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Lunar conspiracy to solve all problems

Rites in which the influence of the moon is used are very much in demand. They can be used to achieve various goals.

But at the same time, all of them, when properly carried out, are very effective.

Lunar conspiracy to solve all problems

Lunar plot can be read in different phases of the moon. To ensure the effectiveness of the actions, all recommendations of a particular rite must be strictly followed.

Rites for the new moon should be held for three days after the start of the new month. At this time, conspiracies to find work are considered effective.

In this moon phase, you can also invoke good luck in any endeavors.

The phase of the growing moon is distinguished by the fact that with the growth of the night luminary everything fills everything with positive energy. At this time conspiracies are considered to be the most effective in attracting love, wealth, and good luck.

On the full moon, magical rituals of the most diverse directions are held. At this time, the moon has the greatest power, so when they are carried out, care must be taken.

In the phase of the waning moon, rituals for deliverance from all that is alien and superfluous are effective. Especially effective are the healing rituals aimed at improving the state of health.

There is a very strong lunar conspiracy, which will attract wealth and wealth to your own home. For the ritual, you can only use the wallet.

The rite is held during the first three days of the lunar month.

The wallet needs to be laid out on a window sill and every night it is necessary to pronounce the following plot over it:

It is important to read this plot at the same time. But the conspiracy does not end on a new moon.

The purse must be filled with the maximum amount of money and set aside until the full moon.

On a full moon, the purse should again be put on the windowsill and for three days talking over such a conspiracy:

After the ritual, money can be spent in the usual way and soon you can expect new cash receipts.

In order to fulfill the cherished desire, it is necessary to perform a special rite during the full moon.

The ritual is held at midnight and it will need to use:

  • Church candle;
  • Pen;
  • White sheet of paper.

You need to retire in a separate room, light a church candle and write your dearest wish on the sheet. It must be formulated as clearly as possible.

After completion of the writing, it is necessary to clearly and clearly speak through such a magical conspiracy:

Words must be repeated three times. After that, a sheet with a written desire is set on fire from the flame of a candle, and the ashes are collected.

It should be blown off into the open window and say the following words:

A result will appear soon, you just need to be patient and wait.

Lunar conspiracy to solve all problems

Lunar force can be used to return the spouse to the family. A strong rite can be held a few days before the full moon.

On the night chosen for the ceremony, you should melt a small amount of natural honey and spread lips on it.

Then it is necessary to stand at the window opening to say these words, looking at the night light that should be in the sky:

After pronouncing the magic phrases should go to bed and remember the minutes of intimacy with her husband. If you manage to visualize such a scene, that ceremony will work very quickly and soon the husband will return to the family.

Some magicians claim that during the rite, in which the power of the moon is called for help, it is better to use your own words when uttering a conspiracy. Spoken phrases must come from the depths of the soul. The more sincerity there is in them, the more effective the impact will be.

It should be remembered that the moon should be treated with respect, as the all-powerful mistress of the sky. All spoken words must be thought through and pronounced without hesitation with a sincere belief in success.

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