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Mandalas for attracting money and material well-being

Mandalas for attracting money and material well-being

Mandalas for attracting money are a little different from traditional ones. If you want to increase wealth and provide yourself with financial well-being, you need to take into account some features of creating monetary mandalas.

What is the meaning of money mandalas?

Mandala or “sacral circle” is a special image. Drawing is a kind of creative meditation that helps to get closer to the feelings of balance, harmony, unity. Mandala is necessarily symmetrical.

Endowed with a mysterious, extremely mystical sacred meaning.

Mandalas for attracting money and material well-being

Due to the maximum concentration on the process and the entrance to the meditative state, a person charges the mandala with certain energy vibrations. Accordingly, if you need a mandala to attract money and material well-being, then it should be charged with monetary energy.

In principle, you can not create a money mandala yourself, but take advantage of ready-made options — you can watch them in your free time, concentrating on your feelings. But the strongest action will still have an image created by his own hand.

Money Mandala: principle of action

The mandala of abundance and wealth is an image that reflects the inner state of the person who created the drawing. If you combine the colors and structure of the mandala correctly, you can achieve harmonization of consciousness and solve psychological problems.

The monetary mandala, in addition to the main function, carries in itself a certain information message, energetically charged. The image of wealth and well-being is laid and encrypted in a color image.

Mandalas for attracting money and material well-being

If you regularly meditate with the help of such a mandala, the magic of the figure will penetrate into your consciousness and adjust your thoughts to the desired mode. And as soon as thinking changes and begins to work towards improving the financial standard of living, the Universe itself will send many opportunities for success.

How to work with the mandala of wealth?

Mandala of wealth does not tolerate vanity. You need to work with it correctly — and then the magic will work! Here are some features:

  • Get alone. For creative meditation you need to find a quiet, clean and bright room. Make sure that no living thing will prevent you
  • Sit down to feel as comfortable as possible. Muscles should be relaxed, and in the mind — a feeling of comfort, calm, trust
  • Set the finished image of the money mandala in front of you and begin to contemplate
  • It is important to direct the view in the right way: move from the edges of the image to the center, strictly clockwise. Do it as smoothly and slowly as possible, feel the full power of the mandala magic
  • As soon as the gaze reaches the center of the drawing, stop the movement, but try not to focus on a specific point. You should feel at this moment how the picture is clearly imprinted in your mind and you see its depth, every detail.

Mandalas for attracting money and material well-being

On this meditation is considered over. But there are some nuances that you need to know:

  • During the first sessions you may feel some discomfort, feel the desire to stop meditation. This is absolutely normal — restrictive attitudes and negative thinking fixed in the mind try to prevent them from moving on. Therefore, continue the meditation — gradually the feeling of discomfort will pass
  • An uncomfortable sensation may also occur in the eye area. This is normal, because the eye muscles are not accustomed to the load that is created when contemplating the mandala. Gradually, the eyes will get used and relax. At the same time, train your eyesight — this is useful
  • Be sure to listen to your own feelings. Watch how your “inner child” feels, how your consciousness is changing. Try to completely abstract from the outside world and immerse yourself in your personal, inner world
  • The time of contemplation of the mandala does not matter. You can start at five minutes, and in time, go to a two-hour meditation. Everything is very individual — watch the reaction of your consciousness, listen to the feelings of the soul

To understand that it is time to stop meditating on the money mandala is very simple: as soon as you feel that you are tired and started to fall asleep, stop contemplating the drawing. Repeat sessions daily to maximize results.

Watch the video about money mandalas:

Mantras for strengthening monetary mandalas

When you feel that the usual practice of contemplating mandalas has become lacking in you, you can strengthen meditation with the help of mantras. These are sacred texts, usually from a pair of syllable words, written in Sanskrit.

Mantras help to achieve maximum concentration, activate all energy reserves, even “dormant”, to attract real wealth.

In order to receive money and enhance existing savings, they use the Ganesh mantras — they are protected by the god of wisdom and well-being. The texts of the mantras are:

  1. OMGAM GANAPATAYA NAMAH — helps to solve financial difficulties, attract good luck
  2. OMSHRI GANESHAYA NAMAH — helps to earn money from your favorite business, uncover talents and realize creative potential
  3. OMGAM GANAPATAYE SARVEVIGHNA RAIYESARVAYE SARVE HURAVA LAMBA DARAYAHRIM GAMNAMA — not only helps to achieve well-being, but also to enjoy what you have earned, to experience happiness, to feel harmony with yourself and the world around

Important: mantra say in a half-whisper. It is necessary to clearly pronounce each syllable and ensure that breathing is uniform.

And do not forget that meditation practices are not a panacea. They will help to change your thinking to a positive one, to be filled with energy and to attract financial opportunities into your life.

But how well you use these opportunities is entirely your responsibility.

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