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Learn how to improve karma and change your life for the better.

Methods how to improve your karma: general concepts and recommendations

An endless black line, problems at work, financial difficulties, troubles just follow your heels? You are making truly tremendous efforts to change your life for the better, but the situation stably stays at one point? Most likely, the point is not at all that you are not trying hard enough, but in bad karma.

How to improve karma, you will learn from this material.

Learn how to improve karma and change your life for the better.

The general concept of karma

Karma acts as a causal link between the events of the past, present and future. To understand how it works in life, you need to remember the famous Russian proverb: «What you sow, you reap.»

Also Mary Brown, who is a scientist and a psychologist and has been studying karma and her questions for twenty years, spoke very well of karma. She calls karma «a universal law of cause and effect.»

People get only what they deserve — fruits that have grown from the seeds themselves. That is, sending love to the world around you, you will receive reciprocal love, just as a boomerang will return hate, anger and aggression.

Karma and justice

But how then can we understand those situations in which a person performs exceptionally good actions throughout his life, strives for a better life, and helps others around him, but despite this, he is constantly faced with various difficulties and troubles? And people, on the contrary, leading dishonorable lives live in happiness and wealth?

At first glance, this state of affairs may seem completely unfair and may even strongly disassociate you from the theory of karma. Here it is necessary to mention about reincarnation, because karma and reincarnation are inextricably linked with each other and are complementary concepts.

A person, unfortunately (or fortunately) does not remember anything about his previous incarnations, because of this he often complains of bad fate and is sure that life treats him completely unfairly.

In fact, it is most likely that the cause of all the problems lies in the debts of the past, for which he now has to pay. Or it may be that a person (or rather his Soul) desired to experience sacrifice, or, alternatively, that his karmic task is to experience the experience of bestowal with detachment.

For example, a not very decent person in the past incarnation could be a deeply religious and dogmatic person and managed to accumulate positive karma while practicing good deeds. But in real life, he spends his karmic potential, or his karmic task is to gain the experience of a “scoundrel”, since in his last incarnation he was extremely negative towards such people, idealizing himself.

Of course, we should not forget about the existence of various exceptions from general rules and painful distortions, which occasionally make people commit horrible actions.

Learn how to improve karma and change your life for the better.

Live and learn

Human life is very similar to an ordinary school. The soul of each chooses for itself a training program before it is embodied in the physical body. And the incarnation itself takes place exactly when all the conditions on the planet school Earth fully fit our request.

Each person will have to go through his personal experience, which is necessary for further improvement.

When the soul has formed a request to get a new experience, it must wait for permission to incarnate. At the same time, an environment is forming on the earth into which you can get.

What will influence the conditions of your earthly life and the experience gained?

Your environment depends on the quality of your karma — negative and positive, as well as the summation of past actions — that is, the karmic mass that has been accumulated during past incarnations.

It doesn’t matter how many lives you have already lived, whether you have lived the whole experience yourself or whether you inherited it as well as your personality and role in life. But the fact remains that you are constantly confronted with different influences during your stay in a particular physical shell.

You can cite various illustrative examples — for example, studying at Harvard University and a university in a small provincial town. Studying in Howard, you will have the opportunity to continue to develop professionally and make a career, and you will not suffer from a lack of financial resources.

As for the provincial university, it does not provide the same broad opportunities.

So, which of the universities you find yourself in will be affected by your karmic past savings.

How to improve karma

There is an opinion that our karma is developed on the basis of the actions we perform. Actually, however, actions are only a consequence of our thoughts with sensations. And the longer the soul lives (it can be equal to billions of years), the more it has accumulated life experience and information.

In the process of developing life experience, the entity realizes that in reality the quality of the future incarnation depends on the soul’s accumulated information, and real conditions do not always play a major role in this case.

Engage in self-development

The initial stage of self-development consists in constructive information, thanks to which a person realizes the unity and integrity of everything in our world. Although it seems that all people are different — they have different gender, nationality, social status and religious outlook — we are all children of the same planet Earth.

And for each of us, self-development should come first. It is important to learn to think positively, if you do it regularly, your thinking and how you perceive the world around you, and accordingly your actions, will change.

For a happy life, you must stop expressing your discontent with the world around you, spend as little time as possible on watching TV shows and useless hanging on social networks.

Instead, today start reading the literature on self-development, study your own karmic horoscope. It is likely that starting self-development, you will want to go to church or practice different physical practices — for example, yoga.

Positive information motivates internally to develop and get rid of such negative emotions as guilt or aggressiveness. Under the action of new information, your actions will gradually change, and behind them — your reactions and, as a result, your whole life.

It is in this way that a positive “karmic mass” is produced, which will further provide you with better living and development conditions.

And, of course, disinterestedness plays a huge role — when you donate to help the world and others — there is an active accumulation of positive karmic potential.

Learn how to improve karma and change your life for the better.

20 recommendations for a happy life

  1. Do not forget that in life it is important to take risks in order to get what you want.
  2. When it happens that your plans are destroyed, you lose — do not be in a hurry to get upset, but get the right lesson for yourself from this situation.
  3. It is important to respect yourself and the people around you and to be very responsible about your words, thoughts, and actions.
  4. Do not forget that often, if something does not work out for you, this is not a failure, but a great success.
  5. Stick to the rules, but be aware of how to break them correctly.
  6. Do not allow small misunderstandings and conflicts to destroy your life.
  7. If you suddenly realize that you were mistaken — stop reproaching yourself, and take all measures to correct the mistakes.
  8. Every day you spend some time alone with yourself.
  9. Do not be afraid of change, but always be true to yourself.
  10. Remember that silence is often the best answer and behavior strategy.
  11. Try to live a good, decent life, so that in your old age you can remember with pride the years that have passed.
  12. Happy family life will be in that dwelling where the atmosphere of love reigns.
  13. When arguing with someone, consider only the current situation and do not touch the past.
  14. Share your life experience with other people. Only in this way can you secure your “immortality”.
  15. Treat your planet with love.
  16. Annually go to the place where you have never been before.
  17. Remember that the best relationships are those in which people love each other more than they need each other.
  18. You can assess the degree of your success by what you donated to achieve it.
  19. Show sympathy and compassion towards others.
  20. Try to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

Compliance with these recommendations, as well as ongoing self-improvement will help you improve your karma and live a happy and high-quality life. And at the end of the article, watch an interesting video:

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