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Petrov Post: food restrictions, Orthodox traditions and rules

Petrov Post: food restrictions, Orthodox traditions and rules

Posts in Orthodoxy have a special meaning and differ from each other in the severity of restrictions. What can and is not allowed to eat in Petrov fasting, how many days does it last?

The spiritual father told me about the importance of the apostolic fasting, to whom I turned for clarification. It turns out that in Petrovka there are indulgences for believers, and you can eat fish and vegetable oil at will.

In the article I will tell you how to post, what restrictions besides food exist.

Petrov Post: food restrictions, Orthodox traditions and rules

The meaning of posts

The importance of Peter’s fasting lies in the preparation of believers for the celebration of the celebration of the first apostles Peter and Paul. On the fiftieth day after Easter, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles in the form of a flame, which testified to the grace of God.

On this day, about 3,000 people believed, which became the basis of the first Christian church. Petrovsky fasting is actually equal in its importance to the Great, as it anticipates one of the main church holidays.

Formerly, Petrov’s post was called the Pentecost fast.

Why is fasting called apostolic, Petrovka, or Petropavlovsk? Because it is dedicated to the foundation of the church and the main disciples of Jesus Christ. This post is held in the summer, so it has its differences and features.

You can not eat dairy and meat food, but on weekends fish is allowed. This is a significant relief, in contrast to Lent before Easter — it is more stringent.

Some Orthodox see some symbolism between the apostle Peter and the permission to eat fish: Peter was a fisherman.

Why are Peter and Paul considered the supreme apostles? Because in the acts of the apostles they are mentioned more often than others.

The power of faith of the Apostle Peter was so great that the sick were healed even from his shadow. The apostles exemplified repentance and faithful service to the Lord:

  • Peter denied Christ, but redeemed his guilt;
  • Paul was a persecutor of Christians, but became a zealous servant of Christ.

Petrov fasting begins a week after the Trinity and does not have a clearly defined period: it can last several weeks or eight days. The celebration of the celebration of the apostles Peter and Paul ends on July 12.

Therefore, the duration of the post need to look at the Orthodox calendar.

Petrov Post: food restrictions, Orthodox traditions and rules

Post history

In 324, the emperor Constantine founded in Constantinople cathedrals in honor of the chief apostles Peter and Paul. Since that time, the church honors the first apostles on July 12, and a post is dedicated to this date. During postvovaniya Orthodox not only limit themselves to food, but also confess sins, communion and strengthened in the faith.

Christians ask God to grant them the holiness of Peter and the understanding of Paul.

Christianity is not equated with a hunger strike; it is a conscious rejection of food for the sake of the victory of the spirit over the flesh.

Those who do not adhere to the position, deprive themselves of God’s grace. After all, it is in the fast days that the Lord sends a special grace to strengthen the spirit of the believer.

As the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles in the form of tongues of flame, so in our day the grace of God descends upon the believers.

Petrov Post: food restrictions, Orthodox traditions and rules

Prohibitions and restrictions

The church bans fish dishes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And it is also forbidden to consume oil and wine beverages.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, it is forbidden to eat fish dishes. And on Saturday / Sunday and the days of honoring the saint or church holidays restriction on fish is canceled. On Wednesdays and Fridays, malnutrition is recommended (eat cold raw food).

However, in the Petrovsky post there is a relaxation, so you can eat fish and vegetable oil.

In Petrov fasting do not eat meat, eggs and dairy foods. It is also not recommended to eat sweet pastries and fast food.

What eat on Petrovka? It can be empty soup, okroshka, salads, mushroom caviar, green dishes, fish pies.

In addition to restrictions on food during the posting, spiritual bans are also imposed. Believers must pray hard and avoid sins. Also in this post is prohibited:

  • gossip and discuss someone;
  • envy and get angry;
  • tell a lie;
  • attend parties;
  • laze around and indulge in idle laziness.

If a person is committed to sin, then there is no point in fasting.

Folk superstitions say that during the apostolic fasting, it is impossible to cut hair, to needlework and lend money. Also at this time did not play weddings, as feasts and parties were prohibited.

Fasting in Orthodoxy calls for the taming of the flesh and the strengthening of the spirit. Fathers of the church teach that without spiritual development spiritual life is impossible.

It is during the refusal of food or food restriction that a person can think about the meaning of his life. Postavovanie teaches humility, leads to recall the martyrdom of the first Christians.

During the food restriction, the spirit, which is the basis of morality, is strengthened: the believer learns to subordinate his carnal desires to spiritual values.

Petrovsky fasting is not strict, as Great, however, for the monks there are strict limitations. Christians should understand that fasting is not for losing weight, but for raising the spirit over the flesh.. Therefore, during fasting, Christians sincerely repent of transgressions, take communion and abide in prayers.

If a person is prohibited from fasting for medical reasons, you can limit yourself to watching television or chatting in social networks.

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