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People’s conspiracies — the legacy of their ancestors

People’s conspiracies are a remarkable legacy of our ancestors, to which many are thoughtlessly and even scornfully, but intelligent, knowledgeable people value and use to benefit themselves and their loved ones. After all, no matter how much progress modern medicine and other sciences have achieved, popular conspiracies still help to preserve health, to protect themselves from damage and the evil eye to attract good luck in business.

Below we look at some of them.

People's conspiracies - the legacy of their ancestors

In a large number of people conspiracies were created, aimed at combating various diseases. They were created and tested for centuries over many centuries.

There are conspiracies that contribute to the restoration of the human body as a whole, and with the help of others, individual diseases can be defeated.

There is an old Russian conspiracy designed to stop heavy bleeding. It is necessary to put the thumb of the right hand on the wound and repeat the plot three times, each time spitting to the side.

In another popular version of this conspiracy, one should do the same, but the words should be different.

This conspiracy, uttered with sincere faith, according to traditional healers and healers, will help to heal from the most serious diseases. For the ceremony, you must first purchase the icon «Three-armed».

To heal the patient, you should read a special conspiracy in the morning and evening, standing at the head of the bed on which the sick man lies.

Magic phrases are as follows:

People's conspiracies - the legacy of their ancestors

At all times not only sorcerers used magical conspiracies, many of them knew by heart any mother. If necessary, the woman could independently help the child cope with the disease. And today, such conspiracies that relate to village rites are very popular.

Reading such conspiracies, you need to invest sincere power in every spoken word. It is important to feel confident that it is the maternal energy that will help the child overcome the disease.

From the distant past, the people’s conspiracy came to us from childish fright and crying, which is designed to protect the child, both from an accidental nervous shock, and from the evil eye or word. For this conspiracy, you need to take three small pebbles on the street, then wash them and throw them into the water one by one.

Throwing pebbles into the water, say these words:

Then redeem your child in this water.

This ceremony can be carried out at any time of the day, when the baby begins to act up from teething. It is necessary to cross the child three times and talk about it conspiracy.

You should read over the child magic words aimed at sound sleep. To do this, you need to take the icon of the Guardian Angel toddler, send her face to the child.

Next, speak the following spell:

People's conspiracies - the legacy of their ancestors

In past times, conspiracies have been used concerning any sphere of life. Practically before any undertaking or business, people of the ancient Mora uttered certain magic words in order to attract good luck.

During fishing, a popular plot was made (by knowledgeable people and still pronounced) for a good bite and a good catch.

Every time baiting a worm, you need to say:

Improving living conditions is an integral part of a prosperous life. Therefore, if you intend to perform any real estate transaction, you should bring good luck to life with the help of magic.

Of course, you should not expect that in this case you will be able to make a purchase very cheap. But in any case, you can, attracting magic, create the most favorable conditions for the acquisition.

To plot to buy a house was effective, you should not tell anyone that you plan to conduct a magical rite. It is advisable to carry out the ritual in advance, before you schedule a home purchase. This is due to the fact that such conspiracies do not begin to act immediately, and reach their maximum strength only after a certain time.

For the ceremony it is necessary to put water in a saucepan on the fire and throw the key into it.

When water boils, you should read the following plot over it:

After that, you need to carefully drain the water into the jar with the key and leave to cool. Next you need to leave the plotted water in an intact state until the first real estate transaction is assigned.

Immediately before talking with the seller, you should wash your hands with this water. It is important to do this, alone and in full concentration on the thoughts of a successful transaction.

It will be good if you feel how the energy flows into your body.

During the transaction, you should be confident that the purchase will be in your favor and with the best conditions for you. And when the seller turns away, you should spit on the palm and rub them, this will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the ceremony.

This ritual is universal and can be used for all transactions in cases where keys are required.

People's conspiracies - the legacy of their ancestors

Plots of love are very popular. There is a very powerful conspiracy with candles, but it should be used only if you sincerely seek to find true love in real life.

Experimenting with this rite is impossible.

The plot must be pronounced in a secluded place, and it sounds like this:

This plot can be slightly modified to summon the person you like. In this case, be sure to mention the name of the person.

If you truly believe in magic, then true love will soon come into your life.

There is a huge number of other popular conspiracies, many of which you can find on our website in the section conspiracies. It is important to remember that magic words should always be pronounced in a positive mood.

In addition, it is important to believe in your own strength and in magic.

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