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Midlife crisis in men: what can a woman do

Severe midlife crisis in men: what can a woman do

A midlife crisis can happen to any man, and it is important to know what a woman can do to help her chosen one go through this stage with the least loss. Among my friends I saw examples, both successful and not so.

I would like to share my observations and recommendations with you in this article.

Why does a midlife crisis occur?

The questions that inevitably arise in those who are faced with this phenomenon are the same. What are the causes of the crisis? Why does it occur at the “average” age?

How to deal with it?

Midlife crisis in men: what can a woman do

The simplest signs that will help determine that this notorious crisis has come to your man’s life:

  1. His productivity drops at work. If earlier he was able to work for days, performed a large number of tasks, now he is able to cope with the most necessary actions with difficulty.
  2. He loses the desire to work and develop. If before it was lit and motivated by some goals, family, interests, now the motivation has disappeared. No goals. The questions arise: “why is this all in general?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “For what have I worked for all these years?”.
  3. He has an acute sense of inferiority, dissatisfaction with himself and with his results. The regime of self-criticism and self-flagellation is turned on, as well as global discontent with life, with themselves, with their surroundings.
  4. The negative attitude towards life is clearly manifested. The former optimist turns into a pessimist, a man constantly predicts his own failures and loses faith in success.

Psychologists are still arguing about the causes of the mid-life crisis and cannot come to an unequivocal opinion. The answer to this question does not exist yet. Therefore, it is not so important to dig into the causes, but to start acting in the direction of solving the problem.

Create a clear plan of action and gradually get out of this state.

What can be done in a crisis

If the man himself is determined to solve the problem, then first of all you can share these recommendations with him. It is possible that already such a simple step will force him to act, to change something and eventually get out of the negative state of crisis on his own.

Midlife crisis in men: what can a woman do

Three simple steps to overcome a midlife crisis:

  1. Realize and understand that this is only a temporary stage, which will end sooner or later. To feel dissatisfaction, a breakdown and to be in negative states is normal. It is only important not to dig in them even deeper, but give yourself time to recover.
  2. Try to find a coach, coach or other authority that will help overcome the crisis, motivate success and action. You can also contact a good psychologist.
  3. Analyze exactly what does not suit him in life, list expectations, needs. Evaluate the opportunities and draw up a strategic plan to overcome the crisis.

And 6 more motivating tips that you can share with your man:

  1. Understand that «late» never happens. If you understand that most of life is lived, and dreams have remained dreams, this does not mean that they are not feasible in principle. You still have plenty of time to become successful and come true. The main thing is to act.
  2. Realize that your priorities and life principles change over time. Often it is this restructuring that causes the crisis. Let go of dreams and desires that are already meaningless. Set new inspirational goals. Try to understand what you want and what you strive for now. Complete all the «tails» — keep the old promises, fulfill long-postponed commitments. Trimming the «tails» will already give a huge boost of energy.
  3. Stop living, waiting for the “right moment”. He may never come. Better make a plan of action for the realization of your goals and begin to implement it. It is better to do badly and little, than not to do at all.
  4. Leave the past in the past. Do not regret what happened. Live in the present moment. The past pulls along and hinders development. So let him go completely. Forgive offenders, ask forgiveness from those who have been hurt. Cross out all painful situations and never remember them
  5. Expand your social circle, make new friends. Use for this all opportunities — social networks, forums, clubs, interests. In the end, just invite colleagues to dinner or go to the nearest bar after work.
  6. Pay attention to your health. Analyze why you destroy it? Adjust the proper nutrition, go in for sports, get examined by a doctor.

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What can a woman do

Your contribution in this situation is, in fact, minimal. If your man is not ready to solve the problem himself, you can do little to help him. You are not able to influence another person.

But some small steps you can still apply.

Midlife crisis in men: what can a woman do

What are you able to do now:

  1. Share with your man the recommendations from this article.
  2. More often to praise him for the smallest achievements, to thank for any help. Constantly emphasize that you are grateful to him, love him, that he is well done and in general your hero is a superman and a batman in one bottle.
  3. Unobtrusively “strain” him. Ask for help in different situations, give tasks that only he can solve. In stressful situations, even if able to cope on your own, call him.
  4. Forget disagreements and quarrels. Give your love, attention, support more often.
  5. Do not regret and do not listen to whining. He will surely remember that in moments of weakness you turned into a carer «mother», and his feeling of dissatisfaction will only get deeper. In response to complaints scare, worry, ask: «Well, you can do it ?? what to do now? I’m scared!». Do not exaggerate, of course, choose the words for your man and your situation.
  • To realize that he has entered a crisis, and the man himself must overcome it. You are not able to do it for him.
  • Your minimum help may be: in love, gratitude, asking for help, ignoring complaints about hard life and “whining”.

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