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Photo of the aura: what can it tell about its owner?

What can you learn about a person from aura photos?

Esoterics understand the aura as «a thin, invisible eye substance that emanates from the body of a person or an animal.» Is it possible to take a photo of the aura, if it is an intangible source and why can it be needed?

We will tell about all this in this material.

Photo of the aura: what can it tell about its owner?

Photo aura — what is it?

The concept of aura migrated to us from the philosophy of the east, where the aura is also called “emanation”. The mystics of the East have found an explanation for the phenomenon of the photo of the aura in that emanation is the formation of a material plane — a cloud of evaporation or sublimation that the body generates and envelops it.

Speaking about the possibility of photographing the aura, one cannot avoid the issue of the chakras. Chakras are energy centers that can accumulate and distribute the energy of the mind, emotions, physical body and spirit.

In the photograph of the aura, we get the image of the seven main energy centers and another 42 secondary.

The word “chakra”, if to translate it from Sanskrit means “disk” or “wheel”, the name reflects the idea that each of the energy centers has its own specific frequency.

Ways to photograph aura

Today, you can use one of two ways of photographing the human aura.

Kirlian effect

With this method, you get a clear picture of the aura, made on the equipment, which examine biological objects according to the method of gas discharge visualization. Spouses Kirlian used traditional photographic materials and analyzed photos of aura «by eye».

A photograph of the aura by the method of Kirlian allows you to get a blurry luminous oval surrounding the human body. And the psycho-emotional state of the subject, as well as the state of the cardiovascular system and various organs, determines the tonus of the aura spot.

It should be noted that the characteristics of the color, size and shape of the aura are unstable values, which in some cases almost do not differ with the human eye.

Photo of the aura: what can it tell about its owner?

GDV-camera Konstantin Korotkov

The second method also implies the use of the Kirlian effect, which Konstantin Georgievich Korotkov adopted and acquired a patent for a special B-camera. The picture obtained with the help of this camera must be uploaded to a PC, after which it is processed on a special application.

The program builds the energy field of a person with whom an expert will conduct work in the future: to analyze changes, monitor and analyze image parameters, and make a conclusion about the state of all biological processes in the human body.

A photograph of a biofield performed on Korotkov’s GDV-camera very much resembles the glow of blue flame lights, which have a different density on each of their sections. Having information about the color and shape of the glow, the area of ​​its prevalence, the expert will be able to establish at what physical and psychological level the person is now, and also predicts further changes.

What can be learned from the photograph of the biofield

For what purpose do aura research experts advise you to make and decode her photo? According to scientists, the aura is a biowave skeleton, which reflects the physical state of the body, mental mood, emotional background, and also illuminates the level of stress in the body.

The photo of the biofield displays the condition of the person during the shooting process. And having studied several photos of the biofield that were performed at a different period of time, one can learn about the biological processes occurring in the body.

One photo allows you to determine the state of the energy body, to see the integrity of the energy balance — that is, to analyze the aspects of the human body that remain invisible and are not diagnosed by traditional methods, are clearly visible in the energy-information field.

There is one positive point here — it is quite possible to change the state of your energy field. In case you received a snapshot of the biofield, which displayed any adverse changes occurring in the body, this does not mean that the situation will remain unchanged.

It is through the diagnosis of the aura that it becomes possible to timely identify all the factors that adversely affect the state of health at the initial stage. And the sooner a person learns about the onset of energy pathologies, the faster the restoration of the biofield takes place, with the subsequent compensation of all negative consequences at the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level.

Bioenergetics assure that a photograph of a biofield provides information about the state of the inner world of a person, as well as his inclinations. Due to which, a program for the intellectual development of a person can be drawn up, based on his creative inclinations and natural potential.

Photos of aura and chakras transcript

Next we will talk about what the different characteristics of a person’s energy field show.

The main color of the biofield

In the photo, the aura is displayed as a multicolor substance. The predominant color is a display of the personal characteristics of a person or his color type.

Each of us has our own color compositions of the energy field. There are no two identical aura pictures in the world.

Aura Form

With a harmonious form on a color spot, all areas are the same in brightness or darkness, there are no gaps and dips. This is the ideal psychophysical state of man.

And the asymmetry of the biofield form — its displacement in different directions indicates internal instability.

Aura size

A wide aura indicates a great potential of vital energy. In this case, the people around you, as a rule, can feel the vibrations of the aura of such a person.

It is possible that the aura protrudes beyond the human body at a distance from a couple of centimeters to several meters.

And the presence of a narrow luminous areola — a small aura indicates a lack of vital energy, indicates an internal weakness, which is caused by regular stress factors.

The degree of brightness of the aura

The fact that all four bodies are in harmony, as well as the experience of positive emotions can be recognized by the degree of radiance of colors. The brighter the shades captured in the photo, the more powerful and balanced energy the person has.

And the presence of darkened dirty shades indicates a strong emotional, intellectual or physical fatigue.

What will tell the main color of the biofield

The color located in the central part of the aura and energy centers is a reflection of the person’s color type, that is, his personal qualities and character traits. As a rule, most people do not experience color changes over a long period of time (for some, it remains stable throughout their lives).

Photo of the aura: what can it tell about its owner?

Next, we consider the main colors of the aura, each of which corresponds to a personal type of personality.

  • The dark-red aura is characteristic of hardworking, energetic, strong, down-to-earth personalities, realists, whose main focus is survival.
  • Red — speaks of increased excitability, vigor, sexuality, enterprise, desire to compete
  • Orange — describes a productive, creative, business person who loves entertainment and active travel
  • Orange-yellow — characterizes a sensitive person who is prone to analysis, an intellectual with good logic, a scientist.
  • Yellow — this color is distinguished by playfulness, brightness, contact, gives its owner curiosity, activity. Yellow aura is characteristic of extroverts.
  • Green — the color of social activity, naturalness, harmony, sociability, indicates the teacher.
  • Dark green — a person with such a biofield is distinguished by quick wit, purposefulness, sociability, loves material wealth.
  • Blue is a caring, sensitive, loving person who aspires to be useful, loyal, peaceful, has good manners.
  • Indigo — characterizes calm, deeply vulnerable people, loyal, artistic, with a well-developed intuition, introverts.
  • Violet — the color of artists, sensitive people, innovators.
  • Lavender — indicates softness, vulnerability, susceptibility, a tendency to mysticism.
  • White describes an inspired, creative, balanced person, a visionary.

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