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Materialization of thoughts on the clever: the secrets of success

Materialization of thoughts: how to make work washed on you

Almost everyone knows that the thoughts and desires of a person are capable of becoming reality, but not everyone knows how to embody this process correctly in reality.

From this material you will learn the peculiarities of the materialization of thoughts in life and understand how to get what you dreamed of for so long, but it was not attracted to you. But first, let’s talk about the most common mistakes that bring down the embodiment of desires in life, which you, quite possibly, have already managed to face in person.

Materialization of thoughts on the clever: the secrets of success

Why often thoughts do not materialize?

There are several reasons for this, namely:

  • Incorrect wording of a mental image. For example, you cannot create a happy relationship with the opposite sex. And you, instead of sending thoughts to the Universe like: “I want to meet a decent boyfriend / girlfriend”, you start to think in exactly the opposite way: “I am so lonely / lonely”, “I am so bad” and so on. And what happens when this happens? The universe «hears» the negative wording about loneliness, and here you are again left without a pair, even if you wish.
  • Wrong mood. Even ardent skeptics-doctors noticed that for the most part a speedy recovery was observed in those patients who were optimistic than those of pessimists. Therefore, if you take up some business (for example, the materialization of thoughts), you must convince yourself that everything is necessarily realized in life.
  • Incorrect wording. You can again give a simple example — you came to the store with the aim to buy some goods. You already know in advance what kind of product it will be, or at least what characteristics it should have. Therefore, you go for something specific and real — a new dress, shoes, bag or stick of sausage, depending on their needs.

At the same time, you know for sure that it makes no sense to go shopping, wanting to get “something sweet, or not very sweet, or even salty” — in general, it is not known what. In this case, you, firstly, run the risk of wasting a lot of time in this store, and secondly, infuriate other customers with whom you interfere.

The same happens with the materialization of thought — the very first materializes what is concrete, which you can easily imagine. And incomprehensible desires can hang «in line for execution» for a very long time.

Therefore, set realistic goals and your thoughts will become reality. And then you can get acquainted with the algorithm of the correct materialization of thoughts.

The technique of materialization of thoughts

When thoughts start to incarnate in life? Then, when they are strong enough.

When a thought is sufficiently filled with energy, it can manifest itself on the physical plane. In this case, the stronger the thoughts, the sooner they will be embodied in life.

How to make thought strong? To do this, initially it is necessary to disassemble the idea into components.

In our example, we will use these components of thought: images, feelings, emotions and words. Another important point — the idea is enhanced with regular repetitions.

Therefore, if you systematically cause the same desired images in front of you, raising feelings with emotions, you will be able to maximize them.

Having dealt with this, you can safely take up the correct creation of the necessary mental image.

  1. Create a mental image of the desired. It is important that he cause you exclusively positive experiences and emotions.

If you are not very well developed figurative vision and it is difficult for you to create visual images, you need to work with thoughts that will replace your images.

Materialization of thoughts on the clever: the secrets of success

To determine what positive emotions you have to provoke the mental image of the desired, simply ask yourself a few questions:

  • What feelings will I experience when my desire becomes reality? (This may be, for example, openness towards the world and people, complete satisfaction with their lives, joy, compassion for others, peace of mind, and so on).
  • What are the best qualities I can get? (you will become more self-confident, bold, active, you will have more trust in others and the like).

In the process of working with images, it is necessary to try to experience these feelings with emotions as if they are already real. It should be noted that there is no other such powerful force of influence on people as emotions.

It is emotions that represent the driving force that allows you to bring into life a variety of material or intangible things. Can you remember at least one item acquired by you that would not cause your emotions?

No one can find such things, because when they make a purchase, people also experience a number of emotions, due to which they have these or other things.

Now try to remember some object that is very expensive for you, in which you have invested a lot of energy (this includes monetary energy). After all, surely, before you get this thing, you thought about it for a very long time, repeatedly imagined it in the smallest details, while experiencing very powerful emotions.

Probably, you even tried to imagine the fact of owning this item — for example, how you hold it in your hands, smell it, taste it, or touch it.

That is why, if you do not have something, it is likely that you simply don’t want it enough. It is also possible that within you there are many contradictions in this regard that knock your mind and prevent it from materializing.

So try again to analyze your desire, with intentions and emotions, and if you have a feeling that something is wrong, watch him to understand what the problem is. Your fears or limiting prejudices and attitudes are likely to knock you out.

To eliminate resistance, you need to work on them, find a compromise with yourself, realizing that the fulfillment of your desire will not have any negative impact on your personality.

In general, the process of materialization of thoughts is very similar to the inflation of an ordinary balloon. In this situation, the thought itself will act as a ball, and the air will be replaced by emotions, words and other experiences.

And the more air you can inflate into this balloon, the stronger the thought will become and the sooner the desired can be drawn into your life.

At the same time, your doubts, fears and inner prejudices are like a needle that pierces a ball, letting air out of it. And then the powerful initially thought-form becomes shriveled, deprived of strength.

It is for this reason that many human thoughts and ideas are not destined to be realized in life — they have too little power.

  1. We turn the image into a freeze-frame or mini-movie. If you work with images, you need to make them look like freeze-frames or small motion pictures. It is important that during that period of time while the “cinema” lasts, you can draw in your imagination as many different details as possible. The more they will be, the higher the chances of getting exactly what you want. But, of course, for this you need to know exactly what you want.
  2. In the mental image must be you. For example, you want to have a car. If you do not include yourself in forming a mental image, then with a very high probability you will receive a catalog of new cars or something in a similar spirit. Therefore, always, absolutely always, if you want to materialize something, visualize yourself next to it. This, by the way, is one of the main secrets of wish fulfillment.
    Materialization of thoughts on the clever: the secrets of success
  3. Thought images can take the form of symbols. In some cases, it is quite problematic to visualize all the nuances of the desired. This applies to such complex topics as personal life or, for example, work.

Then you need to act a little differently, turning to symbols for help. For example, if you dream of a relationship, you can visualize two paired flowers, or a pair of animals in love.

Working with symbols, be guided by your associations — what will be closest to you.

Very often, working with symbols is easier, because in this case you get rid of internal prejudices and the impossibility of realizing the desired.

  1. The physical embodiment of the mental image. Finally, to further enhance the desired, it can be written in muscle memory.

For example, if you dream of a happy family, you can visualize yourself the desired image and the gulf between you and him. And then visualize that you have thrown a bridge through it and are walking along it to meet your beloved one, who joyfully meets you and at the same time you feel very happy.

Even if this technique seems ridiculous to you, be sure to try it, since everything that relates to our subconscious is in fact very serious.

We hope that this article was useful for you and will help in the very near future materialize all your innermost dreams with desires.

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