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Louise Hay table of diseases and affirmations — change your life

Louise Hay table of diseases and affirmations — the reasons for the appearance

Louise Hay is the founder of the self-help movement, as well as the author of more than thirty psychological publications that have become best-sellers. Her very famous book “Heal Your Body” provides a description of physical diseases and ailments with their psychological subconscious root causes.

Also in the book are proposed positive installation, the regular use of which allows you to eliminate those or other pathologies.

Some people believe in this, some do not, it’s best not to judge based on other people’s experience, but to check it out on your own by reading the table of diseases of Louise Hay and affirmations to them (video).

Louise Hay table of diseases and affirmations - change your life

The true causes of disease

Further in the article we offer an abbreviated version of the list of pathologies compiled by Louise Hay. Ailments are arranged alphabetically.

  • Abscesses — occur when a person suffers from insults, vindictiveness and neglect.
  • Amnesia (loss of memory) — a person is afraid of something, escapes from life, unable to protect himself.
  • Sore throat (and other ailments of the throat) — restrain rude words, lacking the ability to express yourself.
  • Anemia — lack of joyful emotions, fear of life, poor health.
  • Apathy is the suppression of one’s own emotional and emotional sphere, fear.
  • Appendicitis is the fear of a life process, a block on everything good.
  • Asthma — overcomes depression, tears are held back.
  • Atherosclerosis — a person resists, suffers from tension and stupidity, does not notice anything good at all.
  • Anorectal bleeding — the predominance of anger and resentment.
  • Infertility — a person is afraid or resists regarding the process of life, may still not want to receive the experience of a parent.
  • Insomnia — fear of disbelief in the process of life, suffering from guilt.
  • Pain — experiencing feelings of guilt, the desire to punish themselves in this way.
  • Warts — through them a slight hatred, the presence of faith in their flaws.
  • Bulimia (constant hunger) — a person suffers from fear and hopelessness, thus trying to stop hating himself.
  • Varicose veins — have to be in a hateful position, nobody approves, the person is overloaded and overwhelmed by work.
  • Venereal pathology — there is some kind of sexual fault, the desire to be punished. Conviction in the sinfulness of the genitals.
  • Chickenpox — waiting for something torments, a feeling of fear and tension, says about increased sensitivity.
  • Inflammation — experiencing anger and frustration because of the hated conditions of their lives.
  • Miscarriage — fear of the future, the choice is not when necessary.
  • Gangrene — the psyche is too sensitive, bad thoughts outweigh the joy.
  • Hemorrhoids — fear of not having time to do something, feeling of anger in the past, fear of separation.
  • Genitalia (pathologies) — the fear of «falling face in the dirt.»
  • Hirsutism (a lot of body hair in women) — the presence of hidden anger that disguises as fear. A person likes to blame others, does not want to educate themselves.
  • Ocular pathologies — what you see in your life does not provide satisfaction.

Louise Hay table of diseases and affirmations - change your life

  • Deafness — the fight against stubbornness, rejection, isolation from others.
  • Headaches — a person underestimates himself, criticizes himself, is afraid.
  • Hernia — indicates a relationship that is interrupted, a person does not want to let go of the past.
  • Depression — ban yourself angry, a sense of hopelessness.
  • Gums (pathologies) — the inability to act decisively, a person does not know what he wants.
  • Diabetes is a sense of longing for the unfulfilled, the desire to control everything, the lack of positive in life.
  • Gallstone-stone pathology — a feeling of bitterness, the presence of bad thoughts, pride.
  • Gastric pathologies — horror, fear of the new and inability to adapt to it.
  • Women’s diseases (a woman does not accept her nature, refuses to be feminine).
  • Stuttering — there is no reliability, the person is not able to express themselves, the prohibition to cry.
  • Body odor (bad) is a sign of self-dislike, fear of others.
  • Constipation — a person does not want to let go of obsolete thoughts, mired in the past.
  • Dental pathology — they talk about indecision, the inability to analyze different ideas.
  • Itching is a conflict between desires and character, feeling of dissatisfaction, repentance.
  • Impotence — sexual tension, pressure, feeling guilty. Angry at his partner, feels fear of his mother.
  • Infections — provoked by anger, aggression and annoyance.
  • Curvature of the spine — a person can not adapt to life, is afraid of something, we overcome old-fashioned thoughts. Does not show confidence in life. There is no wholeness in it.
  • Cyst — a person overcomes the grievances of the past, he develops incorrectly.
  • Intestines (pathologies) — the fear of eliminating obsolete from your life, something that is no longer needed.
  • Skin (pathology) — triggered by anxiety, fear, old residue in the soul. Fear of threats.
  • Colic — occurs in irritable, impatient people who are unhappy with others.
  • Coma — fear, the desire to escape (from something or someone).
  • Bone pathology — a protest against the power of others. They also arise due to depression of the psyche, tension, and thoughtlessness.
  • Blood (pathology) — in life there is no joy, but also a movement of thoughts.

Louise Hay table of diseases and affirmations - change your life

  • Bleeding — loss of joy, anger.
  • Pulmonary pathologies — an experience of depressions, a feeling of sadness, a person is convinced that he is unworthy to live a full life.
  • Lymph (pathology) — are an indication of what should be put in the life emphasis on positive emotions.
  • Fever — provoked by anger, internal boiling.
  • Menopause — the fear of becoming uninteresting, the fear of old age, a feeling of antipathy towards oneself.
  • Brain (tumors) are wrong beliefs, a person is very stubborn and stays focused on irrelevant stereotypes.
  • Corns — literally personified with hardened areas of thinking, a person carefully remembers the pain of the past.
  • Urinary tract (infections) — are due to anger on the representatives of the other sex, shifting the blame on others.
  • Muscular dystrophy — a person does not want to grow up.
  • Adrenal glands (pathologies) — man disregards himself, suffers from anxiety.
  • A runny nose is a cry for help, inner crying.
  • Neuralgia — arises as a punishment for your sins, communication is painful.
  • Incontinence is a surplus of emotions, feelings that are held back for years.
  • Nervousness — arises from fear, anxiety, struggle, and fussiness. Man does not trust the process of life.
  • Jade — is too strong a reaction to disappointment with failures.
  • Baldness — triggered by a sense of fear, tension, desire to have control over everything, distrust of life.
  • Fainting — a feeling of fear, the inability to cope with something.
  • Obesity — speaks of hypersensitivity, often an indication of fear and the need to be protected.
  • Burns — show a feeling of anger, internal boiling, inflamed.
  • Edema — thoughts wholly and completely overpowered a person, he suffers from obsessive painful ideas.
  • Tumors — a person specifically saves in himself the insults of the past, suffers from remorse.
  • Pancreatitis — triggered by rejection, anger and hopelessness.
  • Parasites — a person gives his power to others, allows to be taken over him.
  • Paralysis — triggered by fear, horror, the desire to avoid something, the provision of resistance.
  • Liver (pathology) — occur due to constant complaints of life, self-deception, increased nagging.
  • Food poisoning — a person allows to be controlled.

Louise Hay table of diseases and affirmations - change your life

  • Bad breath — dirty relationships, dirty gossip and dirty thoughts.
  • Poliomyelitis — appears because of terrible jealousy, the desire to stop someone.
  • Diarrhea — provoked by fear, failure, escape from something.
  • Kidney (pathology) — occur when a person is often criticized, he is disappointed, feels like a loser.
  • Kidney stones — are clots of undissolved aggression.
  • Leprosy is a complete loss of the ability to control oneself. Conviction in their unsuitability.
  • Prostate (pathology) — masculinity weakens due to internal fears, the person gives up. Overcomes sexual tension and guilt.
  • Mental pathology — a person runs away from the family, goes into himself. Seeks to escape life.
  • Radiculitis — hypocrisy, fear for their finances.
  • Cancer — a man was deeply wounded, he has a very old resentment, hatred for someone is possible.
  • Multiple sclerosis — hard thinking, lacking flexibility.
  • Mouth (pathology) — provoked by bias, closed mind, the inability to accept new thoughts.
  • Spleen (pathology) — provoked by obsession, obsessive ideas.
  • Heart (pathology) — are caused by old emotional problems, there is a lack of positive in life, there is constant tension, a state of stress.
  • Weakness — the mind needs rest.
  • Spasms — generate excited thoughts.
  • Joint pathologies — triggered by tension, stress.
  • Anxiety is a distrust of life.
  • Tuberculosis — provoked by extravagance, possessiveness, selfish thoughts.
  • Acne (acne) — lack of consistency with yourself, dislike yourself.
  • Ears (pathology) — does not want to hear something.
  • Frigidity is provoked by fears, the rejection of pleasure, the conviction that sex is something bad. There were insensible partners, fear of the father.
  • Chronic pathologies — resistance to change, fear of the future.
  • Cystitis — a person is in a state of anxiety, lives with irrelevant ideas, is afraid of freedom.
  • Neck (pathology) — the person stubbornly does not want to see another solution to the problem, is obstinate, lacks flexibility.
  • Thyroid gland (pathology) — life in a humiliated position.
  • Epilepsy — panic fear of persecution, self-abuse, unwillingness to live.
  • Eczema — triggered by mental breakdowns.

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