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Many moles on the body: what does it mean, what to do with them

Many moles on the body — what does it mean

The first birthmarks appear on the body of a person at the age of 6 months, and with some we already enter this world. Birthmarks have always attracted increased attention from both doctors and devotees of esoteric knowledge. Sometimes they signal danger, and sometimes they are completely harmless.

Many moles on the body. What does this mean from the perspective of esotericism and medicine? Let’s figure it out.

Many moles on the body: what does it mean, what to do with them

Many moles on the body — auspicious sign

Old superstitions say that the presence of a large number of moles on the body promises happiness in life. And most of all, this sign refers to those whose placer of spots is located in hard-to-reach places of the body.

It is believed that if a person has at least one mole, which he cannot see without the help of a mirror, one can prepare for luck, wealth and luck. Especially positive are nevi, located on the back.

True, according to the signs, it is forbidden to count the number of birthmarks. Allegedly, in this way, you “calculate” your earthly blessings.

Therefore, do not be upset if nature has endowed you with a lot of marks on the body. First, from the point of view of medicine, not all moles are dangerous.

Yes, and their transformation into malignant tumors is not affected by quantity, but by quality. And, secondly, as you already understood, this promises to be happy and successful in all spheres of your life, to achieve a state of material well-being.

Theory of Karma and Moles

According to the karmic version, the marks that appeared on the human body act as signs from past incarnations. They are designed to tell about the sins and rewards for the performance or failure of karmic lessons.

This version suggests that the appearance of moles is not accidental, and their location will help you better understand yourself, slightly lift the curtain of things to come. Let’s take a look at the most popular interpretations of karma theory about moles:

  1. Many moles forming a particular shape is a special sign. For example, the triangle created by the labels will make a promise of great success in the amorous sphere of life, it is a symbol of a happy family.
  2. With the predominance of specks on the left side of the body — a person will have a very stormy personal life with many partners, adventures and fleeting intrigues. Marriage also promises to be lucky.
  3. More birthmarks on the right side of the body are a precursor to a creative career and success in financial life. All projects started by man will certainly succeed.
  4. Belly and waist, strewn with moles, tell you about having many children. There is an opinion that so many babies will be born in the family of such a woman — just as there are marks. True, it is impossible to count moles — this has already been said before.

Many moles on the body: what does it mean, what to do with them

The difference in spots in color and size

The size and shade affects the fact that the mole is in itself:

  • Miniature specks — become a sign of great luck. Such a person will become a real darling of fate. His future will bring happiness, wealth, good luck at every step.

And in the case when this feature is a family one, it means that the Higher Forces have marked the whole race. It is possible that one of the members of the genus has unique knowledge or abilities.

  • If there are many small dark markings on the body — such a person is very resistant to difficulties, able to make the right decisions. She lives a bored, interesting life, from the very birth she has an excellent sixth sense that leads her through life.
  • Red spots are signs of the planet Jupiter. The latter gives their wards power and wealth. Moreover, it is characteristic that red moles quickly appear on the body and likewise unexpectedly disappear.

In case of a sudden appearance of red markings on the body, they are counting on a quick promotion or a promising investment of their financial assets. This is a favorable sign of positive changes in work and success.

  • If black marks prevail — their owner has a strong character. But such moles warn that in life will have to face many obstacles in its path. But if you endure them all — fate will reward you a hundredfold.

In addition, black specks indicate increased gullibility and irascibility. As a rule, such people are practical, their reason prevails over the sensual sphere.

However, having fallen in love for real, they are ready to do everything for their loved one, sacrificing their own interests.

Medical version of the appearance of moles

We dealt with the esoteric vision of a large number of moles on the body. Let’s find out what official medicine says about this.

It highlights only 4 main factors contributing to the appearance of birthmarks:

  1. Changed hormones. It is provoked by the use of a number of hormonal drugs, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, a strong emotional shock or nervous overstrain, etc.
  2. Sun rays. Moles are made up of melanin pigment. And it is most strongly produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight. It is dangerous to stay in the scorching sun for a long time, if there are many moles on the body, since they can become melanoma.
  3. Due to some infectious and viral pathologies.
  4. Under the influence of radiation (in particular, X-rays).

Cause to get worried

It’s quite possible to live peacefully with moles, but they should definitely pay attention. And if you notice one of the following, go to the doctor right away:

  • The spot grows sharply in size. Such a change in a nevus does not indicate anything favorable.
  • The color of the mole has changed — it has become unequal. In the normal state, a nevus varies in its shades, starting with light brown and ending with rich black. The main thing is that the color be uniform, without spots or transitions.
  • The mole has become an asymmetric shape, it has formed unequal «torn» edges. This change is another alarm bell.

Many moles on the body: what does it mean, what to do with them

Fortunately, today there are various methods that allow removing the “bad” mole once and for all. This and the usual surgical removal, and the use of laser, liquid nitrogen or radio waves.

So do not worry — if the birthmark bothers you, removing it will not be a big problem.

In conclusion

  • Esoteric finds a large number of moles on the body, as a very favorable sign. They promise happiness, luck and wealth.
  • The effect of markings differs from its color and size.
  • If you have a lot of moles on your body, you need to follow them. And with the appearance of any abnormal phenomena — immediately seek medical help.

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