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Plot for a new wallet

In order to ensure financial well-being, people are ready to resort to any methods. Therefore, the magic rituals by which money is attracted to life are in great demand.

A very popular attribute in various magical rites is the new wallet. This is understandable, because it can figuratively be considered a home for money. Therefore, in order for money to come constantly, you need to create the most comfortable conditions for them.

This will help to plot a new wallet.

Plot for a new wallet

Wallets are of various kinds, these accessories vary in size and shape. Therefore, it is important to choose a wallet according to your own taste preferences.

It is necessary that you like your wallet, and you always carry it with you with pleasure.

It is impossible to use cheap wallets, in such accessories, by production, the energy of poverty was originally laid down. Therefore, large banknotes are unlikely to appear in such a wallet.

It is also necessary that there are several compartments in the wallet, this will keep the money in order, and they love it.

Preference should be given to accessories made from natural materials, but it is quite suitable expensive and high-quality leatherette. If there are transparent inserts in the wallet, then there should not be inserted photos, they should be left empty so as not to interfere with the accumulation of monetary energy.

But in open pockets it is possible to carry discount and credit cards, such items are associated with purchases, so they can increase the energy that attracts money.

It is important to remember that after buying a new wallet, you need to urgently get rid of the old one. Conflict of energy storage accessories will not lead to anything good.

Plot for a new wallet

A new wallet should definitely be charged by conducting a special magic rite. Before its holding, you must visit the temple, put a candle in your own health and purchase the seven most expensive candles of green.

The ritual is performed in the growing moon phase at midnight. Thursday is considered the optimal day.

A new wallet should be placed in a place well lit by moonlight. For example, it can be a wide window sill.

Seven candles are set around it.

After the candles are set on fire, such a conspiracy is pronounced on the wallet:

After the magic conspiracy is uttered, the candles must burn out naturally. At this time you need to sit, think about how life will change when your financial well-being stabilizes.

The remains of the candles you just need to throw.

Conspired wallet should always be with you and the money in it should be kept in order. It is very important not to give anyone your wallet; other hands should not touch it.

There is another strong magic plot for charging a new wallet. Before the start of the ceremony should be put in each branch of one coin and bill.

You can use different currencies, but it is strictly forbidden to use coins and bills, which are out of use.

After that, the purse should be picked up and said the following words over them:

After that, the next day, you should always carry the wallet with you, but you cannot add money there. You also can not spend conspiracy money.

Before going to bed, they should be removed from the wallet, and the accessory should be put under the pillow. The next day, you can use your wallet in the usual way, but conspired money should be spent primarily on useful things for the house.

Plot for a new wallet

An effective ritual for charging a new wallet for money can be held in the early days of the new moon. To do this, you need to put silver coins in your wallet, but you can replace them with regular white metal coins.

The ceremony should be conducted at a time when a narrow sickle of the new month is visible in the sky.

The purse should be put on the windowsill and say three times these words:

After that, you should put a large denomination paper bill in your wallet and leave it on the window sill for three days. After this time, you can begin to use the wallet in the usual way.

But before you put money into it, you need to speak such a conspiracy:

If you put a large amount of money in your wallet right away, then you need to use another conspiracy. A purse filled with money should be brought to your lips.

After that, say this magic spell three times:

Read the plot on a new wallet should be in full confidence that you will be able to stabilize your financial condition. Any doubt will result in the rite not being effective.

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