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Lucid dreams — various useful exercises, how to get right

How to get into lucid dreams and get out of them without consequences

Lucid dreams are those in which a person understands that he is sleeping and can control his actions. In such dreams, you can fly, teleport and fulfill all your desires.

But is it possible to learn lucid dreams on your own? Let’s try to figure it out.

How to get in a lucid dream newcomer

Before you begin to exercise in lucid dreams, you must understand that this is not a harmless toy. This kind of interaction with your own subconscious is quite dangerous.

There are many frightening reviews from those who have tried it, and no longer wish to repeat attempts.

Lucid dreams - various useful exercises, how to get right

The practice of lucid dreaming can be safe only if:

  • You understand all the responsibility and go for it not for the sake of entertainment, but for spiritual self-development.
  • You are ready to strictly follow all recommendations and control your actions.
  • Are you sure you won’t be scared when you find yourself in a lucid dream
  • You are ready for the consequences, whatever they may be.

In order for your attempts to succeed and get sooner or later enter a lucid dream, it is very important to train regularly. In addition, you need to follow some rules:

  • Do not expect instant results — almost no one succeeds the first time
  • Keep a diary of dreams. Put a notebook and a pen near the bed. Just wake up, start to write down your dreams. Share on paper your feelings and emotions experienced at night. Describe attempts to enter a lucid dream: successful and not so

Remarkable is the fact that the easiest way to achieve results is for people who spend a lot of time playing video games. Why this happens is unknown.

Perhaps the reason is a deep immersion in the game, when a person feels part of the virtual world.

The exercises can be fixed by meditation and mantras. They learn to work with the subconscious, relax and concentrate.

Exercise «Reality Check»

This method is described in Vadim Zeland’s book “Transurfing of Reality”. The author argued that it was necessary to regularly ask myself during the day: “Do I sleep now or do I exist in the real world?”.

Lucid dreams - various useful exercises, how to get right

To test reality, try doing something unnatural:

  1. Try to poke a palm
  2. Pinch yourself — if the pinch does not make itself felt painful sensations, you are in a dream
  3. Cover your mouth and nose, try to breathe.
  4. Mentally transfer yourself to the other end of the room.
  5. Look at the hands — do their outlines change?
  6. Try to go through the wall
  7. Bring an object to yourself with an effort of thought.
  8. Look in the mirror and try to mentally change the appearance.
  9. Freeze in one pose and try to see yourself from the side.
  10. Try to fly up with an effort of thought.

This exercise should be done daily, every few hours. Then, sooner or later, being in a lucid dream, you can create something supernatural.

Important: if you have done the exercise and realized that you are asleep, try not to be afraid. The first immersion in the world of lucid dreams is terrifying.

Strive to control your emotions so that you can enjoy this state and not panic.

Mnemonic exercise

There is another method you can use to immerse in lucid dreams. It will take just one phrase: “I will realize that I am sleeping”, which you will repeat every free minute of your time.

Lucid dreams - various useful exercises, how to get right

These words should emerge constantly in your mind: while taking a shower, at bedtime, in the morning, on a trip to work, at lunchtime. Every minute when you can protect yourself from the surrounding reality and focus on affirmations.

This exercise can be combined with the previous one. For example, in the daytime you practice practicing reality checks, and for half an hour before bedtime, lying in bed, repeat the mnemonic statement.

What to do in a dream?

So imagine that your first journey in the world of dreams took place. What will you do in a dream? Many newbies get very scared, start to panic.

As a result, the effect is as follows: they understand that they are asleep, see themselves and the surrounding space in a dream. At the same time, they absolutely do not know what to do next.

  1. Look around and view the surrounding space in detail. Most likely, at first you will see only the room in which you fell asleep.
  2. Do not try to immediately take off, explore their capabilities gradually. You do not want your body found lifeless in the morning?
  3. First, try repeating the reality test exercises. Change your appearance, do not breathe through your nose and throat, try to move a few centimeters with the force of thought, turn on and off the light in the room
  4. With each new entry into lucid sleep, increase the level of difficulty. Try to rise above the ground, teleport to the other end of the room. Create objects from the air

Continue to keep a diary of dreams. Time after time you can perform more and more complex actions in a dream without the fear that it will not end.

Watch a video about lucid dreaming practice:

Negative reviews

Many people who fell into a dream come true, leave negative reviews. Some even categorically refuse to talk about what frightened them.

Here are some of the negative opinions:

  • “Once I was in such a state, I was very scared, and in the morning I almost lost my mind.” The girl said that, inspired by meditation with the entry into the alpha state, she decided to repeat it before bedtime. She fell into a lucid dream: the body was asleep, but the brain was not. She saw everything that happens in the room, but she could not move. Thought it would never end.
  • Another common occurrence is sleep palsy. A person wakes up in the morning and cannot move. The mind works, and the body sleeps. It is very scary
  • Some people in their dreams meet entities from the other world who are trying to attack and kill them. For some reason, they don’t tell about the details, but refuse to further attempts to cause a conscious dream.

You should be aware of possible negative consequences in order to be prepared for them. Tell us in the comments, have you tried our exercises?

And how the attempts ended.

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