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Magical rituals, how to find out if they jinxed you or not

How to find out if they jinxed you or not: methods for diagnosing the evil eye

Today, a large number of people suffer from the evil eye. Few people know how to find out if they jinxed you or not. However, the presence of negative energy in a person is extremely bad for health.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the various ways to diagnose the evil eye and be able to use them.

Magical rituals, how to find out if they jinxed you or not

Evil eye and damage: what is the difference

The evil eye belongs to the category of destructive effects of a person who has a powerful energy on a person with a not so strong aura. In fact, the evil eye is a breakdown in the aura, through which the body loses energy, strength and health.

This is similar to spam activated by someone around you. At the level of the physical body, the evil eye manifests itself in the form of a well-known chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the case of the evil eye is not supposed to magical effects, often this process is completely unconscious: the person expressed his praise, flattered him or envied and everything, his biofield was punctured by a strong negative energy flow. Therefore, if you have a habit of shouting at your children or at others, do not be surprised at their frequent illnesses and inappropriate behavior.

Most of the evil eye of the fair sex during pregnancy and babies.

The evil eye resembles a cut in its action, self healing over time. And damage is already a «blow with a knife.»

In the people the word «damage» is associated with damage to something. Damage acts as a planned evil influence, which uses special slander and rituals to harm human health or destroy a person completely.

It is similar to a computer virus, a code acting on a given program.

Damage can be induced through food, drinks, various objects and other things. So, if you notice poured salt, needles, eggs, earth from the grave, pieces of wool or feathers near your dwelling, you should know that you have crossed the road to someone.

Often the victims of spoilage are pets, because through them it is very easy to harm the owners. Then there is a dramatic change in the behavior of the animal, it begins to show aggression, does not obey, or may become stationary, lose its appetite, its temperature rises for no apparent reason.

Perhaps you paid attention to the fact that pets over time face the same pathologies as their owners. This is due to their devotion to their masters when they take away the negative or the disease and die, while saving from the death of a person.

Animals, after all, have much more developed sensitivity, unlike people.

How to find out that you have been jinxed or corrupted

Then we offer you examples of effective rituals that diagnose the presence of the evil eye and damage to the biofield.

Match rite

The day of its execution is Friday, the time is either sunrise or sunset.

  1. It is necessary to take a non-faceted glass beaker, fill it to the edges with raw water.
  2. Then light one match. Do not put it anywhere, hold it in your hands until it is completely burned out.
  3. A burnt match is placed on the water in a glass.
  4. Then light the second match, repeat the action.
  5. The same is done with the third match. Then the glass is left until the morning (if the ritual was performed at night) and for a day if the morning was held.
  6. Then they look where the matches turned out to be: if they float from above, there is no negative impact on you.
  7. And if at least one of them hid under the water — there is damage.
  8. In the case when three matches go to the bottom at once, this indicates the presence of damage to death.

Ritual with a ring

To perform it, you will need to stock up on a gold jewelry.

Remove from the face all the makeup, wash. Run a ring on the cheek and note whether there are dark traces.

If yes, then you need to seek help from a specialist.

Magical rituals, how to find out if they jinxed you or not

Rite with a photo

A fresh negative impact can be established by using a recently taken photo of a person.

For this purpose, purchased a new mirror, it does not look and do not get out of the package.

They light two candles from wax and only then unpack the mirror, put it in the middle of them. Photos have opposite.

At a measured pace, say these words:

Magical rituals, how to find out if they jinxed you or not

Then you need to look in the mirror — it will answer your question and show the presence of a negative (if there is one).

Egg diagnostics first way

Preparing a jar or glass, which poured cool water.

Take also a fresh egg (ideally — just taken from a chicken coop, which has not yet had time to lie in the refrigerator) and is broken into this water. Make it so that the yolk remains intact.

After these actions, the jar is placed on the region of the crown, the chin is pressed against the chest. Keeps in this position for two or three minutes. After that, peer into the water:

  • if it is clean and the yolk is in a protein — you can not worry about the presence of a negative impact;
  • if the yolk continues to lie, and bands come up from the squirrel, sorcery probably occurs;
  • if there are bubbles on the strips — put enough strong damage;
  • and if black dots are visible in the stripes, then the impact is made on death, for it used the grave land.

Egg Diagnosis Method Two

The time is the growing phase of the moon. You type water into a glass with high walls and put it in a dark place for 3 hours.

Then break the raw egg so that the yolk is not damaged. You wait for two or three minutes and begin to drive around your head in a circle, saying the prayer «Our Father.»

The presence of whitish threads will indicate negative energy.

Rite with a pin

A pin is taken, making fun of clothes in such a way that it is located as close as possible to the heart. But it is important that the object remains invisible to the eyes of others.

Point the head of the pin along the perpendicular of the horizon line so that the ends are facing the ground.

When a sharp object is pinned, the following plot is pronounced:

»Save me on the road, Lord, from evil people and unkind thoughts. Amen, Amen, Amen. «

The ceremony is held before you leave your home or before traveling. When you come back, you should look at the condition of the pin: if it unfastens, a negative is brought at you, and if it is lost, damage occurs.

Magical rituals, how to find out if they jinxed you or not

Herbal ritual

To do this, stock up on nettles, fake flowers and oregano, which are collected on the forest edge. Herbs should be dried and chopped, then pour with boiling water and drink a cup of broth for each family member.

The important point is that only women should brew herbs. In the process, she was recommended to read the prayers “Our Father” and “God Resurrected” 3 times.

If someone in the family has a negative impact, his head will start to hurt a lot. These feelings will pass in two or three hours.

Rite of passage

With it, a girl can diagnose the condition of her beloved boyfriend.

To this end, it should sew a bag of any cloth, pour half of coarse salt into it and sew the top with a secret seam (so that the threads do not stick out).

The finished product is left in the room of your lover for a couple of days. If after this time the salt does not change its state — your man is not in danger.

And if it becomes more rigid and forms stones, they try to bewitch it.

Candle rite

Usually induced negative accumulates in the area of ​​human energy centers (in the perineum, pubis, in the navel, solar plexus, interclavicular cavity, nose bridge and in the region of the crown).

To install it, you should take a thin church candle and hold it over your head for five to ten seconds. After that, the candle rises and falls a couple of times and then sits opposite the nose bridge. Hold it slightly in that position and pull it towards you.

Repeat the indicated manipulation with each energy center.

If the candle starts to pop in some place, it will indicate a local violation of the center’s activities (that is, the evil eye).

And if a candle smokes and a plume of smoke stretches behind it, then there is a stronger negative program (damage).

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