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Leap year conspiracy — protection from adverse factors

A unique conspiracy for a leap year will protect you from harm

Leap years for many different nations are considered as particularly difficult years, bringing a variety of disasters and trials. A leap year is not just one day longer in February.

His most mages are considered retribution for three other prosperous years.

However, using magic can not only protect oneself from misfortunes, but also make this year easy and successful. The leap year conspiracy uses the energy of spiritual tension that accompanies this year, and therefore it is especially strong.

Leap year conspiracy - protection from adverse factors

The peculiarity of any conspiracy in a leap year is that its effects are aimed at facilitating a person’s life during this period and protecting it from adverse factors in various spheres of life. This is due to the fact that in a leap year very often various unpleasant events occur.

Especially great attention must be paid to health. That is why in the first days of a leap year it is recommended to visit the temple and put candles for the health of yourself and all members of your family.

Of the most sought-after conspiracies in such a year, there is a protective plot on a leap year, which can be used both at the beginning and at any time during the whole year. Take in your hands the calendar for this year (best of all, detachable), close your eyes, focus and pronounce the plot.

His words are:

This conspiracy is good because it can be used in a normal year, but in a leap year it is both more necessary and stronger.

No less mysterious and effective is the plot of a leap year according to the Chinese method, for which an appeal to an animal patron of a given year is used. In 2016, this is a fire monkey.

In order to protect yourself from misfortunes for the whole year and to attract luck to yourself, put a monkey figurine at home or at work.

Looking at this statue say:

During the year, keep the statuette, wipe it carefully and sometimes bring pieces of food on the saucer with the words:

After the food has been standing near the figurine for about an hour, it can be picked up and eaten — it is not the food itself that is important for the monkey, but the ritual offering.

From ancient times, a special conspiracy has reached us, which is used on a day that does not exist in any other year other than a leap year — February 29. This day has a special aura, favorable for magic.

To attract good luck on this day, get up early in the morning.

Going to the window, utter a conspiracy:

When pronouncing the last words, open the window and let luck enter the house.

There is a tradition to strive to finish all the business started before the new year, as if freeing up space for new beginnings. It is also important to clean the house and return debts.

But before the onset of a leap year, it is advisable to clean the home and from a different negative using a special magic rite.

For this, a broom is preliminarily spoken with such magic words:

After that, you need to bow to all four sides of the world and walk through all the rooms of your own home and lead the conspirator to the corners of the rooms, uttering magic words over and over again.

Then the bent stalk should be tied up with red tape on three sturdy knots. After that, the attribute should be taken out on the balcony or on the street, if there is such an opportunity, and leave it in the corner with the whisk up.

He should stand there until February 29. After that, you need to use it for its intended purpose.

Leap year conspiracy - protection from adverse factors

It is believed that the god Kasyan rules on February 29th. And in order to attract good luck in the coming year, you need to contact him directly on January 29.

It is necessary to read the plot in the early morning near the open window.

The magical appeal is as follows:

Some magicians claim that any person should begin to accompany a leap year with magical conspiracies.

Ten minutes before the year comes, read the following plot:

It is desirable to meet the leap year with white candles lit, which fill the dwelling with light energy.

On the last day of a leap year, you should also read a special conspiracy that will allow you to leave everything bad in the outgoing year.

After such a conspiracy, you can meet the next new year with the hope and belief that there is a bright future ahead of you.

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