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Nishi Katsuzo: The Golden Rules of Health

Exercises and recommendations Nishi Katsudzo: «Golden rules of health»

Japanese Nishi Katsuzo came up with the «golden rules of health» — these are exercises that help people maintain good health, prolong life and youth. It is quite easy, but, nevertheless, effective gymnastics, which anyone can easily master.

What did Katsudzo Nishi talk about?

The author of the “6 rules of health” system was born a weak, sick child, whom doctors immediately predicted a short life. They believed that Nishi would live to a maximum of twenty years.

But contrary to medical forecasts, Katsudzo lived a very long, healthy, eventful life.

Nishi Katsuzo: The Golden Rules of Health

The recovery was not easy for him: he persistently and with incredible diligence studied the medical literature, tried all sorts of treatments. For several years he managed to create his own system, aimed at the rapid recovery of the body.

The Nishi system is fully justified: the author himself died only at 75 years old, and not from natural death, but tragically died in a car accident. Despite the fact that the great author has long been dead, his books and works have already helped many people find a long-awaited recovery.

Here are some key points in Niche teaching:

  1. Movement is life. If you constantly lead exclusively sedentary lifestyles, be sure to find time for recreational gymnastics. Otherwise, longevity and well-being will only have to dream.
  2. Katsuzo did not invent anything and is not a pioneer of some radically new method. He only got a lot of knowledge, from which he could isolate all the most effective techniques and combine them into a system.
  3. Exercises, which we describe a little below — this is only part of the whole system, which proposed a great author. We recommend also to study his book from cover to cover. The name of the work: «Golden rules of health.»

Next, let’s talk briefly about the most important rules that each person must follow in order to stay healthy and live in harmony with his body.

Golden rules of health

Niche argued: there are six golden rules that are important to follow if you want to live a long and happy life. It is necessary.

If you ignore them, gymnastics will not give the desired effect.

Nishi Katsuzo: The Golden Rules of Health

Here are the rules:

  1. Sleep on a firm bed. In bed, a person spends a third of his life. Therefore, for the health of the back and spine is so important to sleep on a hard bed. The spine, according to Nishi, is the basis of life, the core of all health. Therefore, the first thing you need to heal with the help of gymnastics is the spinal column: to cure stoop and all kinds of clamps.
  2. Instead of a soft pillow — hard roller. Yes, at first it will be unusual and uncomfortable. But it will ensure the health of your neck. If there are clips in this area, there is not enough nutrients and oxygen to the brain, skin and hair. This is fraught with not only energy loss, but also problems with appearance. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the clamps with the help of gymnastics, and to support the health of the neck while sleeping on the “correct” pillow.
  3. Do the “Goldfish” exercise in the morning. Lie on your back and stretch your whole body as if into a string: with your toes you will cling to each other, stretch your arms upwards, connecting your little fingers. Aim to stretch as much as possible, imagining how your spine is stretched. Feel and feel how your body vibrates. Repeat the exercise several times a day, if possible. Under the shoulder blades you can put a roller of dense fabric, at the same time to strengthen the back.
  4. The fourth rule: strengthen the capillaries. Lie on your back, on the floor. You can not do the exercise on the couch or bed, because their surface is not hard enough. When lying down, lift your arms and legs up so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the body. While in this position, shake hands and feet for 1-3 minutes with vibrating motions.
  5. The fifth rule — lie on the roller for five minutes a day. You need to make a roller, rolled up a towel, or buy ready. Place it under your shoulder blades, lie down on a hard surface, and stretch your arms and legs together by closing your palms and feet with each other.
  6. The sixth rule — do not forget to strengthen the stomach and back. For this, the author of the system has developed a whole set of exercises. It is best to pre-study their technique on video, and only then begin to practice independently.

Look in the video for an example of another exercise to strengthen the capillaries:

Tips and tricks

For the system to work, it is important to comply with all its components. Only an integrated approach to working with yourself and your health can bring significant results.

Therefore, follow all stages of working with the golden rules of Niche.

Nishi Katsuzo: The Golden Rules of Health

  1. Do not forget about proper nutrition. Most exercises Niches are aimed at activating blood circulation, so nutrients will become more active in the internal organs. If you eat “food debris”, its negative impact on the body will increase. If you use only healthy foods, their benefits will increase several times.
  2. Sport, massage, stretching and swimming — this is not a whim, but the needs of your body, which must be met. Therefore, devote enough time to these activities.
  3. Additionally, you can find and visit a good osteopath. Many people do not even know how many problems it can detect and cure, which will significantly change the quality of life.

And most importantly: follow the rules of Nishi day after day. Only regular practice can bring meaningful results.

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