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Marriage rites — magical love spells and plots

Marriage rites — magical love spells and plots

One of the most frequent desires that girls come to me with is the desire to get married. And it seems to be stupid and everything is good in life, but the men pass by. What can be done to push the opposite sex towards you?

Find the one with whom you go hand in hand. I will give you some effective marriage rites.

Marriage rites - magical love spells and plots

Effective marriage rites

To the rising moon

This simple ritual is done necessarily on the growing moon. After midnight, go to the nearest junction and, looking at the Moon, say these words:

The moon is a sister, my intercessor. As you shine with your face and delight travelers who have lost their way in the darkness, so the husbands who looked at me would rejoice.

If I had them, it would be nicer than sleep and warmer than fire. Send their servants to help me!

Amias, Tonay, Volis, drown the hearts of those who looked at me! So that I, the servant of God (the name), only in their minds should have been delighted in their soul.

My word is hard as a rock. Say «Amen.»

Further, you turn and throw nine coins through your left shoulder. Leave without looking around and do not talk to anyone on the way, even if you meet someone.

Marriage rites - magical love spells and plots

Coins are a kind of buy-off, which must be left to be sure not to get some kind of return with consequences. In difficult rituals and rites, something happens sometimes to be worn at intersections and places where no one goes.

When you conduct more complex rituals, treat with the utmost responsibility the abandonment. It can be coins, and raw meat, and alcohol. The spirits to which you turn, feed on the energy of what you bring.

And in order not to take away a part of your energy, always leave at the mercy of what is needed for the ritual. This will save you from unpredictable consequences.

Effective rite of candlelight

The second way to conduct a marriage ceremony, which you can do yourself.

On Sunday, come to church. In the doorway under the arch is a place of power. People who come to the church stop and are baptized at the entrance, thereby throwing out a lot of energy there.

So, stop, be baptized and as brightly as you can imagine yourself no longer alone, but with your man, who supposedly stands next to you.

Marriage rites - magical love spells and plots

Come inside and buy three candles. One for your health, the other for the health of your enemies. Take the third candle with you.

Then go out and give a few coins to those who ask for alms. Come back home.

In the evening, except for you in the room should not be anyone. Light a candle and, looking at its flame, say these words:

I go out into a wide field, in that field a church about three domes. I bow to the first dome (baptize). I bow to the second dome (be baptized).

I bow to the third dome (be baptized). How do people come to the holy resurrection of Christ in this temple of the Lord, so that the suitors and men go to my door to my house.

Yes, neither old nor young, but the red are good. That I might be a joy to them, as they rejoice in the feast of the Passover of the Lord.

Amen. Amen.


Read three or seven times. For a while, the candle should just burn in your room.

The candle end, which will be left of her, should be carried to the church, where they were secretly left near the image where you set the candle for your health. Again, when leaving the temple, give the beggars a few small coins. These coins will be bought out to the forces that should help you.

This ceremony to attract men into your life can be repeated if after the first time there is no result.

Appeal to the house

There is still such a way to conduct a marriage ceremony.

In this ritual we will address the host of your home. In common home.

The spirit and the essence that monitors well-being and order in the house. And believe me, he doesn’t care when a woman is lonely. The sequence of the ritual should be such

  • fast for three days, including without alcohol and cigarettes;
  • from early morning you clean the house clean;
  • take a shower, cleanse your body;
  • after sunset, opening the kitchen door a few centimeters (the light should not be lit there), speak three times into the slot:

The owner — the father, sir brownie! Become my matchmaker at this time.

Help me get rid of loneliness. Find me a husband (you can talk about the qualities that you would like to see in a man).

Bring him to our house. Show him the path — the track to me. Not winding and long, like a river, not thorny.

And the shortest way to my porch.

Remember that the brownie is also a spirit and you need to cajole it. You should have a vase on the table in the room with cookies and sweets in it.

This essence is more powered by the energy of sweets. And if the house will be clean and always on the table, treats, believe that this spirit will bring you only good and always help.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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