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Muslim plots on the basis of ayat from the Quran

Muslim conspiracies are significantly different from the Slavic counterparts that have been used for centuries. But with their help, you can also successfully solve problems in various life spheres.

The main difference is that Muslim conspiracies are closely intertwined with religion, and Slavic rituals are rooted in pagan traditions. This is due to the fact that Islam is a strict religion.

Muslim plots on the basis of ayat from the Quran

Most often, the verses of the Quran are used as Muslim conspiracies. Therefore, they are similar to standard prayers.

They are read in order to get rid of various diseases and to bring good luck into life.

In addition, conspiracies aimed at:

  • Deliverance from damage and curses;
  • Attracting wealth, in particular to get a good high-paying job;
  • Exorcism of evil forces from your own home.

According to legend, such rites were used by the Prophet Mohammed himself, and, therefore, they are righteous and can be used by any Muslim, if necessary.

It should be remembered that you can not read conspiracies during the post. And since this time is constantly shifting every year, it is always necessary to clarify it.

Muslim women are strictly forbidden to use magic on critical days.

It is impossible to force a person to love with the help of a Muslim conspiracy. This is a great sin and will have to pay for it. This is especially true for men.

That is, it is possible to awaken strong feelings in a girl with the help of magic, only with the confidence that she sympathizes with you.

Before reading the money plot, the performer must endure a strict fast for a week. This means that you can drink water and eat only bread.

This magical rite is considered to be very strong and allows in a short time to create optimal conditions for improving well-being.

The ritual is the daily reading of Surah Yasin from the Quran. And on the first day it should be read ten times, on all subsequent days the number of readings should be increased by ten times.

The ritual is performed during the week and on the seventh day, Sura Yasin must be read 70 times.

Mandatory before reading a prayer is a complete ritual ablution. After the ceremony is completed, the donation to the mosque should be attributed.

If it is not possible to do this, then at least some money must be donated to a poor family.

Muslim plots on the basis of ayat from the Quran

The ritual that speeds up marriage is rather complicated, but if done correctly, a joyful event will not take long to wait.

Before the ceremony, you must first prepare:

  • White fabric — two meters;
  • Seven cuts on the dress.

In a secluded place the following actions are performed:

  • White fabric spreads out on the floor;
  • On top of the spreading white fabric is laid criss-cross two flaps.

After such manipulations, it is necessary to sit in the middle, that is, at the intersection of the tissue cuts, and place:

  • One by one flap on the right and left shoulder;
  • A couple of pieces of fabric around the neck;
  • One flap on the head.

Next, in front of you need to install a container filled with clean water. After completing all the preliminary preparations, take the lock that was previously used and read Sura Ihlyas 21 times.

When pronouncing the words of the prayer, the lock must constantly be opened and closed. After Sura Ihlyas is read the last time you need to get up and go around the improvised cross from the rags of fabric once clockwise.

During this, you should read Sura Fatiha.

After completing the ceremony should rest a bit. And after a while it is necessary to take water in the bathroom and swim.

All cuts of fabric used in the ritual should be carefully folded under the pillow, and a large white cut before going to bed to cover your pillow. Somewhere, but so that it does not catch the eye in your own bedroom, you need to hang the enchanted lock and lock it with a key.

Every morning during the week you need to remove from under the pillow one piece of cloth and read Sura Yesin.

As soon as you remove from under the pillow, the last flap of fabric should open the lock and put it in a secret place with the key. The lock must be kept open until you have a first child.

After this attribute you need to close the key and hide away from your own home. During the week, while the ceremony will be held, it is necessary to find time and visit three sacred places.

Each time, entering the holy place, it is necessary to read Sura Ikhlas.

For Muslim magic to work, you need to be a sincere believer. In addition, the plans for the ceremony should be kept secret. It must be remembered that the solution of everyday problems with the help of magic in the Muslim world is not always welcomed.

Therefore, the use of magical conspiracies can cause condemnation in society.

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