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Lunar haircut calendar for October 2018 favorable days

Lunar haircut calendar for October 2018: an overview of favorable days

If you decide to visit your hairdresser, you should examine in advance the lunar calendar haircuts for October 2018, which indicates the acceptable days for making various manipulations with your hair.

Thanks to this, you will be able to achieve the desired goals, because the woman’s life is largely governed by lunar cycles and if you don’t take this moment into consideration, then even resorting to the usual trimming of the tips can get a completely unpredictable result. Therefore, rather, look in the calendar for the number you have chosen and find out whether it is worth performing any metamorphosis with your hair on this day.

Lunar haircut calendar for October 2018 favorable days

October is the right time to start preparing your hair for the cold season. The curls are not at all like strong temperature drops, they also react badly to the effect of cold air and increased humidity.

Because of this, in the fall it is necessary to strengthen your feathers by performing different masks and massage the skin of the head.

1 number, 11-12 lunar days

If you want to attract Mrs Fortune to your side, you should definitely cut your hair or make a styling on the same day. However, staining is not recommended.

2 number, 12-13 lunar days

Astrology experts advise on these days to do a haircut for those girls whose lives have begun to spin out of control. After all, changes in styling on these days will help to normalize it and return everything to your circles.

3 number, 13-14 lunar day

To protect yourself from possible problems in the field of work or study, we recommend that you delay your visit to the hairdresser until a better time. It is also worth refusing hair coloring.

4 number, 14-15 lunar days

Has life become a bit drab and monotonous lately? Are you dreaming about interesting changes, making new acquaintances and dating? Or maybe you hope to meet your soul mate?

Then urgently go to the beauty studio to change your hair. On the lunar calendar, the fourth number is a very suitable day for this.

Not only haircuts are allowed, but also hair dyeing, you will definitely be satisfied with the effect obtained.

Lunar haircut calendar for October 2018 favorable days

5 number, 15-16 lunar days

On this day, it is extremely not shown to go to the hairdresser and make haircuts, styling or dyeing hair.

6 number, 16-17 lunar days

It is better not to risk cutting hair today, because it can be fraught with a deterioration of mood. Also doubtful is the hair coloring.

October 7, 17-18 lunar day

Having decided on a haircut today, you will add vitality to your locks, and also easily cope with breaking tips. Think about dyeing your hair with natural dyes, because according to astrologers, this will improve your financial situation.

October 8, 18-19 lunar day

The lunar calendar does not advise you to go to the hairdresser on this day if you are afraid for your health. Astrologers also argue that if you cut your hair on this day, you can worsen the immune system.

The same applies to hair coloring.

October 9, 19-20 lunar day

Get over the fact that the hairstyle done on this day will not bring you joy. The maximum that today can be done from hairdressing services is to trim the tips.

Also stop experimenting with staining.

October 10, 20-21 lunar days

If you have planned a visit to the barber shop for this number, we can congratulate you! Today is the best way to create a new hairstyle: it will attract good luck in your life, as well as improve hearing and eyesight.

In addition, you can resort to the most courageous experiments with coloring curls.

11 number, 21-22 lunar day

Have you long dreamed of changing your image? Then be sure to go to the hairdresser, your new bow is sure to please you. But it is not recommended on this day to change the hair color radically, it would be more correct to transfer the coloring to another number.

Today, it is permissible to be painted in a dark color using a base of natural origin: henna and basma.

The 12th, 22-23 lunar day

Do you suffer from financial problems? It means that the time has come for cardinal changes.

Start them with hair and today. If you want to paint curls, use only natural dyes.

The 13th, 23-24 lunar days

Number 13 is not for nothing that is notorious: astrologers prohibit dyeing or cutting hair on this day if you want to protect yourself from possible disaster.

14 number, 24-25 lunar day

Your hair tends to grow very quickly and the hairstyle soon turns into untidy? Then hurry to the hairdresser as soon as possible!

After all, having done a haircut today you will slow down the growth of hair, as well as be able to strengthen your immunity. Plus, even cardinal image changes are allowed today.

Lunar haircut calendar for October 2018 favorable days

October 15, 25 lunar day

Haircut on this day will affect the hair positively. After it, the growth of curls will accelerate, and the ends will no longer break off and dry.

Also, astrologers promise another very nice bonus: by doing a haircut today, you will soon meet a very positive person of the opposite sex.

The 16th, 25-26 lunar day

On this day, the creation of hairstyle in the style of disorder will do, because visiting a hairdressing salon today you will provide a slight disobedience of curls. In this case, it is worth refusing staining if you want to protect yourself from conflict situations.

The 17th, 26th and 27th lunar days

If you want to be lucky in life, you should delay your visit to the hairdresser today. And to strengthen their status, astrologers recommend returning to their natural shade of hair on this day.

The 18th, 27-28 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, you can worsen their condition, which is why in the future you will have to cut much more than originally planned.

19 number, 29 and 1 lunar day (new moon)

Dreaming to protect yourself from stressful situations and heightened nervousness, it is worthwhile to move the haircut along with hair dyeing for some other date.

20 number, 1-2 lunar days

Today, a visit to the hairdresser’s is allowed in the morning, because at this time, cutting and dyeing will have a positive effect not only on your appearance, but also on the state of health of your hair.

21 numbers, 2-3 lunar days

In order not to encounter migraines, today stars do not advise visiting a hairdressing salon.

22 number, 3-4 lunar days

Haircut is not allowed today, but changes in its appearance are allowed through the dyeing procedure. It is only important to perform it exclusively in a beauty salon, and not independently.

23 number, 4-5 lunar day

Are you dreaming about career advancement and building good relationships at work? Then today be sure to visit the beauty salon.

Additionally, it is recommended to paint the curls, it will bring bright colors in your life.

Lunar haircut calendar for October 2018 favorable days

October 24, 5-6 lunar day

Today it is better to abandon any hairdressing manipulation, so as not to worsen your health.

October 25, 6-7 lunar day

This day is also among the extremely unfavorable to cut off hair, otherwise you will provoke a whole stream of trouble in your life. But you can paint curls: this way you add yourself luck and be able to achieve success.

October 27, 8th and 9th lunar day

Do you feel tired and weak? Then schedule a visit to the hairdresser today.

After all, thanks to the new hairstyle, you will improve your mood, and good emotions always have a positive effect on overall well-being.

28 number, 9-10 lunar day

Very good time to make a new haircut or fashionable styling. But today give up staining.

29 number, 10-11 lunar days

Thanks to the new hairstyle today, you will improve your financial situation.

30 number, 11-12 lunar day

You can now do hairstyle hairstyles, which are now in great demand.

The 31st, 12-13 lunar days

This is a very inappropriate day to trim hair. Today it is better to do other things if you do not want to incur troubles.

Try to cut your hair on the lunar calendar and very soon you will see changes in your life. At the end, watch an interesting video on the topic:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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