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Materialization of thoughts and desires — features and nuances of the wording

Materialization of thoughts and desires — the power of the subconscious will fulfill dreams

The materialization of thoughts and desires is very real. It is enough to know a few simple rules, observing that you can easily execute all your plans with minimal effort.

Let’s talk about how to enlist the help and support of the Universe and feel the full power of our own subconscious.

The formulation of desires

In order for your desires to be fulfilled easily and quickly, you need to stop just dreaming and start formulating your thoughts correctly.

Materialization of thoughts and desires - features and nuances of the wording

  1. Express desire always only in the present tense. So, as if it had already turned. For example: “I have a car”, “I received a bouquet of white roses”, “I married a man of my dreams”.
  2. More specifics. Try to formulate your dreams as detailed as possible. Not “I have a high salary,” but “My income is one hundred thousand a month or more,” not “I travel,” but “I have been to Italy, Greece, Venice or other countries.
  3. Visualize the process of achieving the goal. Draw in the imagination of pictures in which you are moving step by step towards the fulfillment of your dreams. For example, if you want to buy a car, imagine how you visit the salon, test drive, talk with a consultant.
  4. Visualize the final result. Imagine that a dream car is already standing near your house. Feel the emotions of joy, happiness, euphoria. Your feelings fill your intention with powerful energy. This is the engine of the subconscious.
  5. Give the repetition of affirmations and visualization enough time. If you have spoken to yourself the desire only once, it is unlikely to come true. At least 5 minutes a day, close your eyes and dream.
  6. Decrease significance. If you are obsessed with getting something, you will never reach the goal. You must believe that the Universe will provide all the necessary opportunities, you just need to wait a bit. Be calm and confident — the desire will come true without fail.

We summarize: in order to materialize thoughts and desires, it is necessary to formulate them correctly, visualize the process and result, reduce significance and believe in the great support of the Higher Forces. These are the basic principles of positive psychology for working with the subconscious.

Why wishes don’t come true?

Sometimes a person does everything according to the rules, knows how to materialize thoughts, but he still fails. Why is that?

Materialization of thoughts and desires - features and nuances of the wording

The reasons may be different. But the most basic of them are as follows:

  1. Subconscious negative attitudes and blocks interfere. For example, since childhood you have been told that money comes only through hard work, and you simply cannot believe that the Universe will send the required amount just like that.
  2. You don’t have enough energy. You work on hard work, communicate with people — energy vampires, do not have a favorite business and hobby. All this draws energy, which is necessary for the realization of desires.
  3. You used to think negatively. Five minutes of visualization per day will not solve problems if you criticize, condemn, get angry and quarrel with people for the rest of the day. Get used to track your thoughts, control them, changing to positive ones.
  4. You only think, but do nothing. The power of the subconscious, of course, great. But if you sit at home in anticipation that all benefits fall on you from heaven, nothing will happen. It will turn out like a joke about a man who asked God for money, but did not even guess to buy a lottery ticket.
  1. Negative attitudes to work with the help of a therapist or special meditations. There are many techniques of working with the subconscious, but sometimes you can not do without the help of a specialist.
  2. If the reason is a lack of energy, you need to fill it. To begin with, eliminate negative factors to the maximum: avoid contact with toxic people, train yourself to think positively, do things that you enjoy. Watch for food and exercise, stop harming the body bad habits.
  3. Turn desire into intent: start acting. If you made a trip, check out the websites with burning tours, choose a swimsuit or look at which bank has the most favorable exchange rate. If you want to get married, register on a dating site or tidy yourself up and go for a walk. Something needs to be done, and the Universe will find the appropriate resources for you.

Watch the video about the materialization of thoughts and desires:

Ways to materialize desires

There are special techniques that will also help you quickly fulfill your cherished dreams.

Materialization of thoughts and desires - features and nuances of the wording

Fireball meditation:

  1. Relax, close your eyes and lie down. Start to breathe as deeply and deeply as possible. Feel how you immerse yourself in your subconscious.
  2. Imagine how in the solar plexus area you have a fireball. Feel it spin up, gradually increasing in size, filling your entire body with warmth and energy.
  3. When the ball becomes huge, mentally move inside it.
  4. Make a wish, imagine that it is written on paper, and throw the bundle inside the ball.
  5. Mentally release the ball into space — let it fly away.

This technique works almost instantly. The speed of fulfillment of desire depends on your energy content.

If you can’t let go of the ball, then you don’t believe enough in the ability of the Higher Forces to help you.

Another way to materialize thoughts is to make a wish card. How to do it correctly, we have already written in this article.

During the year, all your dreams will come true: from small to very large.

A clear goal, regular visualization, correct formulation and reinforcement of the desire energy with emotions and actions will all lead to the quick realization of any goals. Start practicing the little things.

For example, when approaching a parking lot, mentally repeat: “I will drive up and park at the most convenient place”.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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