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Mandala of health and healing: the magic of ancient art will help

Mandala of Health and Healing — Creative Meditation

The health mandala helps to throw out negative emotions and get rid of excess energy through creativity. In the process of creating a mandala, a person is filled with positive energy, reaches a state of harmony and peace.

As a result, the physical condition improves.

Mandala Vishudha from a sore throat

If you need to get a specific effect, you should choose certain mandalas. When a person has problems with his throat, Mandala Vishudha helps heal.

Throat problems are believed to be the result of unspoken resentment. All you need to say out loud, but does not work.

This is stated in psychosomatics.

Mandala of health and healing: the magic of ancient art will help

The features of the Vishudha mandala and its use are as follows:

  1. It works in the direction of the throat chakra and carries a message: all emotions, both negative and positive, are part of your soul. Do not be afraid to feel and show them.
  2. Mandala is painted in blue color — you can safely choose all its shades
  3. In the process of creativity, concentrate on the problems that trouble you. Mentally speak all the insults, visualize the images of people who have the need to express all that is boiling in the soul

After the mandala is ready, destroy it. It is best to burn and dispel the ashes in the wind.

Mandala of health and healing from bad habits

Mantra Durga Yantra heals a person from addiction to bad habits. It is believed that the reason lies in unfulfilled desires, self-dislike, poverty and low self-esteem.

Mandala of health and healing: the magic of ancient art will help

How the mandala works:

  • Helps to accept their shortcomings and come to terms with them, to understand that this is part of your soul
  • Eliminates feelings of injustice and dissatisfaction with yourself
  • Opens the soul to change, helps to get rid of the burden of the past, which pulls down and does not give rest
  1. It is an intricate geometric pattern that contributes to the harmonization of the space of both external and internal
  2. Fills a person with the energy of divine love, gives you the feeling that you are under the protection of Higher Powers
  3. Cleans the mind, strengthens the spiritual and physical health
  4. Fills a sense of harmony, gives a sense of tranquility
  5. Coloring the mandala should be either in shades of blue or in orange-red tones. If desired, the paint can be combined
  6. Destroy the finished creation is not necessary — place it in the eastern part of your home
  7. Enhance the action of the mandala can be with the help of the sacred healing mantra «OM DUM DURGAE NAMAHA»

Important: In the process of creating a mandala, think mentally about what is frustrating you. Talk to yourself about what problems worry you. What makes them give up and prevent them from moving on.

Believe in yourself — and take the path of healing, and good luck begins to accompany in everything.

Mandala for a restful sleep

This Indian mandala is a kind of Dream Catcher. This is an ancient talisman that catches evil spirits and does not allow them to penetrate into the consciousness of a sleeping person.

Mandala helps to get rid of nightmares, to overcome insomnia, quickly fall asleep and get enough sleep. You can feel completely rested and full of strength, restore the energy potential of the body.

Mandala of health and healing: the magic of ancient art will help

  • Looks like a cobweb with a small round hole in the center. It is believed that evil spirits fall into these networks, are confused and destroyed with the first rays of the sun, and not reaching the person. Light forces penetrate the consciousness through a hole in the center and fill the sleeper with the energy of goodness.
  • After coloring the mandala it should be placed in the head of the bed.
  • You can ask for advice from a higher power. To do this, start drawing a mandala in the evening, before bedtime. In the process of creativity, mentally ask and visualize questions that need to be answered. He must appear to you in the kingdom of Morpheus during sleep.

Important: For maximum effect, repeat creative meditation with a mandala for a week.

Features of the use of health mandalas: tips and tricks

To get the desired effect from creative meditation, follow these tips:

  1. Remember that the mandala is not a source of energy. This energy is within you. In the process of creativity, you only reveal your own potential, releasing the internal forces of the body
  2. After the mandala is ready, it begins to continuously interact with your consciousness, even if you do not keep it with you. Therefore, if the goal is to release negative energy, immediately destroy the drawing after meditation
  3. Do not draw more than four mandalas at a time
  4. Do not give mandalas to anyone — this is your own creation, customized for you. It can only hurt another person
  5. Try to spend 15-30 minutes a day on creative meditation. Regularity is important

Watch the video about healing mandalas of health and well-being:

The meaning of flowers in the mandala

Of great importance is the choice of shades that you paint your creation. Each of them has a specific meaning:

  • The sky-blue color is a symbol of harmony, tranquility, peace. This is a projection of the Higher Forces in your own reality.
  • Purple is a symbol of spirituality and awareness, control over your unconscious
  • Orange fills with power and vitality
  • Red gives a sense of vitality, perseverance, helps resist adversity and trouble
  • Brown — a symbol of abundance and rich spiritual potential

Do not think about what colors you will paint your mandala. Choose shades «in the moment», obeying the call of the heart.

Try to turn off the mind and think of emotions, feelings. When you learn to abstract from the material world and fully immerse yourself in the spiritual world, instantly feel all the magic of creative meditation.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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