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List of basic human vices with tips to eliminate

The main human vices and methods, how to deal with them

All people are imperfect and subject to certain sins from time to time. Of course, you need to try to improve yourself and improve yourself, but in order to know how to eliminate your own shortcomings, you must first familiarize yourself with the list of basic human defects that is cited in this article.

List of basic human vices with tips to eliminate

What is a vice?

Vice is a moral and spiritual flaw, opposing the good. This is all that is contrary to kindness and truth, all kinds of moral perversions, distortions, inclinations to hoodoo, and bad life belong to vices.

Defect is always a violation of the norm. Sad to know, but in nature there are no perfect people at all, everyone has some sins.

Although the name «mortal sins» and inspires some horror, in reality they are nothing more than information that a person must realize, accept and begin to process. If you are not trying to escape from the truth and acknowledge the presence of some kind of sin, then you are ready to begin to deal with it.

Having a sincere desire to start struggling with your vices and self-improve — be sure to read on.

Basic human vices list

In total, there are seven common human sins — laziness, gluttony, pride, lust, greed, anger and envy. Of course, this list can be enumerated indefinitely, but these seven vices were singled out separately, since they contribute to the occurrence of other sins.

All people from time to time face the described sins in their entire lives. It is also important to remember that sins differ from each other in their semantic characteristics.

For example, for some of them, a person is guilty in front of his personality, his religion, and for other shortcomings — in front of other people.

According to the widespread point of view, pride is the most terrible vice. This is explained by the fact that the proud person is challenging the Creator himself.

Next we give a list of the main sins with their detailed description:

  1. Laziness (may also manifest itself in the form of apathy, depression, unwillingness to do something). Laziness is a lack of hard work or lack of it. Lazy people can not be useful for their society.

But sometimes it is vitally important for each of us to be lazy to save our energy and improve further life. The main thing is not to overdo it.

  1. Gluttony (also known as gluttony). This is a pathological passion for delicious food that a person uses in unlimited quantities.

It should be noted that alcoholism is also one of the varieties of gluttony. Food lovers often suffer from over-eating.

  1. Anger (still manifested in the form of rage, anger, aggression, desire for revenge). Anger is a negative emotion that is directed towards a sense of injustice. In this case, the person is overcome by a strong desire to eliminate this injustice.
  2. Greed (known as greed and harshness). Greed is the desire to possess as much material wealth as possible when a person simply loses a sense of proportion.
  3. Envy (this defect is still manifested in the form of jealousy). Envy is the desire of a person to possess the same things that more successful individuals possess. Overcome by envy, a person can commit various horrible acts.
  4. Pride (also known as pride with arrogance). Manifested in the form of egoism (egocentrism), excessive pride, arrogance. If a person is overcome by pride, he brags himself before other people and is piously convinced that his opinion is the most correct.
  5. Lust (manifested in the form of profligacy, fornication, voluptuousness). Lust is a gross sexual desire, forbidden passion, secret desires. In general, this kind of vice includes any kind of desire, because of which a person faces some inconvenience or suffering.

List of basic human vices with tips to eliminate

Sociologists conducted an interesting study, which resulted in a «hit parade» of deadly sins. In the first place in it were anger and pride, and at the last — were laziness with greed.

How to deal with their vices

It is not enough to know the list of basic human vices. If you really want to start improving yourself, then get rid of your own shortcomings.

How to do this — tell you next.

  1. Pride. To cope with pride, you should feel a sense of respect and love for other people, regardless of what position in society and status they have. You should try to understand that those around you, just like you, are part of a unified universe in which everyone should live in harmonious relationships with the world.
  2. Greed. How can you cope with this vice? It is necessary to begin to treat things differently, to understand for oneself that real life values ​​are never material. And an expensive car or apartment is all the means to help you lead a normal life, not the objects to be worshiped. Real values ​​are always hidden in the depths of ourselves. They consist in our faith, our ability to change ourselves and our lives for the better.
  3. Envy. If you want to eradicate the feeling of envy, you must eliminate the feeling of contempt for those people who have achieved greater success in life. In addition, they really have no idea about your feelings and can in no way affect your success.

Learn to live without looking at the happiness and success of others, concentrate only on yourself and you will certainly be able to succeed in the business in which you want to do it.

  1. Lust. To eliminate the sin of lust, you should not allow intimate intimacy in cases where you have no feelings for your partner. Sex acts as a manifestation of love, and if there is no love, then it is impossible to talk about full intimacy.
  2. Anger. To stop being angry often, analyze the situation or the people from whom you feel the energy of danger, which inspire a sense of fear. Most likely, in reality they are not at all as dangerous as you think about them. Take care of your fears, realize their true essence — this will help you to discover the root cause, and therefore, quickly eliminate them in principle.
  3. Laziness. Not everyone is aware that laziness can be not only harmful, but also useful. Just give yourself some physical and moral rest from everyone and everything. Stay alone with yourself, letting go of all thoughts and not taking any action. If you are lazy for a while, you will understand that this condition only causes you to boredom and come to a normal tone.

List of basic human vices with tips to eliminate

It is necessary to find the motivation for action — promise yourself to go where you have been wanting for a long time, treat yourself to pleasant shopping, see friends. After all, the way out of the state of laziness and your works should certainly receive a well-deserved reward.

Now you know the basic human vices that make us worse and prevent us from developing and improving. Try to protect yourself from negative emotions, eliminate negative from your life as much as possible, be open to the world and let love into your heart — then none of the seven vices can cling to you.

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