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Orthodox tattoos: religious meaning and meaning

Orthodox tattoos: religious meaning and meaning

I do not consider Orthodox tattoos to be something reprehensible, because everyone has the right to choose in his life what he wants. Despite conflicting opinions, believers still decorate their bodies with all sorts of symbols.

Let’s talk about the meaning of similar tattoos in this article.

What do religious tattoos say?

If you turn to history, you can find numerous references to how people decorated their bodies with various religious symbols, ranging from ancient texts to images of saints.

Orthodox tattoos: religious meaning and meaning

By this they showed that they belong to a certain religion, and also protected themselves from external negatives. Therefore, Orthodox tattoos stand apart from all others — they have their own special sacred meaning.

In our time, the most popular options for tattoos:

  1. Almost artistic portraits of the faces of saints, apostles, martyrs, angels and even Jesus Christ himself. Usually these are very large images made with great precision. It is better to contact an experienced tattoo artist who will do the work with high quality.
  2. Latin, Celtic and other crosses — indicate belonging to the Christian religion, are a strong amulet, protect their wearer from the evil eye and negative energy coming from outside.
  3. Texts of prayers and scriptures. They are selected individually for a person, depending on what divine influence he wants to feel more fully in his life.
  4. All other religious symbols are from pentagrams to lambs. The value differs depending on the selected Orthodox sign.
  5. It is believed that it is necessary to depict the cross between the collarbone, on the neck. Some people generally believe that this is the only possible place for any Orthodox tattoo. But in fact there are other suitable places — wrists, back, for example. The size of the tattoo is chosen solely at the request of the person.

Interesting fact: in our country, religious tattoos for the first time gained popularity among prisoners who used them as a talisman. The cross symbolized absolution, and the dome was a symbol of the status «on the zone.»

The number of domes indicates the number of years spent in prison.

It is also important to know that for Orthodox tattoos were charms, symbolizing protection from evil and absolution. But Christians living in Muslim countries thus demonstrate their faith.

Meaning of the cross

The Orthodox cross is considered to be the most popular religious tattoo. Crosses on the body depicted warriors to get protection from the enemy in battle and return home unscathed.

It was believed that the cross depicted on the back, chest, in the area of ​​the heart and other vital organs protects against deadly guns.

Orthodox tattoos: religious meaning and meaning

At the present time, the meaning has changed. The cross can indicate respect for the Christian religion, and be a symbol of absolution.

Even atheists use this symbol simply to decorate the body.

The cross has no gender differences, so both men and women can wear such a tattoo.

Variants of crosses and their meanings:

  • Knightly — speaks of the high honor that a person values ​​above all, and of his great strength of mind.
  • Celtic is the personification of infinity and the understanding that everything on earth is interconnected, that the world is mirrored, and all people are our teachers.
  • A cross with a rosary is a sign of a man’s strong piety, his extreme religiosity, practically giving up all earthly things.
  • A huge cross, depicted on the back or between the shoulder blades, indicates that a person believes in destiny, and that all events in his life are ordained from above.
  • The cross with a stone symbolizes the search for its purpose, path, mission and meaning in life. He points out that a person really wants to decide and understand who he is, what can be useful for people.
  • The Latin cross is a sign of remembrance of the dead, a sign of great sorrow.

Video on whether it is possible to tattoo an Orthodox person (the opinion of the priest):

Popular orthodox tattoos for men

It is difficult to imagine a believing girl who will begin to make religious tattoos. Although exceptions do happen, the stronger sex does it more often.

Consider the popular male Orthodox tattoo and their values.

Orthodox tattoos: religious meaning and meaning

Here are the most common symbols that male believers can place on their bodies:

  1. The Latin Cross is a symbol of all Christianity and Orthodoxy as a whole. It is believed that this sign on the body brings extraordinary luck and good luck to its owner. It is also a powerful amulet against all evil.
  2. The innocent lamb is the personification of Christ himself. The symbol of sacrifice and non-resistance to evil by violence. A person who makes such a tattoo, as if speaks of his humility and acceptance of everything that happens in his life.
  3. Anchor depict those who have lost a loved one. It is a symbol of the memory of the departed. But in some cases the anchor on the body is depicted as a sign of any significant memorable event.
  4. The rose is the personification of the Virgin Mary herself, a symbol of purity, but at the same time of mystery. According to some sources, the rose is also a symbol of martyrdom.
  5. Dove says that a person is completely free of body and soul, he is full of hope and wants to enlist the invisible support of the Holy Spirit.
  6. The Jerusalem Cross, consisting of five symbols united into one, is a symbol of the Crusades and has no definite meaning.
  7. The cross, which is used in the rites of baptism — symbolizes the immortal soul, as well as its rebirth after the death of the physical body. The sign that a person feels, understands and realizes: he is only a soul that experiences human experience.
  8. The cross of Peter — speaks of deep respect for God, if it is used by a believing Christian. But this symbol also has a negative meaning — it is often portrayed by Satanists, thus speaking of its resistance to religion and its denial.

Do you have orthodox tattoos? Or maybe you are thinking about them?

Share your comments on the topic in the comments.

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