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Niche system — what it is and how it works

What is the famous health system Nishi

The famous Japanese healer named Katsudzo Nishi was convinced that a person can be cured only if he makes enough of his own efforts. This statement, he successfully confirmed on his own experience.

Even in his childhood years, Nisha was diagnosed with a terrible disease, the doctors claimed that he would not be able to live for more than twenty years. The man not only refuted the doctors’ forecasts, but also he developed a whole effective healing system, known as the Nishi health system.

Niche system - what it is and how it works

A bit about Katsudzo Nishi

Nishi was born in 1884, his parents were mid-level entrepreneurs. They simply adored their baby, and although the family was not very rich, Katsuzo provided an atmosphere of happiness, full prosperity and love.

Katsuzo’s father was constantly forced to work very hard and to work hard and he dreamed that his son could get the most promising education. However, the boy had to face a significant shock — he could not pass the entrance examinations for high school.

The school’s management explained to the parents that their son’s health is too weak and he most likely will not be able to cope with the workload. At the same time Nishi constantly suffered from colds, as well as painful gastrointestinal disorders.

At the doctor’s office, Nishi was given a terrible diagnosis — it turned out that he was suffering from chronic inflammation of the lymph nodes and tuberculosis of the small intestine. The medical verdict had a sobering effect on the future genius of science. He realized that if he wanted to live a full life, he needed to restore his state of health.

And he can only do this by making enough of his own efforts.

Therefore, Nishi began to attend classes in the section of fencing with samurai swords, and also began to attend the temple, where he meditated. It turned out that the change in the usual life is quite a difficult task.

Indeed, for a noticeable improvement in his physical condition, Nishi needed to spend three long years. But the efforts have had the result — now the prognosis of the doctor has become much more optimistic and the guy was able to do his own training.

Trying to catch up with what was missed during his illness, Nishi constantly read various scientific literature. But his health began to deteriorate again.

Then the parents decided to give it to a real school for the specialty «civil engineer». But due to regular pathologies, his life was rather dull and monotonous.

Then, for the second time in his life, Nishi came to the conclusion that the most valuable thing that each person possesses is his health. To improve his condition, Katsuzo began to study research papers on health issues.

At the same time, he tried to check all the knowledge gained immediately from his own experience.

The first thing he did was reading all the scientific works of his contemporaries, and then he studied the works of Tibetan, Chinese, Egyptian and ancient Greek scientists. His work was very long and productive.

It should be noted that the Niche system was created on the basis of more than 50 scientific papers.

Nishi Katsudzo has spent more than one year of his life on developing his own wellness system. His work was published only in 1927 at the age of forty-three.

After that, the man resigned from the position of chief engineer in the Tokyo Metro and devoted himself entirely to the cause of his life.

After six months, as his book saw the world, the author began actively accepting patients from around the globe. This rush has not subsided until today — people continue to go to the Institute of Health (Tokyo), where they still work with the Nishi system.

General exercise information

Most of the children and adolescents are accustomed to slouch, which is extremely negative for the state of their muscles and ligaments and the latter are weakening. Adults, who are forced to sit at work all day, in the evening begin to feel uncomfortable sensations in the back.

Because of this, the vertebrae may be offset with regards to each other.

The basic principle of the Niche health system is to maintain correct posture by performing special exercises, swimming, observing a healthy diet, and also having a good night’s rest.

Niche system - what it is and how it works

With exercise, the spine will become flexible, and nutrition is the building material needed to strengthen and form a healthy posture. According to the Katsuzo Nishi system, it is very important for a person to consume a sufficient amount of products containing calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

In addition to organic substances, people also need vitamins. Vitamins A, C and D are the most important for the spine. Do not forget that vitamin D begins to be produced in the body under the action of sunlight.

Because of this, recommended daily sunbathing in the corresponding season.

What is the basis of the Niche system

Next, we will look at what principles of health the Nishi health system is built on. Some of them consist in performing specific exercises.

  1. First principle is sleep on a flat and firm bed. The system prohibits the use of mattresses. Better yet, rest on plywood or on the floor. Niches believed that a flat surface is the best support and support for the spine, because it helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body, and also does not allow pinching of nerve endings, activates the process of digesting food and improves the activity of almost all organs in the body.
  2. Second principle favor sleep on a hard pillow. The best option will be the pillow-roller. In this case, the spine will be in the correct position during a night’s rest, especially the cervical vertebrae, and the brain and nervous system will work in the most optimal way.
  3. Third principle is a special exercise niche called «Goldfish». It successfully copes with the curvature of the spine and supports it in the correct location. To perform the exercise, you must lie on the floor, put your hands behind your head, stretch your legs, and press your heels and hips to the floor. Being in a similar position should be pulled 5 times stretching the spine and separating the vertebrae from one another. Hands in this case diverge in one direction, and the left heel in the other. Then it repeats the opposite. It was a preparatory stage, and now the exercise itself: you need to press your spine and legs to the floor and begin to vibrate with your whole body in different directions. Nishi believed that this practice contributes to the purification of all cells and the activation of all mechanisms in the body.
    Niche system - what it is and how it works
  4. Fourth principle performs the exercise for capillaries. Thanks to him, the blood supply and the work of all capillaries are improved, plus the lymph flows much better. It is performed as follows: a person lies on a flat and hard surface, simultaneously raises his arms and legs (it is important that they are perpendicular to the floor) and starts shaking very quickly with them in the same position. You can imagine that you are trying to repel small pebbles that fall on top of you.
  5. Fifth principle performs the exercise of joining the feet with the palms. The practice is of particular benefit for women in the situation, as well as for all those who have not yet been able to achieve harmony between the physical and mental. First of all, you need special training: you need to lie on the floor, a cushion is placed under your head, your feet are connected to your fingers (you will look like a frog). Then you begin to press first with the fingers of one hand on the fingers of the other, and then you need to equalize the pressure and then start squeezing with your palms. The arms are stretched, raised, held above the head, the face and the whole body, and stop in the belt area. Now you need to keep your palms in the opposite direction, and then cut the air with the help of sharp movements up and down. And then the hands are located in the chest area and you start to move the bent legs also first in the direction up, then down, then activate the arms and legs at the same time. Then comes the main part of the practice: you need to pull up your palms up, your feet also remain flattened and your knees divorced to the maximum distance. In this position, you need to stay about ten minutes.

These are the basic principles of the famous Katsudzo Nishi health system. Their observance is intended to ensure a person as happy and healthy life as possible. Nishi himself experienced the miraculous effects of these exercises, and millions of people around the world were convinced of their effectiveness.

We suggest you also use this knowledge to improve your health to get rid of all pathologies.

And finally, watch an interesting thematic video:

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