, it is important to fully concentrate on your desire to become happy.

A ritual in which three keys are used as additional attributes is considered one of the strongest. If carried out correctly, it acts very quickly and helps stabilize the inner state of a person, which means to become happy.

The keys in this magic action can be used any. These can be newly purchased keys for new locks, or those that have been used in everyday life for a long time.

It is important that the keys are different, and not from the same lock. Also for the ceremony you need to prepare a woolen red thread.

A happiness plot is recommended to be spoken at midnight in the rising moon phase or at the onset of the full moon. You must go into a separate room and concentrate on your thoughts about happiness. In the right hand should take three keys, and in the left — red wool thread.

Closing your eyes, you need to think about your well-being for at least ten minutes. We can not allow thoughts to switch to any domestic problems.

It should be imagined to plunge into its own fictional world, where good reigns and only happiness exists, and relations between people are filled with sincere benevolence.

Once you feel that peace has come to your soul, you need to hang the prepared keys on the thread and tie its ends to three knots.

In the process of this need to talk such a conspiracy:

Words should be spoken not very loudly, but emotionally. This should be done on each knot tied.

Plotted keys, should be stored in an inconspicuous place at the head of the bed. No one should know about the ritual. Changes in life will already be noticeable in the first month after the ritual.

It is important, never to use the conspiracy keys for domestic purposes.

This ritual uses a very strong conspiracy, which is required to be read three times on the same day during the period of growth of the night star. The rite involves visiting the temple.

The plot is read for the first time at home before going to church, the second time — before entering the temple, and the third time again at home after coming from the church.

Magic words sound like this:

In the church, you need to put 12 candles in honor of the holy apostles, who were next to Christ. You can put candles near any icons that your soul will reach.

Plot for happiness - a symphony of the soul

In order to attract happiness in your life, you can conduct a ritual potent morning ritual to attract happiness to life. It is very effective if there is a black stripe in life and you are haunted by failure and bad luck.

Every morning for three months at dawn, immediately after waking up, the following words should be repeated:

With the help of any rituals calling for happiness, you can build harmonious relationships in society and create a prosperous atmosphere around you.

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