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Lakshmi: whom she helps and how to get her mercy

Who is the goddess Lakshmi — how to ask her for help

If you are even slightly interested in the culture of India, then you know that there is a fairly extensive pantheon of gods in it. The locals are very religious, they turn to deities in order to receive protection, health, good luck and other benefits from them.

Keeping the sincere faith that the requests will be heard and executed.

Goddess Lakshmi is of great importance to the Hindus. For which areas of life she is responsible, for whom she will help and how to pray correctly — I propose to find out about everything about it.

Lakshmi: whom she helps and how to get her mercy

History of origin

There are several versions of the birth of the wonderful Lakshmi. According to one of them, the Mahabharata, the goddess emerged from the golden lotus that grew in the head of Naryana (is one of the incarnations of Vishnu). Therefore, she keeps the power and energy of God Vishnu.

Various beliefs suggest that Lakshmi follows him in each of his avatars and reincarnations.

Other sources claim that the father of the goddess is an unusually wise man named Bhrigu. He wandered around the world for a long time, trying to find a solution to an important philosophical question, is it possible for a person to eat knowledge instead of ordinary food?

On the way, he met a goddess responsible for wisdom, Saraswati and the god of the sea element of Varuna. They inspired him to understand that only the human mind can be filled with information, and the body needs ordinary food.

After which he created the magnificent Lakshmi, so that she would help people to gain material wealth to satisfy their physical needs.

Perhaps the most attractive version of the origin concerns such an event as the churning of the oceans. According to it, by the efforts of the asuras and devs, the water was whipped up to the state of milk, and 14 miracles appeared, one of which was Lakshmi.

The goddess was born from the original water, sitting on a lotus flower. That is why the lotus is its traditional symbol.

When a girl of indescribable beauty rose above the ocean waters, all the gods wished her to be their wife. But her choice fell on Vishnu, for whom she now follows the world.

What is the deity responsible for

Lakshmi is associated with prosperity, beauty, luck, it can help people achieve both material and spiritual benefits, as it is the source of all wealth, all universal abundance.

She is considered a special goddess in the Hindu pantheon. Why? Because it allows people to realize 4 basic goals in life:

  • Dharma — live righteously, fulfill your purpose;
  • Arthi — to achieve prosperity, realizing his natural talent;
  • Kama — physical pleasure, which occurs harmoniously, without violating the laws of the universe;
  • Mokshu — spiritual freedom.

Wherever divine Lakshmi happens to be, she spreads the energy of abundance and good luck everywhere. It is customary for Hindus to call it “Shriyam,” which means possession of 6 graces: wealth, power, influence, beauty, knowledge and self-denial.

A person can get any of them, if, of course, deserves.

In the process of glorifying the goddess, she is given the title “sati” (that is, chaste), since her thoughts are always occupied only by the Supreme Personality of Godhead and no one else.

Lakshmi deservedly received the title of the perfect wife. In many of her images, she massages Vishnu’s feet, demonstrating her love and commitment to him. She is the Primordial Mother.

In ancient times it was believed that she was the first to everything else, and life itself and all the other gods were born in her womb.

Lakshmi: whom she helps and how to get her mercy

What benefits can give

  1. Lakshmi gives people everything they need to maintain a normal life. It helps to make various material objects available.
  2. Also, it will save you from the wrath of the Most High, if you turn to her with sincere repentance of committed misconduct.
  3. The presence of the goddess is always observed in the kitchens in those houses where they believe in her. Thanks to him, you can control the feeling of hunger and not overeat.
  4. Being in a dwelling, Lakshmi will attract love and life into it, making him home more in a psychological sense, and not just a place to sleep. If the divine mother leaves home, various evils start to develop in him, represented by anger, disappointment, despair, violence. To cajole the goddess you need to monitor the cleanliness of the rooms, decorate them with beautiful decor and flowers.
  5. In her power to give royal power to the person who is worthy of it. It also facilitates the process of obtaining the knowledge necessary to achieve success and financial well-being.
  6. Separately, you need to highlight the magic of Lakshmi for the fair sex. She can give the beauty of any woman, adding to her great physical attractiveness.
  7. The goddess is able to make successful those individuals whom she patronizes, fills their hearts with courage, allows them to cope with life difficulties and enemies.
  8. It makes people perfect and reasonable, gives hope for a bright future, especially when it is very difficult for a person.
  9. She is also responsible for the offspring, procreation. Women turn to Lakshmi when they have difficulty with conception, pregnancy or childbirth. And in the future they ask to make their children healthy.
  10. Hindus are convinced of the presence of a deity in cows, their milk and manure. Therefore, they have decided to clean their homes and bodies, using cow dung and urine. Also, the use of these products is considered therapeutic, and the cow belongs to the category of sacred living beings.
  11. Divine energy is present in all lit lamps, as it is personified with light. Being in darkness, it is difficult for a person to find his own path or perform some actions, but light means life. That is why it is popular among Hindus to light up lamps in any case: when a new person is born, at a wedding, on holidays in honor of Lakshmi.
  12. Goddess will make healthy all family members. But health is incredibly important for a happy life.
  13. She demands that women be treated with respect. Leave that dwelling and renounce the state in which women are offended.
  14. In addition, it is important for the goddess to show respect for material wealth, in particular money, because their energy is also manifested in them. The end point of human life is to find its meaning, but for this you must first live life. In everyday life, we need material things (food, clothing, support for our health, and so on). All this is given to us by divine Lakshmi.

Lakshmi: whom she helps and how to get her mercy

It is remarkable, but she has no permanent pets. She is ready to give her mercy to all those who deserve it. Because of what she is often found as an impermanent and capricious deity, because she quickly leaves those who lose their positive qualities.

And even very great personalities risk being left without favor when they walk in unclean clothes, do not watch their appearance, say obscene expressions, or sleep for too long in the morning.

Lakshmi is the divine power that can make the dream a reality, but only if you really deserve it!

How to worship

  • It is important, when addressing requests to Lakshmi, to represent her as a separate Person, and not just as Vishnu’s wife.
  • It is important to clear the place where you plan to do this before prayer or ritual. Also use jewelry to attract the favor of the goddess (flowers, incense, and so on). She is a great lover of purity.

Lakshmi: whom she helps and how to get her mercy

  • As an offering, the divine woman is placated with the following: sweet rice, sweets, milk, coconuts, bananas, mangoes, gold jewelery, pearls, flowers (especially lotuses), bridesmaid ornaments (especially nose rings). You can also opt for dairy products, honey, dates, figs, almond nuts, grapes and ghee.
  • She also adores incense, giving her preference for sensual floral smells — roses, jasmine and other things.
  • If you want to receive the mercy of the goddess — always keep a basket in your house in which you put fresh fruit or fresh flowers, because they are symbols of abundance. She also appreciates the beautiful paintings.
  • What days are best to ask for divine help? Or on Friday (the day of Venus), or on Monday (the day of the Moon).

Finally, the most important thing — remember that the majestic Lakshmi is always next to her husband Vishnu. So, if you want to achieve its location — respect and honor your husband, sincerely serve him and constantly think about the Almighty.

It will have her very like!

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