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Plot for divorce: will accelerate the collapse of an unhappy marriage

A divorce plot is used to quickly divorce a married couple. Such a ritual can be carried out directly, as one of the spouses, and an absolutely third-party person.

Plot for divorce: will accelerate the collapse of an unhappy marriage

It should be understood that the plot to divorce refers to the destructive effects. Therefore, if such a rite is performed for mercenary purposes, then it can have negative consequences on various spheres of life.

It is important to remember that it is impossible to destroy a union of people who sincerely love each other with magic.

But in life it happens that spouses are unhappy, and no one can be the first to propose a divorce. Over time, life together can turn into hell, and people simply can not part peacefully, while maintaining warm friendly relations. In this case, such a ceremony is carried out for the good and cannot harm the performer.

They can be either one of the spouses or someone from close people.

If you want to divorce your spouse, but he does not give you a divorce, you should hold a special ceremony. Such a magical effect will affect the spouse’s energy field, and he will change his mind about divorce.

In the late evening, in the descending phase of the moon, you must go to the kitchen and put on a pot of water. It is important at this time is in the kitchen room alone.

When water boils, above it should be drawn with a knife, equipped with a black handle, a cross.

Then clearly say the following:

There are cases when a man wants to get a divorce, but he is held by his obligations to his wife. If you do not have enough fortitude to talk with your spouse or you know that talking about parting will cause a big scandal, then you can use magic.

To conduct the ceremony you need to write your name and wife’s name on a piece of paper.

Then, picking up the sheet, you need to speak it with these words:

After pronouncing these words, a piece of paper with written names needs to be broken into small pieces and thrown into the trash can.

Plot for divorce: will accelerate the collapse of an unhappy marriage

This rite refers to universal influences. That is, this magical tool can be used by one of the spouses, as well as by an outsider who seeks sincerely to help close people to gain new happiness in life.

In the ritual, you must use a joint photo of the spouses and the church candle. The photograph must be taken no earlier than a year before the ceremony.

It is important that the photographs clearly depict the eyes of the people. In addition, the picture should not be anyone except the couple.

At midnight on one of the nights, in the descending phase of the moon, you should retire in a separate room. You need to sit at the table, set a candle in front of you and light it.

After that, you should put a photo on the table next to the candle, looking at the picture, concentrate on the purpose of the ceremony, namely, that after the magical act people should leave without serious consequences.

After you manage to do this, without taking your eyes off the candle flame, you should say the following words:

After the pronunciation of such words, the photograph is set on fire from the flame of the candle and the following magic conspiracy is pronounced directly:

The ashes from the burnt photograph need to be collected and dispelled to the wind through the open window, pronouncing these words:

After that, you should sit in silence and wait until the candle burns out. The candle end and the remnants of the wax must be collected and brought to the street to bury in a deserted place.

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