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Learn all the secrets of successful visualization of desires.

Visualization of desires: how to make your dreams come true

All people have any desires. And we all want our desires to be fulfilled in life, and ideally also as soon as possible. But not everyone knows that very often the reason for non-fulfillment of desires lies in ourselves — namely, that we do not know how to formulate them correctly and send them to the Universe.

To comprehend the art of visualizing desires and to understand how to properly visualize, you will need to read this material.

Learn all the secrets of successful visualization of desires.

What is visualization

Visualization is the process of creating images of the desired in the human imagination. Visualization is one of the most powerful and at the same time the most simple instruments in execution, allowing to achieve the goal.

It does not take a lot of energy and time resources, while allowing to achieve amazing results with the condition of correct implementation.

Secrets of successful visualization

Using the following useful tips, you will understand how to visualize properly, to attract into your life the desired objects, people, things — in general, absolutely everything that your soul desires.

Rule one. Literate wording

The more correctly you formulate your desire, the faster the Universe will hear it and the sooner it will begin to be realized. If you set yourself very vague and vague goals, then the chances that they will be fulfilled are reduced to zero.

It is important that you know for yourself the most specific things that you would like to receive right now. By this right now, without delay, begin to formulate what you desire. At the same time observe the following rules:

  • desires should refer only to the present;
  • they must be free from denials and the words «I want»;
  • it is important that the desire was as specific as possible.

You can act by the following example: «I get a gold bracelet as a gift.»

The word «receive» refers to the present time (not necessarily in the past). And the word “golden” maximally specifies your goal.

That is, you give the Universe to understand that you do not need jewelry, not silverware, but a golden ornament.

Rule two. «Visualize the end result»

You will need a full focus on the final result, that is, on that time interval, when your desire has already been embodied in life, you have achieved your goal, were able to realize your dream in life.

Try not to dwell on how the fulfillment of your dreams will happen. It is not for nothing that it is said that the Paths of the Lord are inscrutable, and the Universe is full of various goods and riches. And she knows better what is best for you, even if you have a completely different opinion.

Do not seek to limit the Universe, focusing on only one way to fulfill your dreams.

And fixing your attention on the fact that the event has already been fulfilled, you automatically activate the law of Attraction, which begins to attract into our life that which we are focused on at a given moment in time.

Learn all the secrets of successful visualization of desires.

Rule three. You need to dive into the situation itself, and not be on the surface

Another rule of successful visualization is complete immersion in a situation. To do this, place yourself on the internal screen of the created image.

Then you will turn from an outside observer directly into a participant in the situation.

Remember that you should not be a spectator, but play a major role in your “work”. The effect will increase many times if you experience all your emotions, as if they had already occurred in reality.

For example, your desire may sound like this: “I have an ideal figure” (if your desire is connected with getting rid of excess weight. Then, mentally, you need to see your body without any visible flaws.

Imagine how you, for example, get nice clothes a few sizes smaller than what you wear today.

Rule Four. «Video has more power than a picture»

There is a division of imaginary thought images into photos and videos. This means that you can see the final result or as a stable image, or as a video clip.

At the same time, it is proved that the action of the picture is weaker than the action of the video.

Therefore, your task will be to create in your head a small video material in which your dream has already become a reality. Think of your goal as what has already been achieved. How will you behave at this moment?

Will you feel an explosion of positive emotions around you, will you scream with satisfaction, or act differently.

Here you can not be shy and show your imagination in full. To this end, being in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, think about your dream. About its implementation.

What will you do when it comes true? Where will you be? Will you be alone or in the company of anyone?

With whom do you primarily share the good news? Be sure to add all your actions to an imaginary video about the realization of your innermost desire.

Fifth Rule “Engage all your feelings”

For desire to become a reality, you need a certain amount of energy. Now it is no secret to anyone that everything around is formed by energy, including the wishes of a person.

And if you want your mental dream so far embodied in physical reality, you will need to spend a certain amount of energy. If in another way — it will be a kind of energy payment for the realization of the desired.

Nothing can compare with the increase of energy, like emotions. It is emotions that are the most powerful catalyst that activates the process of dream realization. Therefore, when you visualize your desires, you must include emotions to the fullest.

Imagine that you have already achieved your goal, achieved the realization of your dream! And this is a reason to turn on the fun, start to rejoice, have fun, sing, dance — in general, enjoy life to the maximum.

Try while experiencing all sorts of positive emotions. To do this you will need to connect all your senses. In case your goal belongs to the category of material, touch it in your video.

If you can smell it — do it. View it in the smallest detail.

Add sound to your dream video, let it be as realistic as possible and as similar as possible to your everyday reality.

Learn all the secrets of successful visualization of desires.

In this situation, you simply can not restrain your emotions and you will not need to provoke them in an artificial way. When your video is filled with positive emotions caused by the realization of your desire, you can make significant progress in the approximation of the desired moment.

Rule six. “Repetition is the key to success”

If you resort to visualization only a few times, you can hardly succeed. The process of visualization of the desired is a useful habit that must be acquired or developed.

And in order to develop a habit, as is known, it is necessary to repeat the same actions many times.

Interesting fact. Any actions that are repeated twenty-one to forty times automatically turn into a habit.

Therefore, if you want something to come true in your life, you will need to make it a rule to regularly visualize your dream. To this end, you should constantly scroll in your head compiled video as often as possible during the day.

At least twice a day — once in the morning and once again in the evening.

In this morning is the most suitable time for practice. Indeed, at this time, a person is filled to the maximum with energy, emotions and vitality.

By evening, we are already wasting most of our strength, but before we immediately go to sleep, our subconsciousness opens up and you can easily lay down the invented «story, how your dream became reality.»

Use visualization as often as possible throughout the day, every time you have a free minute of time. And, of course, do not forget that the more complex and unrealistic your goal is, the more repetitions you will have to accomplish in order to achieve it.

Rule eighth. «A hook for consciousness»

Every time you need to activate visualization, create for yourself a special anchor-beacon for your consciousness. To this end, in the subconscious it is necessary to fix any frame from the mini-movie you created.

Let this freeze frame is very bright and well cut into your memory. You can even somehow call it for more convenience.

When every opportunity comes out, it will be necessary to call this frame in the subconscious, it will automatically start the “vision”.

And as a separate picture, such an anchor will help you detach yourself from what is happening around you and be in a positive mood. The process will work in this way: you remember about the anchor beacon, as a result of this, the process of automatic visualization begins, positive emotions stand out, your mood improves and as a result you are one step closer to your dream!

Now you know how to properly visualize your desires so that they are actually fulfilled as soon as possible. We wish you success in this difficult task, and we also suggest that you look at an interesting and useful video on this topic:

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