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Love plots

Love spells and love spells exist, probably as much as love itself. Indeed, in love there is only one step from endless despair to immense happiness, but how difficult it is to make this step!

And if in some other areas a person can hope that he will surely achieve his goal — not now, but after a time that hard work and perseverance will surely bring the desired result, then in love everything is not so. You are either loved or disliked, and only a miracle can change it. Here are just miracles in our lives do not happen at all.

They are the result of someone’s competent and skillful magic actions — successfully applied conspiracies and love spells. Usually, those who managed to achieve their conspiracy with the help of a conspiracy do not tell anyone that they resorted to magic, but knowledgeable people always understand what the matter is.

Love plots

Many love spells described in detail on our website, however, in fact there are many more of them and many of them are very effective. One such conspiracy is the cuckoo’s love conspiracy. If in the forest you hear the “singing” of the cuckoo, wait until it finishes kukovat, and repeat this conspiracy three times:

After that, listen again to the sounds of the forest and wait until the cuckoo starts to “sing out” again. The longer it kukovat, the longer and stronger your joint happiness will be.

Love plots can be done with the use of various conspiracy things that absorb the energy of your conspiracy and then transfer it to the “victim”. As a rule, such a plotted object must be in direct contact with the object of the conspiracy, or be in close proximity to it. An example of such a conspiracy can serve as a love plot through the sand.

To carry it out, take a handful of sand from the place where your loved one left his mark. If the sand is wet — dry it so that it becomes dry and loose. Saying it from one hand to another, say:

After that, wrap the sand in a bag and throw it under the door of your loved one. The longer it goes there unnoticed and uncleared, the stronger the plot will be.

When you put the bag, try to ensure that it lies as close as possible to the desired door and as far as possible from other doors, otherwise the power of the plot can be sprayed into neighboring apartments where there are free guys, while weakening the impact on the person you need.

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