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Many interesting things about yoga in a hammock and the features of its implementation

Yoga in hammocks: its distinctive features and types of exercises

The fact that today there are so many different types of yoga is no secret to anyone. This is classical yoga, hot yoga, and yoga for women in an interesting position, yoga for children, and so on.

A rather interesting look is yoga in hammocks (or “fly yoga” in a different way). In more detail about her, I want to tell you in this material.

Many interesting things about yoga in a hammock and the features of its implementation

A little bit about creating a method of aero yoga

The new classroom system was developed by American choreographer Christopher Harrison, who previously used hammocks when organizing dance performances at Broadway. They helped to perform the most difficult acrobatic stunts.

It was then that Christopher noticed a very interesting detail: after a person hung in a hammock head down for a while, there was an improvement in his general well-being, the mood began to rise, and the fatigue, inevitable for long rehearsals, magically disappeared.

It dawned on Harrison and he decided to start using hammocks not only in the process of stunts, but also when practicing yoga — his favorite hobby. It was then that a variant of modern fly yoga appeared, very similar to the classical one, but the only difference is that most practices are performed in a state of “hanging” when a person is in the air.

Hammock for fly yoga is a supporting device with which you can get rid of the tension in the spine. With it, even for beginners it becomes real, for example, a rather difficult headstand and other versions of rather complicated asanas.

Aerial yoga is presented in a variety of variations and directions: in the form of aero-yoga, anti-gravity, fly yoga, yoga in a hammock, Pilates in a hammock, and the like. All directions have a common meaning, and the difference lies only in the equipment used and the techniques for performing the exercises.

The most popular and most often used fixture is a special hammock with separate slings, equipped with special handles. In its form, it is somewhat similar to the dacha, and differs from it only due to the specific fabric, fastenings and lines.

Take advantage of the universal hammock with the presence of pens can people absolutely any age category, even those who have no experience in yoga.

Is it possible to do yoga for those who are over 50 years old? Whatever your age, before you go to the hammock, pay attention to your overall condition.

For example, if you do not feel in the best way — give up training. In addition, there are certain contraindications for yoga practices, which you will learn more about in the article.

Of course, aged people should with special attention perceive their own feelings in the process of practice. Coaches develop special training options for those who are already over fifty years old.

Increased emphasis is placed on the warm-up.

Also, as a rule, all asanas are combined with each other in such a way that the maximum elimination of excessive tension becomes possible.

As for the hammocks themselves, the low options are mainly used such that the distance from the floor varies from twenty to fifty centimeters — this ensures the comfort of practice with the desired effect.

Even when practicing fly yoga for people in ages, you need to develop well joints and focus on the cardiovascular system. A prerequisite is to use special breathing techniques that help strengthen and develop the breathing apparatus.

Options for hammock yoga

A hammock used when practicing fly yoga is a very universal subject, based on its use, yoga can be of the following types:

  • conventional aeroiogia (otherwise called antigravity yoga);
  • the restoring aerojug;
  • antigravity pilates.

In the first case, all the charm of classical gymnastics is supplemented by smoothness and harmony, typical of traditional yoga. Such yoga will have a very positive effect on the body as well as hatha yoga.

During the classes, all the main internal organs and body systems are worked out, plus the person learns to relax effectively using breathing techniques.

With the help of the second, restorative yoga, as you probably already guessed, the functions of the main systems of the body are restored, and various ailments are eliminated. Of the main exercises, emphasis is placed on stretching, flexibility, plus using the hips with the spine.

Classes antigravity Pilates are a set of exercises that make up the usual Pilates and yoga. With this direction, the elasticity of the body increases, it becomes more attractive.

Many interesting things about yoga in a hammock and the features of its implementation

The beneficial effect of fly yoga on the human body

Yoga on canvases has a large number of positive effects on the human body:

  • leads you to «tone», speaking a kind of reboot;
  • helps to increase mental alertness;
  • relieves pain in the back;
  • nourishes the skin;
  • eliminates cellulite;
  • relieves muscle lethargy;
  • helps to improve blood circulation;
  • improves the respiratory system;
  • promotes strengthening and development of muscles;
  • effective in restoring and strengthening joints;
  • allows you to normalize the function of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • useful in the presence of pathologies of the lymphatic, as well as the cardiovascular system of the body;
  • at the expense of regular exercises, it is realistic to physically “stretch” the body;
  • with systematic practices, fly yoga begins to return to normal blood pressure;
  • the ever-restless mind is appeased;
  • still fly yoga has a pronounced rejuvenating effect;
  • increases the energy potential of the body;
  • helps to restore the emotional system;
  • increases the creative potential of the individual;
  • besides regularly practicing yoga on canvases, you can gradually get rid of all your fears, phobias, minimize the impact of stress factors on the human body;
  • still need to mention the great benefits of yoga in the rehabilitation period (it is anti-gravitational therapy);
  • due to the fact that in the process of practicing yoga, neural connections are strengthened — the memory gradually improves and the intellect increases;
  • yoga classes contribute to the development of artistic skills of the individual;
  • allow you to learn to better understand and feel your own body.

Indications for practicing fly yoga

It is recommended to take classes in this practice to all those who have the following problems:

  • is in a state after injuries, suffered severe pathologies and is currently being rehabilitated after them;
  • suffers from cerebral palsy syndrome;
  • has a sleep disorder, is subject to increased anxiety;
  • suffers from insufficient blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • we overcome migraines, the cause of which is not intracranial pressure or hypertension;
  • sick vascular dystonia;
  • suffers from asthma, bronchitis;
  • knows firsthand what is tired leg syndrome or suffers from arthritis, arthrosis;
  • has diabetes;
  • constantly chronically tired and not getting enough sleep;
  • suffers from spinal pathologies;
  • is in the climacteric period;
  • has hemorrhoids;
  • faces back pain, but the discs are not shifted;
  • those who have low pelvic organs.

And besides all this, yoga in hammocks strengthens the immune system, helps to improve reproductive function and has a training effect on the state of the vestibular apparatus. In general, the use of this method is difficult to overestimate, but, of course, it has some contraindications.

In what cases you can not do fly yoga

Despite the fact that yoga in the air, of course, is very useful, you can not use it in all situations. She has a sufficient number of contraindications.

True, it should be noted that most of them are temporary, although there are contraindications of a permanent nature.

Of the latter can be called:

  • high blood pressure;
  • the presence of cardiac pathologies of organic lesions (heart defects, tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, myocardial dystrophy, aortic aneurysm);
  • the presence of glaucoma;
  • the presence of arthrodesis of the vertebrae;
  • common severe condition;
  • severe mental disorders;
  • circulatory pathology;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which are infectious in nature;
  • condition after severe head injuries;
  • the presence of malignant tumors.

As for the temporary contraindications, they will be as follows:

  • forced use of medicines in large quantities;
  • the presence of chronic diseases in the acute phase;
  • conditions after surgery;
  • states of severe physical fatigue;
  • conditions after overheating or overcooling;
  • fever;
  • pregnancy;
  • immediately after eating;
  • six to eight hours after visiting the sauna and four hours before it.

The question that certainly worries all the fair sex — is it possible to practice fly yoga during your period? Yoga instructors claim that in general it is not prohibited, but at this time it is necessary to avoid performing power and inverted poses, twists and active deflections.

Many interesting things about yoga in a hammock and the features of its implementation

Who can practice fly yoga?

There is an opinion that antigravity yoga is suitable only for those who have been engaged in hatha yoga for quite a long time. In fact, this is absolutely not the case.

After all, using a hammock, even beginner yogis and yoginis will be able to cope with complex asanas from the very beginning.

For example, such an exercise as a headstand is mastered for months of practice, and in the process of practicing aero-yoga, it becomes available immediately.

This type of yoga is quite suitable for people with absolutely any physical training, weight and body type. Even age is not an obstacle to training, as there are groups for very young children (from the age of five) and for adults who have reached the age of fifty.

Therefore, we can confidently assert that everyone can safely practice fly yoga only if they have no contraindications. At the same time, it is important to just listen to your body and do the exercises only to the extent that you can afford.

Both beginners and those who have been practicing for some time may well go into one group. The most important thing is to realize for yourself how much you are ready to bear such a load and independently change the degree of mastering of one or another asana.

How is the process of fly yoga?

There are differences in activities designed for people of different age groups and degrees of training. So, for example, if kids are engaged in a more playful way, then the situation changes dramatically when it comes to adults.

In order to calm the mind a bit, pranayama is initially performed, while the hammock is slightly swaying. With this exercise, you tune in to fly yoga and rid your mind of all unnecessary thoughts.

It is extremely important that you stay only in the present moment, and not “jump” your consciousness into the past or the future.

When the soft workout is complete, more intense loads begin. First, you stand on the floor using a hammock, and then put one foot on it and begin to perform various types of asanas.

After that, completely move to the hammock and work begins with balancing the body, when different muscles are swinging at the same time.

Among the most unusual and pleasant ones, it is possible to name inverted types of asanas, which lead people to a state of delight. In this case, the most important condition is that you completely relax your body in order to avoid possible dizziness and nausea.

If you perform asanas correctly, then gradually unusual and unusual states become comfortable. It is important that with inverted asanas the maximum benefit for the body is ensured, plus it becomes possible to completely get rid of the overload.

You will definitely forget about any kind of inconvenience that you had to endure during the final phase of the exercises. After all, for a snack, Shavasana is waiting for you in a hammock — and she definitely deserves to sweat for several hours. The relaxation and pleasure that you will experience, having been lulled into a hammock to the sound of a singing bowl, simply cannot be described.

They only need to try personally.

Many interesting things about yoga in a hammock and the features of its implementation

Hammock types

To get the expected effect, you need to wisely approach the issue of choosing a hammock.

Hammocks come in two varieties:

  • tightly folded in 2 layers;
  • equipped with additional devices (handles, inserts, stirrups for hands).

Understanding their difference is not at all difficult. Due to assistive devices, it becomes possible to expand the physical abilities of a person and facilitate the implementation of asanas.

And in order to provide even more complete comfort, you can add special soft inserts to the hammock, which will relieve you of the pressure on the body during exercise.

Asana variations in hammocks

Also in the hammock, you can perform a variety of asanas, divided into the following subcategories:

  • positions performed in a standing position, in this case, it becomes possible to correctly set the back. To perform them, you should use your legs to clasp a hammock, step forward, sit down, keeping your arms straight and try to stand in a similar asana for a couple of seconds;
  • stands on one leg, for which the hammock is a support for a raised limb;
  • handstands at which the basin is fixed. The abdominal and back muscles help to hold this position;
  • tilts, which ensure reliable fixation of the correct position of the pelvis and back;
  • deflections, allowing you to get rid of the load in the neck and waist, due to which it becomes much easier to perform more complex asanas.

Pay attention to the fact that quite a lot of asanas done in the air are quite complex and can be performed only under the supervision of an instructor. Otherwise, you risk harming yourself and getting hurt.

Required frequency of classes

The frequency of practicing antigravity yoga can be set only individually. Here a very important role is played by physical training, the anatomical features of the body, as well as the capabilities of the individual.

Basically, instructors recommend practicing fly yoga two to four times a week, and you will achieve a more or less noticeable effect after a few months.

In order to start practicing fly yoga, you absolutely do not need to have a sporting past or to be an acrobat. You only need to adapt to the performance of various exercises in a state of weightlessness.

The process of habituation, as a rule, occurs fairly quickly. With the help of a hammock, it becomes possible to perform even the most difficult asanas, which on the earth’s surface are available exclusively to professional trainers who have long been practicing yoga.

The important point is that when doing yoga it is important to do everything as slowly as possible so that your breathing is deep and the exercises in dynamics alternate with exercises in statics — thanks to this approach, the muscles and nervous system are maximally relaxed.

But if you have already decided to seriously engage in antigravity yoga — carefully monitor your well-being and your sensations that arise in the body. If you suddenly experience pain, dizziness or a general deterioration of the condition, temporarily stop exercising.

Also, if you have too much sweat during class, you suffer from discomfort, fatigue and heaviness in the stomach area — immediately stop exercising.

It is forbidden to eat food directly before yoga, it is important that the gap between taking food and practice is at least two hours.

Now you know what yoga is in hammocks, what it is for and how to do it correctly. At the end of this topic, we recommend viewing an interesting thematic video material:

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