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Mandala for coloring and designation of each mandala

Coloring mandala: the designation of shapes and shades

Enter the state of creative meditation, relax and get rid of the negative will help the mandala for coloring. It is important to know the designation of each mandala in order to choose the right colors and get the maximum effect.

Designation of figures in mandalas

To embark on creative meditation, it is not necessary to have the talent of an artist, it is enough to study simple rules and listen to your inner voice. He will direct your hands, help you choose the right shades.

Mandala is not a picture, but a display of your soul.

Mandala for coloring and designation of each mandala

Just download ready-made mandalas from the Internet for coloring and start creating. The designations of the figures located inside the mandala are as follows:

  • Round and oval shapes — a symbol of the whole person. It is a reflection of the spiritual world and the ability to protect oneself from the negative coming from outside.
  • Cross-shaped forms — a symbol of the crossroads. This means that a person stands on the threshold of an important decision and ponders in which direction to move.
  • Stars personify masculine energy. These are qualities such as self-confidence, ability to take responsibility and make decisions based solely on logic.
  • Squares and triangles symbolize a person’s ability to open up emotionally. They can indicate both a closed personality, for which vivid expressions of emotions are not characteristic, and say that you are accustomed to throw out the whole gale of feelings into the world around you.
  • Spirals and a sign of infinity, the eight say that a person is in a continuous process of spiritual development
  • The heart is the personification of love. As internal — to himself, and external — unconditional, to others and the world as a whole

Choosing a mandala for coloring, a person intuitively stops the choice on precisely those figures that most fully reflect his spiritual state.

Mandala Color Designations

How to paint the mandala? It all depends on the effect you want to get.

To do this, choose the right colors and shades.

Mandala for coloring and designation of each mandala

The meanings of the colors of the mandala are as follows:

  • Red — the personification of irrepressible, passionate, seething energy. This is a choice of people who are active, attractive, but in some way and aggressive, if they are not able to cope with emotions.
  • Pink — a symbol of vulnerability, speaks of deep spiritual problems or the presence of a serious illness.
  • Orange is the desire to live. Fully, bright, rich. This is the color of optimists and enthusiasts, people unable to sit in one place.
  • Yellow expresses solar energy. Personifies qualities such as iron willpower, tremendous intelligence
  • Green indicates deep inner maturity of a person. Infantilism is completely absent, it is a harmonious and happy personality.
  • Blue — a symbol of motherhood, care, compassion. Indicates a truly feminine quality that can be hidden and suppressed.
  • Blue — a symbol of peace and tranquility. But only if the shades are bright, bright. Deep and saturated blue, on the contrary, speaks of constant conflicts, an unfavorable psychological state.
  • Violet — a symbol of stagnation, a stop in development. Lack of vitality that is necessary to achieve goals. Lack of energy, apathy
  • Lilac talks about problems with the lungs and other respiratory organs. Probably the person has bad habits that he wants to get rid of.
  • Gray — indifference, indifference, indifference to everything that happens. It can be both true and false, when a person suppresses emotions
  • Brown — the color of low self-esteem, lack of confidence. These are complexes, phobias, fears, psychological clips and limitations of thinking, which do not allow to develop and love yourself unconditionally.
  • White and pastel shades — a symbol of spiritual purity, innocence. It’s all bright, spotless.
  • Black speaks of a depressed state. Man is devastated, he has no energy, no desire to do anything, move forward

These are primary colors that you can rely on. However, it is not necessary to choose a shade to color the element of the mandala with mind.

Rely on the feelings of your own soul. And when the drawing is ready, analyze what your emotions have found a way out.

This will help to better understand yourself. Perhaps you will discover something in yourself, you can better understand what is missing.

Watch the video about the types of mandalas and their coloring:

How to color the mandala?

There are some simple rules that are important to follow:

  1. Do not treat the creation of mandalas as a painting picture. Get rid of perfectionism — you create not an artistic masterpiece, but meditate, express yourself in the works
  2. Try to give daily drawing or coloring mandalas for at least 15 minutes. It is regular practice that will solve your problem.
  3. Listen to the sensations of consciousness. It turns out to completely «turn off» or the voltage does not retreat? Understand what exactly prevents to immerse yourself in the process — it will help to identify internal problems in order to work on them in the future.
  4. Abstract in the process of creative meditation from extraneous thoughts. Try not to think at all — you have to turn into one continuous emotion.
  5. If the purpose of creating a mandala is to throw out negative emotions, then be sure to destroy the drawing. It should be burned, and the ashes dispel the wind. In no case do not give a mandala — you give all the negative to a person
  6. Try to draw or paint your creation symmetrically. It is compliance with symmetry that helps to achieve harmony, to concentrate, relax and calm down, relax completely and completely with your soul.

Mandala for coloring and designation of each mandala

And when you realize that the mandala is “yours”, that you like to engage in creative meditation, you can attend special workshops or courses where experienced masters will reveal all the secrets and nuances of creative spiritual practices.

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